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Cleary Counter-Drug/Law Enforcement/Homeland Security HF ALE List

A special thanks to Mark for forwarding along his special work.

Counter-Drug/Law Enforcement/Homeland Security HF ALE
Last Updated: 12-28-06
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This list contains ALE address and frequency information for the COTHEN Net, TISCOM Net, FBI ALE Net, US Army/DEA PANTHER Net, and US Army South Flight Following Service (SKYWATCH) Net.


COTHEN background info:
Source: U.S. Customs Today, March 2000 issue.

Back in 1984, the design for an ultra-sensitive U.S. Customs radio network was conceived. Code-named COTHEN, Customs Over The Horizon Enforcement Network, it combines a radio, computer, and a tactical voice privacy unit into a state-of-the-art communications system that meets the demanding requirements of Customs' tactical interdiction aircraft and boats in their fight against smuggling activities.

COTHEN's first fixed station transmitter near Memphis, Tenn., became operational in 1985. The Blue Lightning Operations Center was the first command office and its marine vessels were the first tactical platforms to have COTHEN radios. This initial deployment proved so successful that COTHEN grew to include all U.S. Customs aircraft.

High powered fixed station transmitters located across the United States are connected to Customs' Air, Marine, and Special Agent In Charge (SAIC) locations via dedicated telephone lines. Tactical interdiction platforms that are equipped with a COTHEN radio can place a call to any other platform or office in the network. Thanks to innovative technological advancements, a COTHEN radio is able to establish a link with another COTHEN radio thousands of miles away with no more difficulty than placing a phone call.

COTHEN has been instrumental in helping law enforcement agencies successfully complete a number of missions. For instance, early last year off the coast of Puerto Rico, COTHEN played a primary role in impressive seizures of 1,169 kilos of cocaine, one boat, three smugglers, and 41 illegal aliens by making sure all the entities involved in the action remained in contact with each other.

COTHEN now provides communications support for more than 235 aircraft, marine interdiction vessels, command offices, and numerous allied agencies including the U.S. Coast Guard, Drug Enforcement Administration, Border Patrol, Army, Navy, and Joint Interagency Task Forces. COTHEN's Technical Service Center (TSC) provides real-time on-the-air support services and guarantees communications between users. The Telecommunications Specialists who operate the TSC have many innovative diagnostic tools used to ensure communications, including a telephone patch (TRICS), a platform tracking and location system (TRACS), and over- the-air-rekeying capabilities (DARK).

The COTHEN and TSC team, responsible for all program management and on-the-air technical support, is headquartered at the Communication Management Division's National Law Enforcement Communications Center in Orlando, Fla.

The June 2000 edition of US Customs Today stated that their were 15 remote transmitters in the COTHEN network.

The FCC released the locations of the the Cothen transmitters in an October 2004 document:

Site Name Latitude Longitude
Albuquerque, NM 35º 05' 02" N 105º 34' 23" W
Arecibo, PR 18º 17' 26" N 66º 22' 33" W
Atlanta, GA 32º 33' 06" N 84º 23' 35" W
Beaufort, SC 34º 34' 22" N 76º 09' 48" W
Cape Charles, VA 37º 05' 37" N 75º 58' 06" W
Cedar Rapids, IA 42º 00' 09" N 91º 17' 39" W
Denver, CO 39º 15' 45" N 103º 34' 23" W
Fort Myers, FL 81º 31' 20" N 26º 20' 01" W
Kansas City, MO 38º 22' 10" N 93º 21' 48" W
Las Vegas, NV 36º 21' 15" N 114º 17' 33" W
Lovelock, NV 40º 03' 07" N 118º 18' 56" W
Memphis, TN 34º 21' 57" N 90º 02' 43" W
Miami, FL 25º 46' 20" N 80º 28' 48" W
Morehead City, NC 34º 34' 50" N 78º 13' 59" W
Oklahoma City, OK 34º 30' 52" N 97º 30' 52" W
Orlando, FL 28º 31' 30" N 80º 48' 58" W
Reno, NV 38º 31' 12" N 119º 14' 37" W
Sarasota, FL 27º 12' 41" N 81º 31' 20" W
Wilmington, NC 34º 29' 24" N 78º 04' 31" W

COTHEN Freqs: 5732, 7527, 8912, 10242, 11494, 13907, 15867, 18594, 20890, 23214, 25350
*note - 11494 kHz is also a USDA frequency which accounts for occasional USDA/Fedcom traffic

DEA/US Army PANTHER Net Freqs: (Old) 4991, 5912, 6855, 7657, 8983, 9306, 9497, 11202, 12138, 14350, 15953.5
*note - most activity on this net was discontinued because DEA was causing interference with USCG comms.

