Saturday, August 31, 2019

US Coast Guard New Orleans Facsimile Broadcast Schedule


NMG         4317.9 kHz  ALL BROADCAST TIMES      F3C 4 KW
            8503.9 kHz  ALL BROADCAST TIMES      F3C 4 KW
           12789.9 kHz  ALL BROADCAST TIMES      F3C 4 KW
           17146.4 kHz  1200-2045                F3C 4 KW

                                                             TIME  AREA
0000/1200 TEST PATTERN                               120/576
0005/1205 U.S./TROPICAL SURFACE ANALYSIS (W HALF)    120/576 18/06 1
0020/1220 TROPICAL SURFACE ANALYSIS (E HALF)         120/576 18/06 2
0035/1235 REBROADCAST OF 1925/0725 (24 HR WIND/WAVE) 120/576 12/00 3
0045/1245 REBROADCAST OF 1950/0750 (48 HR WIND/WAVE) 120/576 12/00 3
0055/1255 REBROADCAST OF 2015/0815 (72 HR WIND/WAVE) 120/576 12/00 3
0105/1305 REBROADCAST OF 1855/0655 (24 HR SURFACE)   120/576 12/00 3
0115/1315 REBROADCAST OF 1905/0705 (48 HR SURFACE)   120/576 12/00 3
0125/1325 REBROADCAST OF 1915/0715 (72 HR SURFACE)   120/576 12/00 3
0135/1335 CYCLONE DANGER AREA* or HIGH WIND/WAVES    120/576 21/09 6
0150/---- REBROADCAST OF 0825  (72 HR WAVE PD/SWELL) 120/576 0000  3
----/1350 36 HR WIND/WAVE FORECAST                   120/576 1200  3
0200/1400 GOES IR TROPICAL SATELLITE IMAGE           120/576 00/12 4
0215/1415 SEA STATE ANALYSIS                         120/576 00/12 3
0245/1445 HIGH SEAS FORECAST (IN ENGLISH)            120/576 22/10 5
0600/1800 TEST PATTERN                               120/576
0605/1805 U.S./TROPICAL SURFACE ANALYSIS (W HALF)    120/576 00/12 1
0620/1820 TROPICAL SURFACE ANALYSIS (E HALF)         120/576 00/12 2
0635/1835 48 HR WAVE PERIOD/SWELL DIRECTION          120/576 00/12 3
0645/1845 REBROADCAST OF 0215/1415 (SEA STATE ANAL') 120/576 00/12 3
0655/1855 24 HR SURFACE FORECAST                     120/576 00/12 3
0705/1905 48 HR SURFACE FORECAST                     120/576 00/12 3
0715/1915 72 HR SURFACE FORECAST                     120/576 00/12 3
0725/1925 24 HR WIND/WAVE FORECAST                   120/576 00/12 3
0735/1935 CYCLONE DANGER AREA* or HIGH WIND/WAVES    120/576 03/15 6
0750/1950 48 HR WIND/WAVE FORECAST                   120/576 00/12 3
0800/2000 GOES IR TROPICAL SATELLITE IMAGE           120/576 07/18 4
0815/2015 72 HR WIND/WAVE FORECAST                   120/576 00/12 3
0825/---- 72 HR WAVE PERIOD/SWELL DIRECTION          120/576 0000  3
0835/---- REBROADCAST OF 0215  (SEA STATE ANALYSIS)  120/576 0000  3
----/2025 BROADCAST SCHEDULE                         120/576
0845/2045 HIGH SEAS FORECAST (IN ENGLISH)            120/576 04/16 5

* Tropical Cyclone Danger Area chart replaced by 48HR High Wind/Wave 
Warning chart Dec 01 - May 14 Valid times 00z,06z,12z and 18z, 
Map area 05N-40N, 35W-100W
MAP AREAS:      1.   5S - 50N, 55W - 125W
                2.   5S - 50N,  0W -  70W
                3.   0N - 31N, 35W - 100W
                4.  12S - 44N, 28W - 112W
                5.   7N - 31N, 35W -  98W (AREA COVERED BY TEXT FORECAST) 
                6.  05N - 60N,  0W - 100W


Please send comments regarding        Please send comments regarding
the quality of these charts to:       the quality of this broadcast to:

ATTN: CHIEF TAFB                      USCG CAMSLANT
MIAMI, FL  33165-2149                 CHESAPEAKE, VA 23322-2598
PHONE: (305) 229-4454                 (800) 742-8519  (757)421-6240
FAX:   (305) 553-1264       

Tropical cyclone charts also broadcast from Boston, MA

If you have access to the World Wide Web be certain to check out
the following webpages.  See these pages for further links.                        NWS Homepage     NWS Marine Page   Marine Cell Pages                                  Mobile Page

(Schedule effective Apr 03, 2012   Information dated Mar 22, 2019)

USCG High Seas FAX Broadcast 1445 UTC 8503 kHz

Launched the new Airspy HF+Discovery using the W6VLP Portable Loop and the Multipsk software package to capture the latest High Seas broadcast from US Coast Giard Station NMG - New Orleans LA. Good signal here in Btown.

Friday, August 30, 2019

TSM September 2019 Now Available

The latest edition of The Spectrum Monitor magazine (September 2019) is now available for just $3. It has my exclusive review of the new Airspy HF+Discovery SDR and my Milcom Phantoms in the Desert column. Get your copy at

Shortwave Radiogram, 29 August-1 September

Hello friends,

Please note the new "winter" frequency, 5960 kHz, for The Mighty KBC. The schedule is below.

Hurricane Dorian may be an issue this weekend. It is expected to hit somewhere in Florida on Monday. However, on Sunday, winds in the outer bands of the storm may start to affect operations at WRMI in Okeechobee, Florida. Let's hope that WRMI does not suffer any lasting damage from Dorian.

Last week's hidden message was in QPSK63 at 65 Hz. Apparently, the QPSK63 worked better via WINB than via WRMI, because WINB has a lower audio cutoff. For this week hidden messages, we return to BPSK63F.  It will start 30 seconds after the closing MFSK32 ends. There will be four messages, centered on 95, 85, 75, and 65 Hz, with 20 seconds silence between the transmissions. For each, an RSID will be transmitted, but they may not work, so plan to change the audio frequency manually. The BPSK63F will be mostly audible, especially as the audio frequencies become lower.

Videos of last week's Shortwave Radiogram (program 114) are provided by Scott in Ontario (Friday 1300 UTC) and by Ralf in Germany (Sunday 2330 UTC). The audio archive is maintained by Mark in the UK. An analysis is prepared by Roger in Germany.

This weekend's show is in the usual MFSK32 and MFSK64, with nine MFSK images, and hidden messages in BPSK63F.

Here is the lineup for Shortwave Radiogram, program 115, 29 August-1 September,  in MFSK modes as noted:

 1:39  MFSK32: Program preview
 2:46  The Mini car is 60 years old*
 6:54  MFSK64: Orbiting atomic clock activated*
11:07  This week's images*
25:01  MFSK32: Closing announcements
26:44  BPSK63F: Hidden messages at 95, 85, 75, 65 Hz
* with image(s)

Please send reception reports to

And visit

Twitter: @SWRadiogram or (visit during the weekend to see listeners' results)

Facebook group:
Shortwave Radiogram Transmission Schedule
UTC Day UTC Time Frequency Transmitter
Thursday 2330-2400 UTC 9265 kHz WINB Pennsylvania
Friday 1300-1330 UTC 15770 kHz WRMI Florida
Friday 1500-1530 UTC 15120 kHz DRM WINB Pennsylvania
Saturday 0230-0300 UTC 9265 kHz WINB Pennsylvania
Sunday 0800-0830 UTC 5850 kHz
7730 kHz WRMI Florida
Sunday 2330-2400 UTC 7780 kHz WRMI Florida

The Mighty KBC transmits to North America Sundays at 0000-0200 UTC (Saturday 8-10 pm EDT) on new 5960 kHz, via Germany. A minute of MFSK 64 is at about 0130 UTC.  Reports to Eric: . See also and

“This is a Music Show” is the newest addition to digital modes via analog shortwave. Most of the show is a music show, but the host transmits some MFSK text and image near the end of the broadcast. It’s transmitted on WRMI, Thursdays, 0100-0200 UTC on 5850 kHz and 0130-0230 UTC on 9395 kHz (Wednesday evening in the Americas). Also, look for a waterfall ID at the beginning of the show. . or @ThisIsAMusicSho .

