Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Introducing the "Scanner/SWL Junkies" Talkgroup on the TGIF DMR network.


Did you know there is a place for Scanner Junkies to discuss radio on DMR?
A DMR talk group designed for all aspects of the Scanner Radio Hobby. Public Safety Scanning, Race Scanning, Railroad Scanning, Airband Scanning, SDR dongle use, and Shortwave Listening.
It doesn't matter if you use the latest IQ software-defined scanners or an old crystal receiver. You have come to the right place. We will focus on the use of scanner radios, fire pagers, Shortwave receivers, air-band radios, wide-band receivers, scanner radio apps, websites, and just about any other technology used today in the hobby.
The talk group number 1033 was chosen as the best representation of the 10 code 10-33 "emergency traffic" that you used to hear used all the time in monitoring public safety radio. Watch this wiki for links to hobby-related clubs, newsletters, email groups, discussion boards, etc.

How do I find talkgroup 1033 on the TGIF Network?
Point your hotspot to the TGIF Network. Then key up and make a QSO and the talkgroup will become dynamic.