Since then they have appeared on 4495, 5781, 6721, 6912, 7808, 8965, 9972, 10683, 11175, 13200 as well as Cothen.

In April 2005 they started sounding on the US Army SKYWATCH Net as well.

Telecomunications & Information Systems Command (TISCOM) Freqs: 3053, 4730, 6709, 8859, 8980, 9034, 11196, 13221, 15082, 17988

ALE Idents
The following idents appear on COTHEN, TISCOM and PANTHER nets.

Format: ALE address, user, id if known, stations worked, date first logged, date last logged

014FEM FEMA Station WGY9014 w/TSC 12-7-06, 12-19-06
019FEM FEMA Station WGY9019 w/AL4 11-30-06
034FEM FEMA Station WGY9034, South Carolina w/FC4, TSC 12-7-06

14N CBP CESSNA 550 #N4614N, Davis Monthan AFB, voice call "OMAHA 14N" w/CNT 7-29-04, 3-2-06

201 See I01 w/WST 11-9-04

437FEMAUX FEMA Auxiliary station w/TSC 3-27-06

5## USCG HC-130s
500 USCG HC-130H #1500, CGAS Elizabeth City
501 USCG HC-130H #1501, CGAS Elizabeth City
502 USCG HC-130H #1502, CGAS Elizabeth City w/DIL
503 USCG HC-130H #1503, CGAS Elizabeth City
504 USCG HC-130H #1504, CGAS Clearwater w/JOE, MC2

626 Unknown w/TSC 11-15-04, 3-30-06

7## USCG HC-130s
700 USCG HC-130H #1700, CGAS Sacramento
701 USCG HC-130H #1701
702 USCG HC-130H #1702, CGAS Barbers Point
703 USCG HC-130H #1703, CGAS Sacramento
704 USCG HC-130H #1704, CGAS Clearwater
705 USCG HC-130H #1705, CGAS Elizabeth City
706 USCG HC-130H #1706, CGAS Clearwater w/STR 6-24-05
707 USCG HC-130H #1707, CGAS Kodiak
708 USCG HC-130H #1708, CGAS Kodiak w/TR3 2-11-06
709 USCG HC-130H #1709, CGAS Sacramento
710 USCG HC-130H #1710, CGAS Kodiak
711 USCG HC-130H #1711, CGAS Elizabeth City
712 USCG HC-130H #1712, CGAS Clearwater
713 USCG HC-130H #1713, CGAS Barbers Point
714 USCG HC-130H #1714, CGAS Barbers Point
715 USCG HC-130H #1715, CGAS Sacramento
716 USCG HC-130H #1716, CGAS Sacramento w/JOE, V09
717 USCG HC-130H #1717, CGAS Clearwater
718 USCG HC-130H #1718, CGAS Sacramento w/JOE 9-30-05
719 USCG HC-130H #1719, CGAS Barbers Point
720 USCG HC-130H #1720, CGAS Clearwater
790 USCG HC-130H #1790, CGAS Kodiak