New York and Pennsylvania NBEMS nets. Most weekends, as KD9XB, I check in to the New York NBEMS (Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Software) net Saturday at 1200 UTC on 3584 kHz USB, and the Pennsylvania NBEMS net Sunday at 1200 UTC on 3583 kHz USB (with out-of-state check-ins now starting at 1130 UTC). Check-ins are usually in Thor 22, and messages are in MFSK32 (PA NBEMS is experimenting with Thor 50x1 for messages). Messages generally use the Flmsg add-on to Fldigi. If you are a radio amateur in eastern North America, feel free to check-in. Outside the region, use an SDR in the eastern USA to tune in and decode. You do not need Flmsg to check-in, and most of the messages can be read without Flmsg. If you can decode the net, send me an email to , or tweet to @SWRadiogram , and I will let them know you are tuned in. USEast NBEMS Net: Please also note the USEast NBEMS Net, Wednesdays at 2300 UTC (7 pm EDT) on 3536 kHz USB. I will try to check in to this net more frequently.

Thanks for your reception reports!


Kim Andrew Elliott, KD9XB
Producer and Presenter
Shortwave Radiogram
Reporting on international broadcasting at

On 25 August 2019, 2330-2400 UTC, 7780 kHz from WRMI Florida, three artistically fuzzy images received by Al also in Florida, in the skip zone ...

ARLD034 DX news

ARLD034 DX news

QST de W1AW 
DX Bulletin 34  ARLD034
From ARRL Headquarters 
Newington CT  August 29, 2019
To all radio amateurs  

ARLD034 DX news

This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by
The Daily DX, the OPDX Bulletin, 425 DX News, DXNL, Contest Corral
from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web sites.  Thanks
to all.

FIJI, 3D2.  Bigi, DE3BWR and Helmut, DD0VR will be QRV as 3D2VR from
September 2 to 9.  Activity will be on 80 to 10 meters using SSB.
QSL via DD0VR.

WEST MALAYSIA, 9M2.  A large group of operators will be QRV with
special event call 9M16KING from Kuala Lumpur from September 1 to 30
in celebration of the 16th Yang di-Pertuan Agong.  Activity will be
on 80 to 10 meters using CW, SSB and various digital modes.  QSL via
operators' instructions.

BURUNDI, 9U.  Francesco, IV3TMM will be QRV as 9U3TMM from Bujumbura
from August 31 to September 17.  Activity will be on 60 to 6 meters
using SSB, RTTY and FT8.  QSL to home call.

KYRGYZSTAN, EX.  A group of operators will be QRV as EX6QP from Lake
Issyk-Kul from September 2 to 15.  Activity will be on the HF bands
using CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8.  QSL via SP6OJK.

FRANCE, F.  Christophe, F4GTB will be QRV as TM44WFF from September
2 to 18.  Activity will be from several WWFF references.  QSL to
home call.

NEW CALEDONIA, FK.  Jan, F6EYB is QRV as FK8CJ from Noumea, IOTA
OC-032, until the end of 2019.  Activity is mainly on 30, 20 and 17
meters.  QSL to home call.

BULGARIA, LZ.  Members of the Bulgarian Radio Club Blagovestnik will
be QRV as LZ304EW during September to honor Orthodox saints.  QSL
via bureau.

AUSTRIA, OE.  Members of the VIC Amateur Radio Contest DX Club will
be QRV as 4U500M during September to commemorate Ferdinand
Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe 500 years ago.  QSL via

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, P2.  Puiu, P29VIM is QRV from Papua and other
nearby islands until September 22.  Activity is on 160 to 10 meters,
including 60 meters, using CW, JT9 and FT8.  QSL via YO5BIM.

NETHERLANDS, PA.  Special event station PD538RNI is QRV until
September 26 to commemorate Radio North Sea International and Radio
Veronica, two 1970 offshore radio stations.  QSL via PD0ARI.

AFGHANISTAN, T6.  Robert, S53R will be QRV as T6AA from Kabul from
September to the Summer of 2021 while on work assignment.  Activity
will be on the HF bands using CW, SSB and various digital modes.  He
will be active as T6A during major contests.  QSL to home call.

TURKEY, TA.  Special event station TC113PTR will be QRV from August
31 to September 1 to commemorate the Ottoman Empire's first wireless
telegraphy station in Patara.  Activity will be on the HF bands and
6 meters.  QSL via TA4E.  In addition, look for a group of operators
to be QRV as TC0Z from the Kefken Lighthouse on Kefken Island, IOTA
AS-159, from August 31 to September 4.  Activity will be on 160 to
10 meters using SSB and FT8.  QSL via LoTW.

CHAD, TT.  Jean Louis, ZS6AAG is QRV as TT8JLH from N'Djamena while
working with Doctors Without Borders.  Activity is in his spare time
on 20 meters using SSB.  QSL to home call.

CANADA, VE.  Alessandro, VE7ADA will be QRV as VE7ADA/1 from Nova
Scotia and Cape Breton from September 1 to 7.  Activity will be on
40 to 10 meters using SSB.  His activity will be from various
locations and some small islands in NA-081 and NA-010, and from the
Marconi National Historic Site at Table Head in Glace Bay, the
location of Marconi's first transatlantic station.  QSL to home

September 1 while on work assignment.  Activity is in his spare time
on 80 to 10 meters, and possibly 160 meters, using SSB.  QSL to home

THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO.  The World Wide Digi DX Contest, QRP
20-Meter CW Fox Hunt, NCCC RTTY Sprint, NCCC CW Sprint, UK/EI SSB DX
Contest, Colorado QSO Party and Tennessee QSO Party are all on tap
for this weekend.

The Hiram Percy Maxim 150th Birthday Celebration runs from August 31
to September 8.

The MI QRP Labor Day CW Sprint and RSGB FT4 Contest Series are
scheduled for September 2.

The ARS Spartan CW Sprint is scheduled for September 3.

G3ZQS Memorial Straight Key CW Contest is scheduled for September 4.

The Canadian National Parks on the Air, CNPOTA, operating event runs
for the entire year of 2019, with special stations active from
Canada's parks and historic sites.

Please see August QST, page 84, September QST, page 80, and the ARRL
and WA7BNM Contest Web Sites for details.

ARLP035 Propagation de K7RA

ARLP035 Propagation de K7RA

QST de W1AW 
Propagation Forecast Bulletin 35  ARLP035
From Tad Cook, K7RA
Seattle, WA  August 30, 2019
To all radio amateurs

ARLP035 Propagation de K7RA

The current stretch of spotless days is now over three weeks,
according to The continuing quiet seems
eerie. For this past reporting week, Thursday through Wednesday, the
average daily solar flux (10.7 GHz radiation recorded in Penticton,
British Columbia, which roughly tracks with sunspot activity) was
only 66. I couldn't recall when the weekly average reported in this
bulletin was last that low, and couldn't find any report during the
past year with such low activity.

I did an inspection of the numbers and had to go back to the Fall of
2007 to find average solar flux in that range. In 2007 we reported
an average of 66.5 in propagation forecast bulletin number 40:

Can anyone else find solar flux that low or lower in past bulletins?
We have them online going back to 1995:

If anyone has copies of propagation bulletins prior to 1995, I would
love to see them. I began writing the bulletin in March 1991. Before
that, W1HDQ was the author. I recall copying the bulletin as a
teenager in 1966 using CW but have not found anyone who knows when
the bulletin began. I should have asked W1HDQ before he became a
silent key.

Predicted solar flux for the next 45 days is 66 on August 30 through
September 6, 67 on September 7-11, 68 on September 12-15, 67 on
September 16 through October 8, and 68 again on October 9-12, then
67 on October 13.

Predicted planetary A index is 8, 20, 34, 16 and 8 on August 30
through September 3, 5 on September 4-5, 8 on September 6-7, 5 on
September 8-21, then 10, 15 and 8 on September 22-24, 5 on September
25-27, then 35, 18 and 10 on September 28-30, 5 on October 1-2, 10
and 8 on October 3-4, and 5 on October 5-13.

Note that the predicted planetary A index is 34 on September 1,
which according to W3LPL and the ARRL Letter is the 160th
anniversary of the infamous Carrington Event.

Http:// reported a large recurring coronal hole
facing Earth, and they expect the effects to be felt this Sunday,
September 1. A planetary A index value of 35 is predicted for the
next solar rotation, on September 28.

Geomagnetic activity forecast for the period August 30 to September
26, 2019 from OK1HH.

"Geomagnetic field will be
Quiet on: September 10-11, 20-21, (25-26)
Quiet to unsettled on: August 30, September 3-5, 7-8, 13, 17, 22, 24
Quiet to active on: August 31, September 6, 9, 12, 14-16, 18-19, 23
Unsettled to active on: September 2
Active to disturbed: September 1

"Solar wind will intensify on August (30)-31, September 1 (-2), (4-6)
Parenthesis means lower probability of activity enhancement."

If you would like to make a comment or have a tip for our readers,
email the author at,

For more information concerning radio propagation, see the ARRL
Technical Information Service web page at, For an explanation of
numbers used in this bulletin, see

An archive of past propagation bulletins is at More good
information and tutorials on propagation are at

Monthly propagation charts between four USA regions and twelve
overseas locations are at

Instructions for starting or ending email distribution of ARRL
bulletins are at

Sunspot numbers for August 22 through 28, 2019 were 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,
0, and 0, with a mean of 0. 10.7 cm flux was 65.7, 66.5, 66.3, 66,
65.8, 66.1, and 65.9, with a mean of 66. Estimated planetary A
indices were 6, 4, 5, 4, 6, 10, and 5, with a mean of 5.7. Middle
latitude A index was 7, 4, 5, 5, 6, 10, and 5, with a mean of 6.

425 DX News #1478 [Calendar]

31 August 2019                                            A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1478

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******   CALENDAR  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore  Responsabile I2VGW

