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10 Dec 2020 was a MW LA Night in Btown

 Have been reviewing an SDR IQ run I made on 10 Dec 2020 on the medium wave band and it appears thank to a weak geo storm, managed to log some nice Latins around 0000 UTC.

Here are just some of the stations heard:

539.8 18:55 19:06 YNOW Radio Corporación Managua, NCG (new Btown country)
600.0 18:55 19:06 CMBA Radio Rebelde San German, Urano Noris HO CUB
610.0 18:55 19:06 CMBA Radio Rebelde Guane, Guane PR CUB
620.0 18:55 19:06 CMBA Radio Rebelde Colon MA CUB
640.0 18:55 19:06 CMBC Radio Progreso Guanabacoa CH CUB
670.0 18:55 19:06 CMBA Radio Rebelde Arroyo Arenas CH CUB
690.0 18:55 19:06 CMBC Radio Progreso Progreso, Santa Clara VC CUB
710.0 18:55 19:06 CMBA Radio Rebelde Marti MA CUB
720.0 18:55 19:00 WRZN The Shepherd         Hernando FL
760.0 18:55 19:06 CMBC Radio Progreso Guane, Guane PR CUB
1180.0 18:57 18:58 WJNT Newstalk 1180 Pearl MS
580.0 18:59 19:00 WGAC                              Augusta GA
780.3 18:59 19:01 HJZG La Vox de Dios Cali, CLM
680.0 19:03 19:06 CFTR Global Radio Radio Toronto/Grimsby ON CAN

There is more in their IQ recording and I will add additional logs to this post. Should note there were more Cubans but these were the ones I added to the log others such as CMBQ Radio Enciclopedia Guanabaccao CH CUB and CMBA Radio Rebelde Guantanamo GU CUB both on 530 kHz were quite audible.

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Merry Christmas 2020



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15th Edition of the Global Radio Guide (Winter 2020-21) Now Available

Rise and set. Day and night.  For many, that is the most observation that is required of the sun.

For radio hobbyists, however, our celestial neighbor holds a larger influence on our daily lives, requiring much closer examination.  The role it plays in our hobby can be that of a great awakener or a great destroyer.

Now, as we stand on the first steps of Solar Cycle 25, which is already positioning itself to be one of the most talked about solar cycles among radio hobbyists in decades, there is a renewed energy in the hobby for all things HF.  Many are venturing out, some for the first time, into the vastness of radio bands that once again crackle with life.

For this journey, you will need an experienced and knowledgeable guide.  Gayle Van Horn, as she has for the past 30 years, has stepped up to answer that call.

Teak Publishing is proud to announce the 15th Edition of the Amazon bestselling e-book, the Global Radio Guide (Winter 2020-21), by Gayle Van Horn, W4GVH.

“This publication will have wide appeal to amateur radio operators, shortwave radio hobbyists, news agencies, news buffs, educators, foreign language students, expatriates, or anyone interested in listening to a global view of world news and major events as they happen,” says Larry Van Horn, co-founder of Teak Publishing and editor of the Global Radio Guide (GRG)

With the help of the GRG, you can tune in shortwave broadcast stations from hotspots such as China, Cuba, India, Iran, North/South Korea, Taiwan, and many other counties. If you have a shortwave radio receiver, SDR or Internet connection, pair it with this unique radio resource to know when and where to listen to the world.

 This newest edition of the GRG carries on the tradition of those before it with an in-depth, 24-hour station/frequency guide with schedules for selected AM band, longwave, and shortwave radio stations. This unique resource is the only radio publication that lists by-hour schedules that include all language services, frequencies, and world target areas for over 500 stations worldwide.

The GRG includes listings of DX radio programs and Internet website addresses for many of the stations in the book. There are also entries for time and frequency stations as well as some of the more “intriguing” transmissions one can find on the shortwave radio bands.

 Gayle has also updated her now famous SDR Buyer’s Guide, a must-have compendium that helps you navigate through revolutionary world of software-defined radios (SDRs), the digital frontier of the radio hobby.

 New in this 15th edition of the GRG, Gayle dives into how and where to hear exotic shortwave stations transmitting in the world’s tropical radio bands. Located in the lower portion of the HF spectrum, these stations serve as a window into the culture and daily lives of countries not served by large international broadcast stations.  Even in an increasingly connected and digital world, for many of the citizens in these countries, these radio stations serve as the only source of news and information they have at their disposal.

 Spectrum Monitor magazine editor, Ken Reitz checks in with a primer on where you can hear global radio and television media broadcasters via satellite.

 Fred Waterer, also of Spectrum Monitor, checks in with a feature on listening to music from around the globe on shortwave. There is a nostalgic look back at radio in 1922 by our friends at AWR Wavescan. Teak Publishing's Larry Van Horn will give the reader an exclusive tour of frequencies and radio services below 530 kHz in Radio's Basement Bands.

 Whether you monitor shortwave radio broadcasts, amateur radio operators, or aeronautical, maritime, government, or military communications in the HF radio spectrum, this book has the frequencies to help you to hear it all. Teak Publishing’s Global Radio Guide "brings the world to you."

