Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Scanner Audio Feeds Now Available on Reciva

I'm the new Internet audio columnist for Monitoring Times magazine. Our GlobalNet column is the only column in any radio hobby magazine devoted to monitoring various services on the Internet. It made it's first appearance in the April 2008 issue of MT. Part of my Internet audio tool box is my favorite receiver in my shack - the Tangent Quattro WiFi Internet Radio that I purchased from our good friends at C.CRANE ( You can see my full review on the Quattro that appeared in the April 2008 issue of MT online at

So what can you hear on Internet radio? It is much more than just radio and TV video and audio streams. For instance, below is a late breaking Internet audio story that was just posted to the Live Scanner Audio newsgroup by Edmonton Fire Radio. Yes, you can monitor scanner services, aircraft services, ham radio, shortwave radio, television video and even signals from space.

"For those of you that have a Reciva based WiFi internet radio, here are links to the database for our Icecast feeds:"

Alamance Live Scanner -

Cache Valley -

Chester County -

Chicago Fire -

Edmonton Fire Department -

Flagstaff Police -

Guilford -

Las Vegas Police and Fire -

Los Angeles -

Williamsport & Lycoming County -

Northampton County PA Fire -

Northampton County Police -

Ottawa Valley -

Quincy IL -

Rochester Metro Fire -

Snohimish County WA -

Stone & Taney County, Missouri -

W3AHS Repeater -

Clay County IL -

So, if you would like to learn more about what you can hear on Internet audio, check out the latest issue of Monitoring Times magazine and the new GlobalNet column from the world's leader in radio hobby information.