PERIOD           CALL                                                   REF
till  31/08      CB70E, CB70K, CB70O, CB70Y: special calls (Chile)     1473
till  31/08      KL7RRC/p: Sledge Island (NA-210)                      1478
till  31/08      SN0ARCO: special callsign                             1474
till  31/08      TM36V: special callsign (France)                      1475
till  01/09      8A74RI/#: special callsign                            1477
till  01/09      9M62MA, 9M62MB, 9M62MC: special calls (West Malaysia) 1476
till  01/09      9M62MD, 9M62MJ, 9M62MK: special calls (West Malaysia) 1476
till  01/09      9M62MM, 9M62MN, 9M62MP: special calls (West Malaysia) 1476
till  01/09      9M62MQ and 9M62MS: special calls (East Malaysia)      1476
till  01/09      9M62MR and 9M62MT: special calls (West Malaysia)      1476
till  01/09      9M62MW and 9M62MY: special calls (West Malaysia)      1476
till  01/09      HC2/IZ1HGP: Ecuador                                   1473
till  01/09      IQ5BL: Para-Archery Championships                     1476
till  01/09      YJ8RN: Vanua Lava (OC-104)                            1477
till  01/09      YP0F: Fericirii Island (EU-191)                       1475
till  02/09      DJ4EL/p and DJ5TM/p: Neuwerk Island (EU-127)          1478
till  03/09      H44MI: Malaita (OC-047), Solomon Islands              1475
till  05/09      D44CH: Ilha do Sal (AF-086), Cape Verde               1478
till  05/09      OX3LX: Upernavik Island (NA-134)                      1477
till  15/09      3Z1919PS, HF1919PS, SN1919PS: special callsigns       1474
till  15/09      SO1919PS, SP1919PS, SQ1919PS: special callsigns       1474
till  22/09      P29VIM: Papua New Guinea                              1478
till  22/09      PA75SODS: special callsign                            1476
till  24/09      H44MS: Malaita (OC-047), Solomon Islands              1468
till  25/09      PD538RNI: special callsign                            1476
till  30/09      LY30BW: special callsign                              1474
till  30/09      PA75OSB: special callsign                             1476
till  04/10      J68HZ: St Lucia (NA-108)                              1476
till  10/10      Z81D: South Sudan                                     1476
till  23/10      4U73B: special callsign (Italy)                       1434
till  October    VK0HZ: Davis Station, Antarctica (AN-016)             1431
till  October    ZL5A: Scott Base, Ross Island (AN-011), Antarctica    1431
till  17/11      TM500LV: special callsign (France)                    1465
till  02/12      IB2LV: special callsign                               1477
till  31/12      8J3ICOM and 8N3ICOM: special callsigns                1476
till  31/12      9A62AA: special callsign                              1452
till  31/12      Canadian National Parks On The Air (CNPOTA)           1443
till  31/12      DL70AFUG: special callsign                            1447
till  31/12      DL70BRD: special callsign                             1444
till  31/12      DM70GER: special callsign                             1444
till  31/12      DQ1200ASP: special callsign                           1443
till  31/12      DR50DIG: special callsign                             1446
till  31/12      EI100YXQ: special callsign                            1447
till  31/12      EI19RE: special callsign                              1447
till  31/12      EN185UNIV: special callsign                           1458
till  31/12      FK8CJ: New Caledonia (OC-032)                         1477
till  31/12      HB90 and HB30: special prefixes (Switzerland)         1443
till  31/12      SF50CG: special callsign                              1444
till  31/12      SP60DXC: special callsign                             1477
till  31/12      TC10GITRAD: special callsign (Turkey)                 1451
till  31/01/2020 EM1UA and EM1U: Galindez Island (AN-006), Antarctica  1450
till  30/06/2020 GB60ATG: special callsign                             1473
31/08            DJ4EL/p and DJ5TM/p: Scharhoern Island (EU-127)       1478
31/08-01/09      TC113PTR: special callsign                            1476
31/08-02/09      9M4IOTA: Perhentian Island (AS-073), West Malaysia    1478
31/08-04/09      TC0Z: Kefken Island (AS-159)                          1478
31/08-17/09      9U3TMM: Burundi                                       1478
August           3D2DOM: Fiji                                          1473
August           HO1D: special callsign (Panama)                       1473
August           II4BRD: special callsign                              1444
August           JW/LB2PG: Bear Island (EU-027), Svalbard              1465
August           LZ304AE: special callsign                             1444
01/09            DJ4EL/p and DJ5TM/p: Scharhoern Island (EU-127)       1478
01/09            VE2GT/150: Ile du Havre (NA-176)                      1477
01/09-05/09      ES0KA: Saaremaa Island (EU-034)                       1478
01/09-07/09      VE7ADA/1: NA-010 and NA-081                           1477
01/09-15/09      EG1SDC-EG9SDC: special callsigns                      1476
01/09-15/09      EH1SDC-EH9SDC: special callsigns                      1476
01/09-24/09      LZ/R2ATP/mm: lighthouses and Flora & Fauna            1477
01/09-30/09      4U500M: special callsign (VIC, Austria)               1475
01/09-30/09      9M16KING: special event station (West Malaysia)       1478
01/09-30/11      PH100KLM: special callsign                            1476
02/09-08/09      3D2VR: Fiji                                           1478
02/09-12/09      OY/DL1ZBO, OY/DL2VU, OY/DL5FF: Faroe Islands (EU-018) 1478
02/09-15/09      EX6QP: Kyrgyzstan                                     1476
02/09-18/09      TM44WFF and F4GTB/p: Flora & Fauna (France)           1477
03/09-08/09      GB4BIT: Bardsey Island (EU-124)                       1478
05/09-09/09      JT7A: Mongolia                                        1478
06/09-09/09      K7TRI: Tillamook Rock (NA-211)                        1477
06/09-09/09      T88PB: Koror (OC-009), Palau                          1478
06/09-11/09      JI3DST/0 and JR8YLY/0: Sado Island (AS-206)           1478
06/09-15/09      T30L:  West Kiribati (OC-017)                         1474
06/09-22/09      TK19IOTA: Corsica                                     1475
07/09            ES2TT/3: Vormsi Island (EU-034)                       1478
07/09-08/09      TM1MOON: special callsign (France)                    1461
07/09-10/09      E6AN: Niue (OC-040)                                   1478
07/09-13/09      EA6/IU2IBU: Minorca, Balearic Islands (EU-004)        1478
07/09-14/09      PJ4/K5SL: Bonaire (SA-006)                            1478
07/09-14/09      W6A-W6I: Route 66 On The Air special event            1478
07/09-14/09      W6K-W6U: Route 66 On The Air special event            1478
08/09-16/09      E51SFS: Rarotonga (OC-013), South Cooks               1477
08/09-20/09      V26K: Antigua (NA-100)                                1478
08/09-21/09      9G5QU: Ghana                                          1477
09/09-15/09      5W0VR: Samoa                                          1478
13/09-16/09      EA9/DL2JRM: Ceuta & Melilla                           1475
13/09-22/09      PA75OMG: special event station                        1477
13/09-27/09      TM41CDXC: special callsign (France)                   1477
14/09-28/09      6O7O: Somalia                                         1477
16/09-21/09      A35JY: Tonga                                          1478
16/09-25/09      C21W: Nauru (OC-031)                                  1474
16/09-01/10      3DA0AO: eSwatini (Swaziland)                          1469
20/09-25/09      E51SFS: Aitutaki (OC-083), South Cooks                1477
20/09-05/10      HB0/DL5YL and HB0/DL5YM: Liechtenstein                1478
21/09-27/09      MD/OP2D: Isle of Man                                  1462
23/09-27/09      3D2VR: Fiji                                           1478
23/09-06/10      A35JT: Tongatapu (OC-049), Tonga                      1455
28/09-02/10      WW0WWV: special event station                         1477
24/09-08/10      FP/KV1J: Saint Pierre & Miquelon (NA-032)             1475
29/09-13/10      D44TWO: Sao Tiago (AF-005)                            1477
30/09-11/10      A82X and A82Z: Liberia                                1476
September        II4GRM: special callsign                              1444
September        JW/LB2PG: Bear Island (EU-027), Svalbard              1465
September        LZ304EW: special callsign                             1444
01/10-11/10      ZK3A: Tokelau Islands (OC-048)                        1478
01/10-19/10      7P8AO: Lesotho                                        1469
02/10-14/10      TO80SP: St. Pierre  et  Miquelon (NA-032)             1477
05/10-06/10      F6CUK/p: Sainte-Marguerite Island (EU-058)            1477
07/10-23/10      T30GC: Western Kiribati (OC-017)                      1462
17/10-29/10      5K0K: San Andres (NA-033)                             1478
18/10-23/10      3G1DX: Pajaros Rocks (SA-100)                         1475
18/10-28/10      VK9NC: Norfolk Island (OC-005)                        1475
18/10-01/11      VP6R: Pitcairn Island (OC-044)                        1454
18/10-04/11      VK9NE: Norfolk Island (OC-005)                        1475
19/10-31/10      VU7RI: Lakshadweep Islands (AS-011)                   1459
20/10-01/11      D68CCC: Comoro Islands (AF-007)                       1462
28/10-04/11      VK9NG: Norfolk Island (OC-005)                        1475
October          II4MNU: special callsign                              1444
October          JW/LB2PG: Bear Island (EU-027), Svalbard              1465
October          LZ311HI: special callsign                             1444
04/11-07/11      YJ0RRC: Gaua Island (OC-104), Vanuatu                 1457
06/11-17/11      TX7T: Marquesas Islands (OC-027)                      1477
08/11-13/11      YJ0RRC: Tongoa Island (OC-111), Vanuatu               1457
12/11-29/11      VK9CZ: Cocos (Keeling) Islands (OC-003)               1459
14/11-20/11      YJ0FWA: Efate Island (OC-035), Vanuatu                1457
16/11-27/11      9G5W: Ghana                                           1469
November         II4VAL: special callsign                              1444
November         JW/LB2PG: Bear Island (EU-027), Svalbard              1465
November         LZ365BM: special callsign                             1444
December         II4TIB: special callsign                              1444
December         LZ4408SPA: special callsign                           1444
TBA         2019 3Y0I: Bouvet Island                                   1459
TBA         2019 T33T: Banaba Island (OC-018)                          1470
04/02-18/02/2020 5I5TT and 5I4ZZ: Zanzibar Island (AF-032)             1477
21/02-05/03/2020 VP8/VP8DXU: South Orkney Islands (AN-008)             1474
March       2020 9J2LA: Zambia                                         1463
05/10-12/10/2020 CY0C: Sable Island (NA-063)                           1463
October     2020 KH6VV/KH4: Midway Island (OC-030)                     1476


