Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Radio Monitor Blogspots Report - 3/15/2007

What follows below is a list of radio hobby related blogs that cover the "monitoring" only portion of our hobby. If you have a radio monitoring blog and it is not listed in our list below, send along your blog address to larryvanhorn @ We will certainly look over what you have and consider adding it to our list. This list will be updated as events warrant and ye ole author has the time.

Edition #1 - 20 blogs listed

  • Adventures in Radio Scannerland
  • American Bandscan (Monitoring Times Columnist Doug Smith)
  • Italian SWL Station IO-5639/FR
  • Jacksonville Florida Radio Logs
  • KF4LMT's Monitoring Post (Scanning and Amater Radioin Savannah, Georgia)
  • MIL-COM Eastern NC
  • MT Fed Files (Monitoring Times Columnist Chris Parris)
  • MT Milcom Monitoring Blog (Monitoring Times Assistant-Technical Editor/Columnist Larry Van Horn)
  • MT Shortwave Central (Monitoring Times Columnist/Frequency Manager Gayle Van Horn)
  • MT Utility World (Monitoring Times Columnist Hugh Stegman)
  • Ohio Area Milcom
  • PGHscan Scanner Frequency Blog
  • Relatório de Escuta
  • Southeast Texas DXer
  • Surfing the Radio Waves
  • The Btown Monitoring Post (Personal Radio Blog of Larry Van Horn) [The blog that host this list]
  • The Editor's Desk (Monitoring Times Managing Editor Rachel Baughn)
  • VIPER Waveguide: Covers new North Carolina Statewide trunk radio system
  • Western Mass Military Comms