Friday, December 29, 2006

Gov Freqs to Monitor During Prez Ford Funeral Events

The following goverment trunk systems and conventional frequencies should be monitored for support of the President Ford funeral events in the Washington, D.C. area. I have a detailed list of military trunk systems in the D.C. area posted on my MT Milcom Blog as of this date as well. As always reports, updates, additions and corrections would be most appreciated. Send your stuff to larryvanhorn @

Government Trunk Radio Systems

Washington, DC – Federal SMR System
System: LTR Passport Analog

Site ??? JFK Center for Performing Arts
408.4500/417.4500 (LCN01)

Site ??? National Zoo
409.4250/418.4250 (LCN01)

Site 101 National Mall
407.0750/416.0750 (LCN01) 407.3750/416.3750 (LCN02) 408.5500/417.5500 (LCN03) 408.8750/417.8750 (LCN04) 410.3125/419.3125 (LCN05)

Site 103 Udvar-Hazy Center
406.5875/415.5875 (LCN01) 409.8500/418.8500 (LCN02) 410.9625/419.9625 (LCN03)

Site 106 Unknown
406.5875/415.5875 (LCN01) 409.8500/418.8500 (LCN02) 410.9625/419.9625 (LCN03)

Site 107 Unknown
406.5875/415.5875 (LCN01) 409.8500/418.8500 (LCN02) 410.9625/419.9625 (LCN03)

Washington, DC – Unknown Federal System
System Type: Motorola Type II (Mixed Mode)
406.1125 406.3625 406.5250 406.7750 406.9250 407.0875 407.2375 407.4125c 407.5625c 407.7125 407.8875 408.0875 408.2625 408.4250 408.5750 408.7375 408.9125 409.1125 409.2750 409.4750 409.6375 409.9125 410.2875c 410.5625 410.7625

Miscellaneous Government Conventional Systems

Note: Frequencies listed below were heard during the Capitol Hill Sniper Scare that I monitored via the DXTuners on May 26, 2006. That information was posted to this blog also.

U.S. Capitol Police Channels
169.2250 Repeater/Simplex [156.7-Hz PL tone]
165.5375 Repeater/Simplex [118.8-Hz PL tone]
170.1750 Repeater/Simplex [107.2-Hz PL tone]
162.2500 Repeater/Simplex [146.2-Hz PL tone]
162.6125 Repeater/Simplex [127.3-Hz PL tone]

U.S. Capitol Hill Voice Pagers
169.5750 House Republican Pager
170.3750 House Democrat Pager
171.1750 Senate Democrat Pager
171.9750 Senate Republican Pager
406.6750 Senate Republican Pager
406.8000 Senate Democrat Pager
416.1500 Architect Pager/Emergency Alerting System

Miscellaneous U.S. Capitol Radio Users
414.8750 Architect of the Capitol Repeater/Simplex
408.4000 Capitol Tour Guides Simplex
409.1000 Congressional Aides/Pages Repeater
418.0750 Parking Enforcement Simplex
410.2000 Government Printing Office Security Repeater
408.1250 Library of Congress Security Repeater/Simplex

U.S. Park Police (National Park Service)
166.7250 Secondary Channel Repeater/Simplex [127.3-Hz PL tone]
166.9250 Dispatch Channel Repeater/Simplex [127.3-Hz PL tone]
167.0750 Administrative Channel Repeater/Simplex [127.3-Hz PL tone]
166.8500 Tactical Channel Simplex [127.3-Hz PL tone]

National Park Service Operations – National Capital Area
168.4250 NPS-Parks East (Fort Washington) Repeater/Simplex [141.3-Hz PL tone]
172.4750 NPS-Parks Control/Rock Creek Park Repeater/Simplex [156.7-Hz PL tone]
172.7500 White House Maintenance Unit Repeater/Simplex [156.7-Hz PL tone]
171.6500 White House Visitor Control Operations Simplex [156.7-Hz PL tone]
411.6750 White House Liaison Repeater [162.2-Hz PL tone]

You can find additional detailed government frequency information in an excellent Adobe Acrobat PDF file put together by the Capitol Hill Monitor Group for the 2005 Presidential Inauguration on their website.

As always I am looking for any updates, additions, and corrections by those who are in the area and monitor the event. Please send your material to larryvanhorn @