Monday, March 21, 2016

A new toy has arrived here at the radio ranch!

Will this is an interesting new day here on the radio ranch in western NC. My new Uniden BCD436HP has arrived and I've given it a brief tour before I start digging in. Got the Sentinel software installed, firmware and database updated, and the basic settings updated.
Now it is time to dig into what is being loaded from RadioRef (I can see that needs a lot of work as usual) and set up some other local stuff. Will spend some extra time learning the insides for sure as this beauty does a lot.
Thinking about swapping the 4gb for a 32gb, might as well give it max smoke. Also needs to see if I can knock down some of the stuff in that RRR db that I will never use here in the east (i.e. no Canada, west coast etc).
Many thanks to Fred and the gang at Universal Radio for their usual fast, prompt and courteous service. Everything arrival well packed and safe. If you are looking for a great American company to purchase your radio equipment from, do what we do, buy from the pros from Universal.
So blog reader, hope you will follow me on this new adventure scanner adventure. I will be posting lots freqs as I go along and you may find a few here that you can use.
More soon. El Jefe (aka The Chief)