Saturday, April 25, 2009

Capitol radio system could cost $100M

Surprise, surprise. Just another example of how this U.S. government has gone nuts with spending. There are simplier solutions, but then again this is the imperial U.S. government and when you have an endless trough of money to spend . . .

I love Peter S' comment on this and he hits the nail directly on the head.

"crashes sometimes - has dead spots - can be monitored by store bought scanners after they spend $100M same ole same ole, Note - Capitol PD uses 166 Mhz now - DCPD use UHF TRS - FD uses 800Mhz TRS - maybe if they throw up a couple of BDAs they can use theDCFD TRS for free - hey, I just saved $100M - just give me 10% of it."

How how about you feds ponying up and buying some radios and use the DCPD TRS system. Then you might get some interoperability! In fact, maybe i can get DHS to send over some of their interoperability coloring books to the Capitol Hill PD and then we can all learn to work together.

You bunch of big dummies. Another fleecing of the US taxpayers.