Thursday, April 26, 2007

Are USCG HF Broadcast Going Away?

In a public notice sent out by the USCG Nav Team comes the following bit of news:

The US Coast Guard is seeking public comment on the need to continue providing high frequency (HF) radio broadcasts of weather forecasts and warnings. Public comment is necessary in order to assess the demand for the HF radio broadcasts in each of three forms:

(1) radiofacsimile;
(2) voice; and
(3) simplex teletype over radio (SITOR), also known as narrow band direct printing (NBDP).

The infrastructure necessary to provide these services has exceeded its useful life expectancy; the equipment is no longer manufactured, repairs are difficult to accomplish, and spare parts generally are not available. Comments should be submitted by August 24. 72 Fed. Reg. 20863> (April 26, 2007).


The USCG Navigation Center Team