Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Vietnamese Numbers Station Monitored on West Coast

"Original Token" out California way has reported reception of a Vietnamese language numbers station again on the UDXF newsgroup.

First reported by Leif Dehio, T! first monitored the broadcast on February 21, 2010. He posted a four and a half minute recording here: http://home.mchsi.com/~token_radio/unklang_numbers_10255U_1608_02212010.mp3

Yesterday T! posted the following update to the UDXF group:

"The reception on 21 Feb was a female voice with 5f groups, the 7 March reception was a male voice and 5f groups.

"Today at 1614:20 the station was again on the air on 10255 kHz USB, male voice, Vietnamese, and 5f."

1614:20 UTC Announcement, several portions repeated.
1615:40 UTC Numbers start. 5f, 30 groups total.
1618:13 UTC last number sent.
1618:50 UTC short announcement.
1619:23 UTC numbers start again, again 5f.

"Unfortunately I had heavy QRM (OTHR) that started just after the first 30 five figure groups were sent. I was unable to get a clear recording of the short announcement or the last part of the transmission. By the time the QRM was clear the station was off the air," said T!

Recording of the first part here: