Wednesday, May 02, 2007

US Army NG Intercepts 5/2/2007

Did a bit of monitoring in the shack today on ARNG channels. Here are the results (a cutdown owl log)

May-02-2007 All times are Eastern Standard Time

[20:00:37][FRQ 08047000][TO ][K040YN][TIS][HQ703N][AL0] BER 28 SN 26
[19:57:18][FRQ 08047000][TO ][A040LN][TIS][HQ703N][AL0] BER 30 SN 24
[19:40:19][FRQ 08047000][TO ][P030AN][TIS][HQ703N][AL0] BER 28 SN 18
[19:27:53][FRQ 08047000][TO ][M030DN][TIS][HQ703N][AL0] BER 28 SN 26
[19:18:06][FRQ 12087000][TO ][HQ703N][TIS][V021IN][AL0] BER 13 SN 00
[17:28:24][FRQ 06911500][SND][ ][TWS][T5B159][AL0] BER 27 SN 15
[17:00:23][FRQ 08171500][SND][ ][TWS][KBNWNG][AL0] BER 30 SN 15
[16:39:19][FRQ 08171500][SND][ ][TWS][KMUING][AL0] BER 12 SN 00
[15:12:23][FRQ 08184500][SND][ ][TWS][STPOPS][AL0] BER 14 SN 05
[14:59:14][FRQ 08184500][SND][ ][TWS][T1Z137][AL0] BER 16 SN 19
[14:29:00][FRQ 08171500][SND][ ][TWS][KGEZNG][AL0] BER 19 SN 23

Here is the background on what was monitored above:
KBNWNG National Guard (IA) Boone Airport, IA
KGEZNG National Guard (IN) Shelbyville, IN
KMUING National Guard (PA) Fort Indiantown Gap/Muir AAF, PA
STPOPS National Guard (MN) Holman Field-St. Paul, MN
T1Z137 National Guard (OH) 1-137 AVN Akron-Canton Regional Airport, OH
T5B159 US Army 5-159 AVN Company B Fort Eustis, VA
A040LN National Guard (AL) Montgomery,AL
K040YN National Guard (KY) Frankfort, KY
M030DN National Guard (MD) Baltimore, MD
P030AN National Guard (PA) Anniville, PA
HQ703N National Guard Readiness Center Arlington, VA