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425 DX News #1478

31 August 2019                                            A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1478

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

9M2    - The Kuala Lumpur DX Team will be active as 9M4IOTA from  Perhentian
         Island (AS-073), West Malaysia from 31 August to 2 September.  They
         will operate CW, SSB and digital modes on 40-10 metres.  QSL direct
         (see for information).
9M2    - Special event station 9M16KING will  be  active  on  1-30 September
         from Kuala Lumpur,  West Malaysia in celebration  of the  incumbent
         16th constitutional monarch and head of state of Malaysia,  elected
         in January 2019.  Activity  will  be on  80-10 metres CW,  SSB  and
         digital modes.  QSL direct (see for information).  [TNX The
         Daily DX]
9U     - Francesco, IV3TMM will be active again as 9U3TMM from Burundi  from
         31 August to 17 September. He will operate SSB and digital modes on
         60-6 metres. QSL via Club Log's OQRS and LoTW. [TNX DX World]
D4     - David, CT7AUP (ex CT1EKU) will be active again as  D44CH from  Ilha
         do Sal (AF-086),  Cape Verde  from  29 August  to  5 September.  He
         operates SSB and FT8. QSL via LoTW and eQSL.
DL     - Look for Markus, DJ4EL/p  and  Thorsten, DJ5TM/p  to be active from
         IOTA group EU-127  between  30 August  and  2 September.  They will
         operate  from  Neuwerk Island  (WWL JO43fv),  with a side  trip  to
         Scharhoern Island (WWL JO43fx) on 31 August and 1 September.
E6     - Andrew,  OZ1XJ/OZ5E  (  will be active  holiday
         style as E6AN from Niue (OC-040) on 7-10 September. This will be "a
         'research-activation' to prepare for a  'real'  DXpedtion later  in
         the  sunspot cycle, so there  will not be  very much activity".  He
         will operate FT8, SSB and maybe some  CW mainly  on 40, 20  and  15
         metres,  plus  "maybe  160, 80  and  17"  and  "10m if it is open".
         QSL via LoTW, or direct to OZ5E.
EA6    - Alessandro, IU2IBU will be active holiday style as EA6/IU2IBU  from
         Minorca,  Balearic Islands  (EU-004)  on  7-13 September.  He  will
         operate SSB on  80-10 metres.  QSL via home call (bureau or direct)
         and LoTW. [TNX NG3K]
ES     - Ari, OH3KAV will be active as ES0KA  from  Saaremaa Island (EU-034)
         on 1-5 September. He will operate mainly CW and FT8 on 80-10m.  QSL
         via OH3KAV, bureau or direct.  He will upload his log to  LoTW  and
         Club Log.
ES     - Eddie, ES2TT will be active as ES2TT/3 from  Vormsi Island (EU-034)
         on 7 September, starting around 8.30-9 UTC. He will operate CW  and
         SSB on 20 metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.
GW     - In celebration of the Bardsey Island Trust's 40th anniversary, Rob,
         MW0IBF and  Brian, GW4DVB will be active  as  GB4BIT  from  Bardsey
         Island (EU-124) on  3-8 September.  They plan to operate on the  HF
         bands, 6m, 2m and 70cm using SSB, CW, FT8/FT4 and SSTV. QSL direct
         only to GW4DVB.
HB0    - Look for  Tina, HB0/DL5YL  and  Fred, HB0/DL5YM  to be active  once
         again from Masescha, Liechtenstein from  20 September to 5 October.
         They will operate CW,  RTTY (during the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest)  and
         maybe some SSB on 160-6 metres, with a focus  on the low bands  for
         North America in  their  early morning hours.  They will be looking
         for Asia and Oceania on the long path, as the short path is blocked
         by the mountains. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [TNX DL5YM]
HK0_sa - The Czech DXpedition Team (OK1BOA, OK1CRM, OK1FCJ,  OK1GK ,  OK2ZA,
         OK2ZC, OK2ZI and OK6DJ, plus HK3CW) will be active as 5K0K from San
         Andres (NA-033)  between  17 and 29 October.  They will operate CW,
         SSB, RTTY and FT8 on 160-10 metres,  with a focus on the low bands.
         QSL  via  Club Log's OQRS  and  LoTW;  traditional cards via  OK6DJ
         (direct or bureau). See for further information
         and QSLling policy.
JA     - Take, JI3DST and  Masa, JR8YLY  will  be  active  as  JI3DST/0  and
         JR8YLY/0 from  Sado Island (AS-206)  on  6-11 September.  They will
         operate SSB, CW, FT8 and RTTY on  80-6 metres.  QSL via home calls.
         [TNX DX World]
JT     - RA0SMS, UA0SC, UA0SE, UA0SRQ and UA0SU will be active as JT7A  from
         the  Khovsgol Nuur National Park, Mongolia on  5-9 September.  They
         will operate  SSB, CW, FT8 and FT4  on  the HF bands.  QSL via Club
         Log's OQRS, or via RA0SMS.
OY     - Look for OY/DL1ZBO, OY/DL2VU and  OY/DL5FF  to be active  from  the
         Faroe Islands (EU-018) on 2-12 September. They will operate SSB, CW
         and digital modes, and will participate in the Russian "Radio" RTTY
         WW Contest (7 September). QSL via home calls. [TNX NG3K]
P2     - Puiu, YO5BIM will be active again in is spare time as  P29VIM  from
         Papua New Guinea between 29 August  and  22 September.  He operates
         CW, FT8 and JT9 on all bands. QSL via home call.
PJ4    - Randy, K5SL will be active holiday style as PJ4/K5SL  from  Bonaire
         (SA-006) on 7-14 September. He will operate mainly CW on 40, 30, 20
         and 17 metres. QSL via home call. [TNX The Daily DX]
T6     - T6AA and T6A  (for use during  major contests)  are  the  callsigns
         issued to Robert, S53R for  his operations from  Kabul, Afghanistan
         [425DXN 1468].  He  expects  to  be  QRV  in  early September,  and
         continue until summer 2021.  He will operate  mainly CW,  with some
         SSB and digital modes, on 160-6 metres. QSL via LoTW;  an OQRS will
         be organized for paper cards (direct only).  Updates will be posted
T8     - Nobu, JA0JHQ (http://pandasan.jimdocom/) will be active  again  as
         T88PB from Koror (OC-009), Palau on 6-9 September. Main activity is
         likely to be during the  All Asian DX SSB Contest  (7-8 September).
         QSL via  LoTW (preferred) or direct to JA0JHQ.
TA     - A team from the  YM1KM Amateur Radio Club  will be active  as  TC0Z
         from  Kefken Island (AS-159)  from  31 August to 4 September.  Four
         operators (TA0TA,  TA2MN, TA6CQ  and TA6N)  will be QRV  on  160-10
         metres SSB and digital modes.  The log will be uploaded to loTW and
         Club Log.
V2     - Bud, AA3B will be active  as V26K  from  Antigua (NA-100)  on  8-20
         September.  In his spare time he  will operate mainly CW on  the HF
         bands.  QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW,  or via home call.  [TNX The
         Daily DX]
W      - Organized by the Citrus Belt ARC, the  20th  annual Route 66 On The
         Air special event  celebrates  the historic  US Highway 66.  Twenty
         amateur radio stations using  1x1  callsigns  (W6A-W6I and W6K-W6U)
         will operate from cities along the "Mother Road" on 7-15 September.
         See  for  information  about  the event  and  QSL

PACIFIC TOUR ---> Heli, DD0VR and Bigi, DE3BWR will be active as  3D2VR from
Fiji on 2-8 September and  again on 23-27 September,  as 5W0VR from Samoa on
9-15 September, and as A35JY from Tonga on  16-21 September.  QSL via DD0VR,
direct or bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

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for Android. It is available on Google Play - free of charge, no ads. Enjoy!

4U1UN ---> The following update was posted  to  the  United Nations  Amateur
Radio Club's Facebook page on 25 August:
   "We are receiving a lot of messages regarding  the lack of  4U1UN (United
   Nation Amateur Radio Club) activity  on  the bands.  We will try to clear
   some things about the current Club's activities.
   Many of you do not know that after the renovation of the UNHQ building in
   New York, the room dedicated to the  recreation area, on the  41st floor,
   in which the 4U1UN radio  equipment  was located,  was transferred to the
   special UN unit - Broadcast and Conference Support Section. That room now
   is allocated to professional communications equipment.  This was the only
   room technically suitable to be used  for installing our gear,  with easy
   access to the roof  but  after renovation  it became  off-limits for  any
   other services, except BCSS.
   Please do not think that UNARC members  gave up and are  doing  nothing -
   believe me, almost daily communication  has not been interrupted for  the
   past seven years. After the successful activity  of  4U70UN back in 2015,
   with the support of the UN Administration, we were able to secure a  tiny
   20-square-feet room  for  the  Club's needs  on  the ground floor  of the
   building. For obvious reasons, no one will give us the opportunity to run
   a separate  coaxial  cable  from  the  ground floor  to  the  41st floor.
   Considering  the  fact  that  the room,  allocated for  the Club,  can be
   transferred to any other place at any time,  we have developed a  project
   for installing a remote station on the 41st floor.
   The main difficulty in quick implementation of such project at  the  UNHQ
   is not political,  but  administrative  and  organizational.  The BCSS is
   responsible for the security for  all  the  UN communications  equipment.
   They provide the entire  UN communication  (including emergency etc.)  to
   all  UN  field  locations  around  the  World.  There  are  communication
   repeaters,  satellite  links   and  other  equipment,  access to which is
   strictly limited.  Only security personnel,  authorized  by this service,
   have permission to be there. Coordination of access to this room for club
   members (UN staff) at  such  a  high level,  takes  several months  to be
   approved, and the time allowed for work  is limited  to only one  or  two
   hours per visit.
   If it were not for BCSS support, nothing would have been possible at all,
   even the placement of the beacon station  and antenna!  Imagine that  you
   want to put a remotely controlled and unsupervised amateur radio  station
   in the server room of the White House special communications service, and
   you will get the  picture.  Every time we get access - we are accompanied
   by representatives of three different UN services,  and only because none
   of us is  giving up - the  process  of  returning  the  UN amateur  radio
   station in the air, although slowly, continues.
   Now, some good news!
   This Saturday [24 August 2019, ed.], several  members  of  the  UN  radio
   club, representatives of  UN services  and  guests,  once again  got  the
   opportunity  to  continue   the  configuration   of  equipment  and   its
   connections. Unfortunately,  the assembled  19-inch rack and part of  the
   equipment were disconnected during delivery to the 41st floor,  including
   disassembling of  the  power amplifier.  This is mainly because  the BCSS
   personnel needed to hand  carry all  the  equipment  several  flights  of
   stairs to the top floor. The ACOM-2000A amplifier fully assembled is very
   heavy, so its disassembling was certainly needed.
   After four hours of work, the connections of  the  SteppIR BigIR vertical
   antennas were restored,  a new  SDA-100 controller  was installed  and  a
   RemoteRig 1216H was  connected  for  easy remote access.  The antenna was
   tested and configured. Remote access from the first floor works  (special
   thanks for the separately run Ethernet  cable over  the entire height  of
   the building, for the use of the Radio Club).  The operation of the ACOM-
   2000A amplifier with an antenna was tested.
   While we were testing, we  realized  that  our  Elecraft K3  needed to be
   disconnected and sent  for repair.  Apparently,  due to the lack  of  the
   ability to retract BigIR antenna earlier,  static discharges damaged  the
   K3 power control board. Updating/re-installing of the K3 firmware  didn't
   helped.  Let's hope  for  a  speedy recovery  of  the  transceiver  after
   treatment at Elecraft!
   We really hope that in the very near future, after debugging and  setting
   up all the equipment, we will finally be able to proudly look at the work
   done and begin to appear steadily on the bands;  and you will be able  to
   get ATNO with the UNHQ!
   Thanks  to  everyone  involved,  especially  to  James Sarte K2QI  (UNARC
   President), Philip Dale G6CBR (UNARC), UN Security Staff,  UN BCSS Staff,
   Adrian Ciuperca (KO8SCA).
   To be continued!"

50MHZ  ITALIAN PROVINCES CONTEST ---> The 18th edition of the  50MHz Italian
Provinces Contest, sponsored by ARI Fidenza,  will be held  on  15 September
from 7 to 15 UTC.  Starting from this year, participation  has been extended
to stations operating  from outside Italy.  Complete rules  can be found  at [TNX IK4CIE]

KL7RRC/P ---> The IOTA DXpedition  to  Sledge Island (NA-210)  [425DXN 1475]
was delayed by  bad weather, and  started  activity around  02:50 UTC on  29
August.   The  forecast  does not  look  promising,  and  there  is  "strong
possibility" that the team might  have to leave  on 31 August,  much earlier
than the expected QRT date of 2 September.

NCDXF ---> The  Northern  California DX Foundation  (
announced on 23 August that grants have been issued to  two  Pacific DXpedi-
tion teams.
   "The 2019 Western Kiribati (T30L) and Nauru (C21W) DXpeditions slated for
   September have been granted $5,000 from NCDXF.  Team Leader Yuris, YL2GM,
   has assembled another high-energy team to activate  these two islands  in
   an exciting back-to-back operation in September.  One of the operators is
   Kristers, YL3JA, a 21-year old first-timer and future WRTC 2022 hopeful.
   The upcoming ZK3A DXpedition  slated for  October 2019  has been issued a
   $4,000 from NCDXF using a  new grant matching program.  To encourage more
   European club participation in early funding raising efforts for  DXpedi-
   tion teams, NCDXF pledged $2,000 up-front to the ZK3A DXpedition team and
   also offered to 'match' up  to  an additional $2,000 in  pre-trip  funded
   grants obtained from an y EU DX Clubs  or  Foundations.  We are happy  to
   report that this new grant-matching plan worked well as the ZK3A team has
   received an additional  $2,000 from  European Clubs  and  Foundations  in
   vital up-front funding.
   During the last 46 years, NCDXF has granted over $1 million  to  hundreds
   of DXpeditions - helping to put an  'all-time-new-one' (ATNO) in the  log
   and make DX happen for thousands of DXers worldwide. DXpeditions to  rare
   entities are becoming more expensive, a trend that will continue.  If you
   agree with the importance  of NCDXF's work,  please visit our website  to
   study our history and to consider providing your support". [TNX AA7A]