 You can find this edition of the Global Radio Guide, along with all of our titles currently available for purchase, on the Teak Publishing Web site at  

 The 15th edition of the Global Radio Guide e-Book (electronic book only, no print edition available) is available worldwide from Amazon and their various international websites at


The price for this latest edition is US$8.99. Since this book is being released internationally, Amazon customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, France Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Australia can order this e-Book from Amazon websites directly servicing these countries. Customers in all other countries can use the regular website to purchase this e-Book.


You can read any Kindle e-Book with Amazon’s ‘free’ reading apps on literally any electronic media platform. You do not have to own a Kindle reader from Amazon to read this e-book. There are Kindle apps available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC platforms. You can find additional details on these apps by checking out this link to the Amazon website at






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Btown MW Logs 11/18-11/25/2020

(LVH-NC) Larry Van Horn (N5FPW), Brasstown, NC

SDRPlay RSPdx, W6LVP Mag Amp Loop (WSW-ENE), Airspy HF+Discovery, YouLoop with an Airspy Hi-Z amp prototype. Some more adventures from my 11/18 IQ recording and a few more. Brasstown station counts now 1079. 

660 WQXN AL, Fairhope - 11/24 1755 Local ad block, ID then back to Mike Savage Show, Looks like they did the power switch at 1758 (gone). (LVH-NC)

800 WHOS AL, Decatur - 11/18 1759 In the mess of stations that is now 800 TOH ID for WBHP Huntsville, WHOS Decatur, and at least one more stn sig in mud, "an iHeart station" then f/out to mess. New stn (LVH-NC)

820 WCPT IL, Willow Springs - 11/18 1758 End of Joan Esposito Prog talk show, prog promo Mind Over Matter Sunday @ 10 am on WCPT 820. New stn (LVH-NC)

890 WHNC NC, Henderson - 11/23 1704 GOS mx then YL w/callsign and local resident talking abt her favorite preacher, then more GOS mx. Last logged in 1996, (LVH-NC)

920 WDMC FL, Melbourne - 11/18 1756 EWTN radio programming then TOH ID. New stn (LVH-

WLIV TN, Livingston - 11/18 1756 C&W mx no TOH NBC news radio w/Brian Sharp then 
back to C&W mx agn finally at 1806 AM/FM WLIV ID with Hometown Radio slogan (LVH-NC)

930 WTAD IL, Quincy - 11/18 1759 TOH ID then FoxNews. Last hrd in 1997. (LVH-NC)

940 WCPC MS, Houston - 11/18 1756 Rel pgm - What Seith the Scriptures Bible Study preacher no program name then WCPC TOH ID AM/FM translator then into Radio Bible Study program w/David Thompson. An old fav and last logged in Memphis in 1977. (LVH-NC)

960 KGWA OK, Enid - 11/18 1802 Sean Hannity, FoxNews then a local news block. Had news Item about fire and father saving children's life, mentioned News 9 Oklahoma TV footage. New stn (LVH-NC)

1030 KCWJ MO, Blue Springs - 11/18 1756 End of Patsy Cline song then OM anncr "1030 KCWJ" more classic country. After the song local State Farm agent gave the TOH ID then the next song and signal drop (power change to 500 watts) New stn (LVH-NC)

1050 CHUM ON, Toronto -- 11/18 1800 During WROS quiet spot clearly heard and recorded CHUM-AM ID by OM anncr. I have always wanted to log this stn and been after this station since I was a young DXer in San Antonio. Finally. New Stn (LVH-NC)

WROS FL. Jacksonville - 11/18 1757 End of "Grace to You" rel pgm, Pastor George Cook of New Jerusalem House of Prayer in West Chicago, on various Christian beliefs, YL talking about powering stn down at sunset. Got quiet then CHUM-AM ID during that time then start the Radio Bible Study program.

1080 WWNL PA, Pittsburgh - 11/23 1630 F/up out of the noise to BOH WWNL-AM 1080 Pittsburg ID, just over WKJK. New stn (LVH-NC)

1070 WCSZ SC, Sans Souci - 11/25 1235 o/u WFLI w/SS programming //online stream. Weak here and is a new stn log. (LVH-NC)

1090 WBAL MD, Baltimore - 11/23/2020 1644 Local ad, YL with WBAL callsign ID and abruptly gone, unid stn w/C&W now on top. Last log 1993. (LVH-NC)

1110 KFAB NE, Omaha - 11/18 1756 OM w/weather, TC 4:57 on Nebraska's News, Weather and Traffic station - NewsRadio Eleven Ten KFAB, Fox News update Next, Local Ad Block many mentions of Omaha inc stn contest promo, stn promo KFAB time savers traffic, PSA for Radon, another traffic promo then TOH and gone (pattern change to nx protect WBT). This one is not common here due to WBT, last heard in 1993. (LVH-NC)

WSLV TN, Ardmore - 11/18 1800 Now atop 1110 after KFAB pattern change, C&W mx, Outlaw 105.1 slogan ID then said stn plays 27 great country songs in a row. f/out at 1801 to several mixing then up agn to Waylon Jennings song, several fades to end of IQ at 1807. Last hrd in 1997 (LVH-NC)

