Saturday, June 25, 2022

Microtelecom announces next-gen SDR - Perseus22 receiver

The Perseus22 SDR is a 4-channel, direct sampling receiver with continuous frequency coverage from 10 kHz to 225 MHz and a typical image rejection larger than 70 dB.

All channels are synchronously sampled by a high SNR, 14 bits A/D converter and processed by a software-defined digital down converter, implemented on an FPGA, which outputs are routed to the host PC by a USB 3.0 controller, allowing wide-bandwidth IF applications.

The frequency coverage is split up in 2 groups of channels (two for the VLF-HF frequency range, the others for VHF), each one capable of diversity, which can reduce noise in order of tens dB. All channels include an analog RF frontend equipped with attenuators, preselection filters, and amplifiers.
The receiver enclosure is machined from solid aluminum and finished with a fine, non-reflecting, black surface treatment. 

At the present time, the unit is awaiting FCC-type acceptance and no definitive pricing is available. The target date for release is October 2022.