ZK3A ---> Preparations for the  1-11 October  DXpedition to  Tokelau [425DXN
1471] are in the final stage (  Three team members
(KO8SCA, N7QT and ZL3WW) will be arriving a week earlier  than the main team
US0KW, UT8IO, UX0LL, VE7NY, VK3FY, VK3GK, WD5COV) to set up the stations.
The Tokelau Islands (OC-048) consists  of  three atolls,  and the  ZK3A team
will establish an Amateur Radio Club on each of them: Atafu (ZK3RA), Fakaofo
(ZK3RF) and Nukunonu (ZK3RN). Each club will have a TS-590S and dipoles  for
40 and 20m;  in addition, ZK3RF's equipment  will include  an  A3S 3-element
beam for  10, 15 and 20m,  and a  800-watt  linear amplifier.  Power will be
provided by solar panels, but the team will also donate a 6 kVA generator to
each island. The total donation amounts to about 8,000 US$.
QSL via Club Log's OQRS  (direct and bureau),  or direct to YT1AD;  the full
log will be uploaded  to  LoTW six months after  the  DXpedition.  A free of
charge certificate issued in electronic format will be available for working
ZK3A  on  3 different bands  regardless  of mode,  or  on  3 different modes
regardless of band (send your application to uz1rr[@] [TNX YT1AD]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3E1FD       HP1RCP      GB0NHL      GM0TKB      R1530IG     UA3VLO
3G3G        EA5GL       GB1DLH      GB1FBS      S549APR     S51A
3Z15UE      SP6ZJP      GB2ELH      GM0GFL      S92HP       CT1ENW
3Z1OD       SP1PBT      GB2LBN      GM4UYZ      SF50CG      SM0BYD
4L/G4ENL    N4GNR       GB2TD       GW0LIS      SK4RY       SM4RGD
4L1R        W3HNK       GB5BL       GI0BJH      SK50HD      SM6FKF
5Q5W        DL2SWW      GB5HCL      M0KZC       SN10WFF     SP5C
8S7LHJ      SK7CA       GB5PSL      2E0ZDX      SN80FL      SP2PTU
9A0HRS      9A3JB       H44MI       DL2GMI      SN80TR      SP2TMT
9A7T        9A2EU       H92L        HP1MRA      SO1919PS    SP9ZHP
9H3IT       IK4ALM      HB9ILLW     HB9FVR      SP1919PS    SP9PNB
9H9SEL      9H1XT       HC1E        EC6DX       SP60DXC     SP7DQR
A65DR       N4GNR       HF100CC     SP5PSL      SV0AMS      DL2MGP
AN7AL       EA7URI      HF670ML     SP8N        SV8/IW7EGQ  M0OXO
AO7RL       EA7KP       HG30PANEU   HA1KSS      T41FR       CO1RH
CO6WD       W0SA        HP2DX       HP2BWJ      T46LC       CO6CG
CR6L        CT1EXK      II1CM       IZ1YPF      TC1LHS      YM1KE
CR6LH       CT1GZB      IY7M        IZ7XNB      TM0LHG      PA0HEL
CR6YLH      CT2ISX      KL7RRC/p    N7RO        TM10SRY     F5KCC
CS2LH       CS5LX       LX/OO9O     ON7SS       TM17FFF     F4GFE
CW1R        CX1AA       MM0XAU      DJ6AU       TM2LW       F4ELJ
CW5B        CX2ABC      MS0INT      M0SDV       TM36V       F5OHM
CX1T        IK2DUW      N2OB        N2OO        TM75LBJ     F6KEX
CX7CO       EA5GL       OA4GL       EA7HBC      TT8JLH      ZS6AAG
D73G        HL4CCM      OC3CH       OA4O        UE90AGN     RZ4Z
DK5T        DK5ON       OJ0MR       OG2M        UE90PR      RK1O
DM19LGS     DG0ERS      OJ0O        OE1ZKC      XF3LL       EA5GL
DR10WCA     DF6EX       OM100MRS    OM3KHT      XU7AKJ      JA3ULS
EG1FSA      EA1RKA      ON9BD       ON6EF       XZ2B        JH3SIF
EG1LWB      EA1LC       OX3LX       OZ0J        YJ8RN       NZ4DX
EH1LSI      EA1AUO      OZ0IL       DL1UWE      YP0F        YO9RIJ
EI0CAR      EI4JR       OZ0MF       DF5LW       YQ0BIKE     YO6KNE
EI0LHL      EI5HXB      PA6FUN      PA3HHT      YR9F        YO9FNP
EM30TPU     UR7TWY      PA6URK      PA3GNE      Z21LS       DE1ZHB
EN7P        UT1PG       PA75SODS    PI4ZWN      ZD8SC       WB4GHY
EO65QRC     UR4QZZ      PH6WAL      PI4WAL      ZF2EZ       W5SJ
GB0HL       G4ARN       R14MAKS     UA3DJ       ZS0RR       PA2PGU

5H3DX    Charles W. Powell, 201 North 13th Street, Louisburg KS 66053-3520,
7P8JK    Arnold J. Kalan, 16690 Charmel Ln, Pacific Palisades CA 90272-2210,
9M4LHJ   Jayakanthan M. Lachmanan, Surya 2 - G1, Jalan Cyber Suria,
         Cyber Heights Villa, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia
9M4LHN   Rabindra Harichandra, Peti surat 73, 71007 Port Dickson,
         Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
9M4LHT   PEMANCAR Terengganu, 4878 Jalan Tanjung Belor, Kampung Pengkalan
         Berangan, 21040 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia
DR175CW  Jamie Williams, 41 Overton Lane, Hammerwich, Burntwood, WS7 0LQ,
         United Kingdom
EG5VCE   Manolo Sanchez Perez, Apartado Postal 173, 03660 Novelda
         (Alicante), Spain
GB1OL    David Wishart, Curcum, Swannay by Evie, Orkney, KW17 2NS,
         United Kingdom
GB1PBL   David Houlden, 29 Court Barton, Portland, DT5 2HJ, United Kingdom
JH3SIF   Kiichiro Onishi, 3-19 Tomogaoka, Suma-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo,
         654-0142, Japan
KH0/KC0W Thomas M. Callas, P.O. Box 1058, Minnetonka MN 55345, USA
KP3LH    Puerto Rico Amateur Radio Team, PO Box 1179, Maunabo PR 00707, USA
N7RO     Richard J. Moen, 2935 Plymouth Dr, Bellingham WA 98225, USA
NP3VI    Vieques Island ARC, PO Box 1220, Vieques PR 00765, USA
RM0F     Burykh Yury M,. PO Box 12, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 693023, Russia
RV1CC    Sidorov Vladimir K., PO Box 127, Sankt-Peterburg, 191186, Russia
VY2PLH   George Dewar, 57 Perth Station Rd, Cardigan PE C0A 1G0, Canada
W2GSB    Great South Bay ARC, PO Box 1356, West Babylon NY 11704, USA
YO9RIJ   Stolnicu Petrica, CP 12 Buzau 7 Ghiseu 1, 120340 Buzau, Romania
ZB2LGT   GARS, PO Box 292, Gibraltar


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Thursday, August 29, 2019

New release of MULTIPSK (4.40) - DSTAR

Our good friend Patrick Lindecker, has released a new version of his popular digital decoding software Multipsk. If you aren't familiar with this package, it is one of the best around. Many of the modes it handles are free in the basic version. For a low one time free you can add many more. It is the software package we use here on the radio ranch.

New release of MULTIPSK (4.40) - DSTAR

Pour les francophones: la version en français de ce message se trouve sur mon site ( Il suffit de cliquer sur le lien "Principales modifications (courriel avertissant de la sortie de la nouvelle version)".

Hello to all Ham and SWL,

The new release of MultiPSK (4.40) is on my Web site (
The mirror site is Earl's, N8KBR:

The MD5 signature of the downloaded MULTIPSK_setup.exe file to, possibly, check (with WinMD5 for example), that the downloading works without error, is equal to: 8c9e9cb83148cb228d949e74a263cfe8

Multipsk associated to Clock are freeware programs but with functions submitted to a licence (by user key).

The main improvements of MULTIPSK 4.40 are the following: DSTAR decoding/transmission

"DSTAR" is the acronym for "Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio". This mode has been developed by the Ham Japanese association (JARL). It is used in VHF and in UHF, mainly for voice communication but also for data communication (included during voice transmissions). It is spread in a world net by using, among other means, repeaters and Internet. It is a mode for amateurs but professionally developed, at equipment level. It is considered as a professional mode for Multipsk (but the decoding is not limited).

There are two sub-modes:

·  the "DV" one (Voice + data) at 4800 bauds for communications between Hams and between Hams and DSTAR repeaters,
·  the "DD" one (Data only ) at 128000 bauds for communications between DSTAR net pieces of equipment.

Only the "DV" sub-mode is here considered and only the data communication. So it is excluded the voice communication decoding which needs an AMBE Codec (under a proprietary licence).

For Hams and SWL, the DSTAR signal can be received:

· either from the discriminator output of a classical VHF/UHF FM receiver via a direct connection to the PC sound card. However, the receiver must have a large reception bandwidth due to the high
modulation speed, or with a SdR receiver (FunCube Dongle, RTL SDR,..) and directly demodulated by Multipsk. It is the simplest solution.

Here is the WEB address where you can know where all DSTAR repeaters are located, with their frequencies, for each country (so as to monitor one or more):

In transmission, the following functions are compatible with the ICOM transceivers:

· transmission of 20 characters maximum messages, beacon,
· "parrot" (repeats valid DSTAR frames, without any processing).

A small interface is proposed. See the paper:  "HOW_TO_DO_DIRECT_DSTAR_BETWEEN_HAMs_Rev_A.pdf" paper located in the file.

This mode is in freeware, so without time limitation.
See general specifications further on.

Other modifications

·  For the users having a Multipsk licence, by clicking on the "Mode" button, it will be found the new option "Modes selection" which goal is to select the sole modes really used by the user. The panels
of modes (amateur and professional) will, hence, propose a choice among the
sole selected modes. Note that at each new Multipsk version, the selection panel will display again with all the modes.