1130 KWKH LA, Shreveport - 11/18 1756 Natl ad-block including car parts stores, PSA, weather forecast, TOH ID, SportTalk on 1130 the Tiger, Again another 1993 relog. (LVH-NC)

1140 WURB FL, Orlando - 11/18 1759 WBXR TOH ID then WURB Radio then Spanish. (LVH-NC)

1160 WCVX KY, Florence - 11/18 1759 TOH ID then faded back into the mess. (LVH-NC)

1170 KFAQ OK, Tulsa - 11/18 1756 Ben Shapiro Show then TOH ID including slogan. (LVH-NC)

1200 WRTO IL, Chicago - 11/18 1758 SS talk program then TOH ID callsign English rest in Spanish. New stn (LVH-NC)

1210 WJML MI, Kingsley - 11/18 1758 Talk show then ad block that included a concealed weapon permit ad, Scallywags Restaraunt ad on State St in Traverse City, TOH ID. New stn (LVH-NC)

WMPS TN, Bartlett - 11/18 1800 Playing adult standards (Music of your life) songs. Chick-fil-a Commerical then Sunny Radio slogan callsign ID. New stn (LVH-NC)

1220 WKRS IL, Waukegan - 11/18 1800 Full TOH ID including TUDN sister stations in Spanish. New stn (LVH-NC)

WSLM IN, Salem - 11/18 1802 WSLM call sign ID then "My Country" wx forecast followed by a local ad then ABC news. New stn (LVH-NC)

1250 WLCK KY, Scottsville - 11/18 1756 SMN network w/SRN news, then local news by soft-voiced YL. Mentioned new website for Allen County, New KY "Never underestimate you" associate degree campaign, Sunset at 4:55 CST so may have been on daytime power. last logged in 1994  (LVH-NC)

1340 WKRM TM, Columbia - 11/18 Full ID at TOH for WKRM-AM/WKOM-FM 101.7 then FoxNews. New stn (LVH-NC)

1380 WHEW TN, Franklin - 11/18 1756 Tejano music then OM anncr w/Bonita 1380 slogan ID. New stn (LVH-NC)

1390 KLCN ia, Clinton - 11/18 1800 YL with full TOH ID f/out. New stn (LVH-NC)

1400 WWTM AL, Decatur - 11/18 1800 Full TOH ID by OM anncr mentioned AM/Cable/FM outlets then into ESPN sports net programming. New stn (LVH-NC)

WFTG KY, London - 11/18 1757 Kentucky news network then into local ad-block. Hrd London mentions then f/out. New stn (LVH-NC)

1440 WHDM TN, McKenzie - 11/18 1759 Oldie song. TOH ID by OM anncr, "Proudly serving the McKenzie area" WHDM" gave AM/FM freq. New stn (LVH-NC)

1460 WRVK KY, Mount Vernon - 11/18 1800 Popped up out of the noise floor with full TOH ID. New Stn (LVH-NC)

1470 WQXL SC, Columbia - 11/18 1800 Afternoon drive talk show, local ad-block, then TOH ID by OM anncr, ABC Natl news. New stn (LVH-NC)

1480 KLMS NE, Lincoln - 11/18 1758 YL with Local newscast gave call sign, news item abt body found in Kimball County NE, 1759 was loud then gone, may have switched to night pattern/power, slight f/up to YL doing news again, mentioned Kimball County but much weaker and mixing w/FoxNews broadcast. No sign of any ESPN programming per the NRCLog on this intercept. New stn (LVH-MC)

1490 WJJM TN, Lewisburg - 11/18 1759 TOH ID then Fox sports jingle and FoxSports net programming. New stn (LVH-NC)

1550 WKBA VA, Vinton - 11/18 1759 u/WIGN w/occ fade up. Preacher talking abt making each of us a disciple of Jesus // Online feed. New stn (LVH-NC)

1560 WBYS IL, Canton - 11/18 1758 Classic rock mx then ID including website address: (verified online). New stn (LVH-NC)

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Coast Guard Proposes to Discontinue HF Voice Watchkeeping

 The US Coast Guard has invited comments by January 21, 2021, on a proposal to discontinue HF voice watchkeeping. The proposal appeared on November 20 in the Federal Register. The USCG proposes to cease monitoring 4125, 6215, 8291, and 12,290 kHz, in the contiguous US and Hawaii, due to a lack of activity.

“We believe this change would have a low impact on the maritime public, as commercial satellite radios and Digital Selective Calling (DSC) marine-SSB HF radios have become more prevalent onboard vessels,” the Coast Guard said. “However, we would like your comments on how you would be affected if we terminated monitoring HF voice-only distress frequencies within the contiguous US and Hawaii, particularly if you use HF, but do not currently have a commercial satellite radio or an HF DSC-capable radio aboard your vessel.”

The Coast Guard said it would continue to monitor HF DSC distress alerting for all existing regions and voice distress and hailing from Kodiak, Alaska, and Guam. The Maritime Mobile Service Net (MMSN) on 14.300 MHz remains available to less-equipped mariners who need assistance in emergencies.