Friday, May 25, 2007


This morning while on the road I can now confirm that two of the western North Carolina 800 MHz VIPER Sites are on the air. The Johanna Bald and Wine Springs sites were monitored. Here are the particulars:

Zone 2 (Controller ID C123)

C123-Site 38 Cherokee County - Johanna Bald (Andrews) WQCS910
866.8250 867.0750 867.8250c 868.1750 868.3250
[Coordinates 35 deg 15 min 26.3 sec North/83 deg 47 min 42.6 sec West]

C123-Site 39 Macon County - Wine Springs WQCX999
866.1375 866.3875 867.3375 868.1125 868.8750c
[Coordinates: 35 deg 10 min 23.3 sec North/83 deg 34 min 50.6 sec West]

No talk groups as of yet, just the control channels.

I hope to get over to Franklin soon and check on the Cowee Bald site for its operational information.