852419 US Army helicopter w/TSC 10-2-03

A## CBP UH-60 Blackhawks. At one time was also used by OPBAT Army UH-60Ls, but they have switched to X##
A10 CBP UH-60 tail # 78-23010 San Diego AMB, CA w/EST, STR, CS4 10-11-03, 11-16-06
A18 CBP UH-60 tail # 77-22718 "OMAHA 718" en route Yuma 7-22-05 w/TSC, PR1, CS4, WST 7-5-03, 10-18-06
A20 CBP UH-60 tail # 79-23320 San Diego AMB w/CS4, OPB, TSC, WST, TPS 1-30-03, 7-19-06
A21 CBP UH-60 tail # 79-23321 "OMAHA 321", Caribbean AMB w/TSC, FL1, PR1, M70, CRB, CNT, EST 1-21-03, 10-15-06
A23 CBP UH-60 tail # 80-23423 "OMAHA 423", Riverside Air Unit, CA w/TSC, MCC 7-3-03, 11-23-06
A32 see A21 w/CS5 10-30-03
A321 see A21 w/CS5 10-30-03
A41 CBP UH-60 tail # 87-24641 Miami AMB, FL w/CS3, CS5, TSC, EST 2-15-04, 12-4-06
A44 CBP UH-60 tail # 79-23344 Riverside or San Diego Air Branch 1-27-03, 12-12-06
A47 CBP UH-60 tail # 82-23747 "OMAHA 747", El Paso Air Unit, w/CS4, PR1, TSC, WST 2-08-03, 1-31-06
A48 CBP UH-60 tail # 86-24548 Tucson Air Branch w/CS3, CS4, EST, TSC 1-17-03, 11-2-06
A50 CBP UH-60 tail # 79-23350 Caribbean AMB w/TSC, PR1, CRB, M70 2-7-03, 7-11-06
A58 CBP UH-60 tail # 86-24558, "BLACKHAWK 558", "OMAHA 558", w/CS5, CS6, OPB, WST 7-4-03, 11-22-06
A65 CBP UH-60 tail # 80-23465 Caribbean AMB w/CRB, CS4, CS3, CS6, EST, TSC 6-26-03, 12-1-06
A70 CBP UH-60 tail # 82-23670 Caribbean AMB voice call "OMAHA 670" w/CS3, CS4, CS5, OPB, PR1, WST 12-31-02, 11-4-06
A82 CBP UH-60 tail # 78-22982 Tucson Air Branch w/TSC, CNT 11-19-03, 7-21-06
A97 CBP UH-60 tail # 79-23297 "OMAHA 297", Tucson Air Branch w/TSC, OPB, CS3, CS5 7-29-03, 4-14-06
A99 CBP UH-60 tail # 79-23299, w/CS3, CS4, TSC, OPB, CRB, EST, WST 2-06-03, 7-11-06

AAA Unknown w/CS5, TSC 1-9-04, 1-28-04

ADD Unknown w/DIL 11-14-60

ADQ USCG District 17 unit (TISCOM id) 12-9-04, 10-7-05

AL4 FEMA WGY954, Alabama EOC, Montgomery, AL w/019FEM 11-30-06, 12-7-06
AL4FMA FEMA WGY954, Alabama EOC, Montgomery, AL w/TSC 12-7-06

AST USCG Unknown w/H99 8-29-04

ATU USCG LORAN Station Attu Island, AK (TISCOM id) w/NOJ 12-9-04, 7-17-05

B02 Unknown w/TSC 10-6-05
B03 Unknown

BOB CBP Orlando, FL Customs National Law Enforcement Communications Center -- Technical Service Center w/MVT, CS4, IKE, DL1 12-22-04, 1-14-05

C## US Army Corps of Engineers ground stations and mobiles. (The Corps of Engineers has 6 Rapid Response Vehicles and several Deployable Containerized Tactical Operations Centers and Emergency Command and Control Vehicles used to support FEMA and DHS communications during a crisis/disaster. Three were used at the WTC after 9/11.)
C01 USACE Rapid Response Vehicle # 1, w/COE 6-9-04, 7-12-06
C02 USACE Rapid Response Vehicle # 2, voice call "CHARLIE 02" w/CS1, CS5, TSC, I55, COE 9-20-03, 7-12-06
C03 USACE Rapid Response Vehicle # 3, Nashville, TN, voice call "RRV 03" w/COE 3-3-04, 7-12-06
C04 USACE Rapid Response Vehicle # 4 w/COE, C10, I08 3-3-04, 8-11-04
C05 USACE Rapid Response Vehicle # 5 w/COE, TSC, J03 7-15-04, 5-19-06
C06 USACE Rapid Response Vehicle # 6 w/COE 3-3-04, 7-12-06
C10 USACE Tactical Operations System, Mobile, AL w/C04, C11, C12, C50, C99, L0S, COE 2-25-04, 11-16-06
C11 USACE, voice call "CHARLIE 11", w/COE, C10 9-20-03, 7-12-05
C12 USACE w/COE, C10, C80 3-3-04, 2-15-06
C13 USACE w/COE 1-5-05, 2-9-05
C20 USACE w/COE, CS1, CS6, SAMMF1 8-19-04, 9-6-05
C21 USACE w/COE 3-10-04, 9-14-06
C23 USACE w/COE 6-8-05, 6-8-05
C26 USACE, voice call "CHARLIE 26", w/COE, LRD1 11-3-04, 7-12-06
C27 USACE, voice call "CHARLIE 27", w/COE 4-7-04, 11-3-04
C30 USACE w/COE, TSC 3-3-04, 2-8-06
C35 USACE, voice call "CHARLIE 35" w/COE 6-8-04, 7-12-06
C36 USACE 8-4-03
C37 USACE w/CS5 10-25-03
C46 USACE 7-12-06
C47 USACE 7-12-06
C50 USACE COE, Washington, DC w/COE, PNR, 8JF, C10 11-6-03, 11-16-06
C80 USACE w/C12 6-14-05, 2-15-06
C99 USACE w/TSC, C10 5-25-05, 9-21-06

