Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Russian XPA2 Numbers Station transmitting from Cuba

Monitor "4D" is reporting on the UDXF/Spooks newsgroups that he monitored a Russian XPA2 numbers transmission on 13380 kHz from CUBA!!! He has posted a recording at Prior to the XPA2 transmission Radio Havana Cuba (RHC) was noted on that frequency confirming the XPA2 transmission Cuban origin.

You can hear another sample of the station audio on YouTube at

"XPA" and "XPA2" are ENIGMA-2000 designations for polytonic tranismissions, reportedly originating from Russian Intelligence and Foreign Ministry stations. Recently the system was also described as "MFSK-20."

Additional reports on this station:

11587 XPA2 Tue 05242011 2214 USB
11036 XPA2 Tue 05242011 2222 USB From Cuba