Thursday, November 24, 2016

Western NC Party Rock Fire Frequencies

All the fires associated with the Party Rock Fire have been using various talk groups on various 800 MHz Viper towers.

Event Fox 1 (TG 51975) has been used for Ops
Event Fox 2 (TG 51976) has been used as a Utility
Event Fox 3 (TG 51977) has been used as a Logistics
Event Echo 1 (TG 51971) is for Multi Agency Ops
Event Echo 2 (TG 51972) Rutherford Co structure protection
Event Fox 4 (TG 51974) Buncombe Co structure protection
Event Golf 3 (TG 51981) Chimney Rock Fire structure protection
Event Golf 4 (TG 51982) Henderson Co structure protection
Event Hotel 2 (TG 51984) McDowell Co structure protection

NCFS VHF Frequencies associated with the Party Rock Fires include

Incident 2 Tac 151.460 Simplex PL 136.5
Incident 3 Tac 151.310 Simplex PL 136.5
Incident 4 Tac 151.265 Simplex PL 136.5
Incident 5 Tac 151.280 Simplex PL 136.5
Incident 8 Air/Ground Secondary Ops 171.575 Simplex PL 131.8
Incident 13 Air/Ground Primary Ops 167.425 Simplex PL 110.9
Incident 15 Air Guard 168.625 Simplex PL 110.9
NCFS Calling 172.275 Simplex PL 131.9

Here in the far west, in the land that Raleigh forgets Event Echo 3 (TG 51973) has been seen on the Murphy/Joanna Bald/Wine Springs towers for fires in the Nantahala. Also TG 60643 USFS Ops 1 has been used by USFS personnel.

Yesterday we had a wildfire break out 1 mile from the radio ranch here in Btown. USFS/NCFS and local county fire units converged in our area to fight the fire. Took some great pictures of the aerial assault of the fire by air tac/recon/tankers aircraft from Chattanooga Air Tanker Base. Helos used 122.925 and fixed wing used 120.025 and comms with CHA Air Tanker base was on 128.425.
Most of the activity here in the west has been on VHF Aero/VHF Hi and UHF links.

Still have lots of smoke this a.m. even though we had some light rain overnight. More as we put it together.