Wednesday, September 27, 2017

FalconSAT-3 Now Open for Amateur Radio Use

The Air Force Academy satellite FalconSAT-3 is now open for Amateur Radio use as a digital store-and-forward system. Built in 2005 and 2006 by cadets and faculty in the Space Systems Research Center at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, FalconSAT-3 was launched in 2007.

The satellite has completed its scientific and training missions, and the Academy now is making it available for Amateur Radio use. The Packet Bulletin Board System operates at 9600 baud with a
145.840 MHz uplink/435.103 MHz downlink. Output power is 1 W, and the downlink is continuously on. Digipeating is enabled for live QSOs, but unattended digipeating operation is not authorized at this time.

Additional information is available on the AMSAT website at, .

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

FEMA Announces Regions that Could Activate on 60-Meters for Hurricane Irma

The below listed Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Regions, including call signs, could be activating the 5 MHz/60-meter band frequencies in support of a possible response to Hurricane Irma on September 5.
  • Region 1 — KF1EMA
  • Region 2 — KF2EMA (includes Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands)
  • Region 3 — KF3EMA
  • Region 4 — KF4EMA
  • Region 6 — KF6EMA
  • Maynard MERS — NF1EMA
  • Thomasville MERS — NF4EMA
  • Denton MERS — NF6EMA
The following suppressed-carrier reference frequencies, also known as dial frequencies or window frequencies, 5330.5 kHz, 5346.5 kHz, 5357.0 kHz, 5371.5 kHz, and 5403.5 kHz, may be used as part of the event.

Amateur Radio HF Nets
Friendly Net 7188.0 kHz 1000-12:00 UTC
Caribbean Emergency Weather Net 3815.0 kHz 1030 UTC and 2200 UTC
Maritime Mobile Service Network 14300.0 kHz 1200-0200 UTC
Hurricane Watch Net 14325.0 kHz National Hurricane Center callsign WX4NHC

Amateur Radio US Virgin Islands Repeaters
St. Croix NP2VI - 147.250/147.850 PL 100.0 Hz
St. Thomas KP2O - 146.810/146.210 PL 100.0 Hz
St. Thomas NP2GO - 146.950/146.350 PL 67.0 Hz
St. Thomas KP2T - 146.970/146.370
St. John KP2SJ - 146.630/ 146.030 PL 100.0 Hz (West side of island coverage only)

VOIP Weather Net Active for Irma

If you are equipped for amateur radio Echolink operations, the VOIP weather net is now active on Echolink Node 7203 for Hurricane Irma.

More frequencies and information will be posted shortly on this blog.