Note about translation of Multipsk.exe and Clock .exe:  the 4.39.4 version of Multipsk has been translated to Spanish by Joachin (EA4ZB), from French.


Description of the DSTAR mode

There are two sub-modes:

· the "DV" one (Voice + data) at 4800 bauds for communications between Hams and between Hams and DSTAR repeaters,

· the "DD" one (Data only ) at 128000 bauds for communications between DSTAR net pieces of equipement.

Only the "DV" sub-mode is here considered and only the data communication. So it is excluded the voice communication decoding which needs an AMBE Codec (under a proprietary licence).

Description :
Baud rate: 4800

Modulation : the NRZ logic signal (1/-1) directly modulates, through a GMSK filter (to reduce the bandwidth needed), the VHF or UHF frequency in FM (on about +/- 3 KHz). So this signal is received in base band after FM demodulation.

Reception mode: FM
Character set : on 8 bits (but only ASCII is used)
Shape of pulse : GMSK (BT product=0.5)
Bandwidth : about 6 KHz
Synchronization : automatic using the signal
Detection code: yes on 15 bits.
Convolution code: FEC R=1/2, k=3 on the header
Interleaving : yes on the header
Scrambling: yes

Each DV DSTAR frame contains:

· a 64 bits minimum training sequence for synchronization,
· a sequence of 15 bits for the frame detection,
· a header of 660 bits containing different control pieces of information and 4 call signs.
· a certain number of pair of 96 bits, each pair containing either a "Voice slot" (72 bits) + a "data slot" (24 bits) or a "Voice slot" + a synchronization flag,
· an end frame flag.

For more details, see at the Internet address:

Multipsk transmission of messages compatible with the ICOM 20 characters messages

In addition, the DSTAR transceivers (mainly ICOM) can transmit and receive a 20 characters message. It appears that these messages are transmitted in "clear text" after a scrambling of each data slot (24 bits). The packeting is simple but remains proprietary (so it is not described).

Multipsk permits the transmission of such small messages according to a protocol described in the document "Multipsk specifications relative to the DSTAR DV mode rev. A.pdf" located in the file.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

ARLK066 Keplerian data

ARLK066 Keplerian data

QST de W1AW 
Keplerian Bulletin 66  ARLK066
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington, CT  August 27, 2019
To all radio amateurs

ARLK066 Keplerian data

Special thanks to AMSAT-NA (AMSAT.ORG) for the following Keplerian

Decode 2-line elsets with the following key:
1 AAAAAU 00  0  0 BBBBB.BBBBBBBB  .CCCCCCCC  00000-0  00000-0 0  DDDZ

0 AO-07
1 7530U 74089B   19238.89266801 -.00000030  00000-0  96170-4 0  9997
2 7530 101.7504 205.8610 0011799 212.5171 204.0114 12.53639543 49199
0 FO-29
1 24278U 96046B   19238.83658151 -.00000010 +00000-0 +23597-4 0  9990
2 24278 098.5473 022.8905 0351230 060.8330 302.7476 13.53093000136903
1 25544U 98067A   19239.83859476  .00047014  00000-0  81393-3 0  9997
2 25544  51.6446   5.8347 0007564 337.0065 127.4639 15.50419577186372
0 SO-50
1 27607U 02058C   19238.94775157 -.00000059 +00000-0 +12667-4 0  9996
2 27607 064.5544 197.8531 0078379 243.1823 116.1249 14.75566704897129
0 CO-55
1 27844U 03031E   19239.02204282  .00000038  00000-0  36917-4 0  9997
2 27844  98.6847 246.1998 0009659 183.6396 176.4713 14.22191092838147
0 RS-22
1 27939U 03042A   19239.42464925  .00000017  00000-0  11684-4 0  9991
2 27939  98.0506  13.9189 0012754 201.1760 158.8929 14.66798148850769
0 CO-58
1 28895U 05043F   19238.96426253  .00000074  00000-0  22938-4 0  9993
2 28895  97.9686  19.3579 0017933 130.3031 229.9742 14.63684533737619
0 CO-65
1 32785U 08021C   19238.86658509  .00000149  00000-0  21633-4 0  9999
2 32785  97.5525 235.3273 0014098  39.1105 321.1129 14.88334526613975
1 32787U 08021E   19238.95665226 +.00000261 +00000-0 +29917-4 0  9993
2 32787 097.5079 247.7629 0012010 349.1039 010.9919 14.93408711614936
0 DO-64
1 32789U 08021G   19238.93803648 +.00000931 +00000-0 +66079-4 0  9999
2 32789 097.4593 286.4971 0010720 244.4693 115.5426 15.07065597617291
0 RS-30
1 32953U 08025A   19239.58505188  .00000020  00000-0  75656-4 0  9996
2 32953  82.5005 101.3039 0019467 339.3846  20.6444 12.43091047510999
0 KKS-1
1 33499U 09002H   19238.91549743 +.00000053 +00000-0 +15807-4 0  9997
2 33499 098.3466 079.8180 0009016 354.7142 005.3969 14.75456784569004
0 AO-71
1 37854U 11061E   19238.76633192 +.00000566 +00000-0 +36984-4 0  9997
2 37854 101.6976 172.5073 0160293 220.6076 138.3092 15.06533351426941
0 AO-73
1 39444U 13066AE  19239.52161440  .00000159  00000-0  25826-4 0  9999
2 39444  97.5603 251.1122 0058674 157.1697 203.2146 14.81961983310277
1 40074U 14037F   19239.41291903  .00000158  00000-0  26103-4 0  9993
2 40074  98.4444  45.3573 0005146  10.0210 350.1127 14.84082920277998
0 XW-2A
1 40903U 15049E   19239.41325898  .00000941  00000-0  24067-4 0  9996
2 40903  97.3328 282.5561 0011886 251.3435 205.1286 15.42012546220992
0 XW-2C
1 40906U 15049H   19239.38593485  .00000371  00000-0  22905-4 0  9990
2 40906  97.4692 240.3152 0013818 323.4494 142.2739 15.15725623217550
0 XW-2D
1 40907U 15049J   19239.55521296  .00000256  00000-0  16824-4 0  9996
2 40907  97.4681 240.1624 0013046 319.9486 158.5224 15.15915958217590
0 XW-2F
1 40910U 15049M   19239.45800825  .00000472  00000-0  26983-4 0  9994
2 40910  97.4642 242.1631 0013431 312.0186 205.9096 15.17375606217596
0 XW-2B
1 40911U 15049N   19239.39073329  .00000465  00000-0  27787-4 0  9994
2 40911  97.4692 240.6602 0012941 321.7960 143.9570 15.15847118217469
0 IO-86
1 40931U 15052B   19237.90531972 +.00000725 +00000-0 +11998-4 0  9994
2 40931 005.9998 290.1771 0012717 039.2195 320.8951 14.76611989211366
0 AO-91
1 43017U 17073E   19238.76052969  .00000265  00000-0  26815-4 0  9999
2 43017  97.7206 157.4164 0256693 293.6919  63.7549 14.78610338 95465
0 AO-92
1 43137U 18004AC  19239.18482299  .00000576  00000-0  27107-4 0  9997
2 43137  97.4827 306.8171 0009773  22.7858 337.3811 15.23547413 90078
0 AO-85
1 40967U 15058D   19234.36679880  .00000080  00000 0  27427-4 0  7879
2 40967  64.7787 321.9831 0192979 182.0413 177.9928 14.75979661117287

Keplerian bulletins are transmitted twice weekly from W1AW.  The
next scheduled transmission of these data will be Friday, August 30,
2019, at 2230z on Baudot and BPSK31.