CBE USCGC TAHOMA (WMEC 908) (Cothen & TISCOM id) w/NMN, LGV, H13, F39, F40, F41, TST 6-15-05, 1-19-06

CDA Unknown, voice call "COTHEN 207", w/DL3, TSC 11-5-04, 9-20-05

CGA USCG Unknown (TISCOM id) w/790 3-1-05

CG1 USCG Unknown w/TSC, DIL 11-14-04, 10-17-06

CLR Unknown w/CS8 8-26-05

CMR Unknown w/RAY 2-2-05

CNT CBP AMOC Central Regional Communications Node 11-5-04, 11-28-06

COE US Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile, AL, voice call "CHARLIE OSCAR ECHO" w/CS8, CS2, CS3, CS4, TSC, J16, J40, C01, C02, C03, C04, C05, C06, C10, C11, C12, C13, C20, C21, C23, C26, C27, C30, C35, C50, STR, T72, MV5 10-24-03, 11-16-06

CR4 Unknown 11-23-06

CRB CBP AMOC Caribbean Regional Communications Node 11-2-04, 12-10-06

CS1 COTHEN Remote Atlanta, GA used frequently by TSC, voice call "SERVICE CENTER"
CS2 COTHEN Remote Memphis, TN
CS3 COTHEN Remote Oklahoma City, OK
CS4 COTHEN Remote Lovelock, NV
CS5 COTHEN Remote Wilmington, NC
CS6 COTHEN Remote Kansas City, MO
CS7 COTHEN Remote Denver, CO
CS8 COTHEN Remote Albuquerque, NM
CS9 COTHEN Remote Beaufort, SC often used by OPBAT voice call "PANTHER" and by Customs Surveillance Support Center, Jacksonville voice call "JACKKNIFE"

CSK USCG CAMSLANT Chesapeake, VA w/700, 711, 718, J13, J31, J33, J36, J40, OPB, PNR400, NMC, TSC 9-15-04, 11-5-06

D## CBP P-3/Q200 Detector Units
D01 CBP BOMBARDIER Q400 #N801MR, voice "OMAHA 1MR"
D02 CBP BOMBARDIER Q400 #N802MR, voice "OMAHA 2MR"
D2C CBP another address used by D42 9-22-03
D2CS CBP another address used by D42 9-22-03
D07 Unknown w/704, H81, J33 1-21-06, 4-1-06
D14 CBP P-3A “Slick” #N18314/BuNo 150314, Corpus Christi AMB, TX, voice call "OMAHA 314"
D23 CBP P-3B “Slick” #N423SK/BuNo 153423, Corpus Christi AMB, TX, voice call "OMAHA 23SK"
D31 CBP P-3B "Slick" #N431SK/BuNo 153431, Jacksonville AMB, FL, voice "OMAHA 31"
D41 CBP P-3B "Slick" #N741SK/BuNo 152741, Jacksonville AMB, FL, voice call "OMAHA 41SK"
D42 CBP P-3 AEW&C #N142CS/BuNo 153452, Corpus Chrisiti AMB, TX
D43 CBP P-3 AEW&C #N143CS/BuNo 153447, Corpus Christi AMB, TX, voice call "OMAHA 3CS"
D44 CBP P-3 AEW&C #N144CS/BuNo 153446, Corpus Christi AMB, TX, voice "OMAHA 4CS"
D45 CBP P-3 AEW&C #N145CS/BuNo 155299, Jacksonville AMB, FL
D46 CBP P-3 AEW&C #N146CS/BuNo 154605, Jacksonville AMB, FL
D47 CBP P-3 AEW&C #N147CS/BuNo 152722, Jacksonville AMB, FL
D48 CBP P-3 AEW&C #N148CS/BuNo 154575, Corpus Christi AMB, TX
D49 CBP P-3 AEW&C #N149CS/BuNo 154581, Corpus Christi AMB, TX, voice call "OMAHA 9CS"
D69 CBP P-3B “Slick” #N769SK/BuNo 152729, Jacksonville AMB, FL, voice call "OMAHA 9SK"
D70 CBP P-3A "Slick" #N16370/BuNo 152170, Corpus Christi AMB, TX
D90 CBP P-3A "Slick" #N15390/Buno 151390, Corpus Christi AMB, TX
D95 CBP P-3A “Slick” #N16295/BuNo 151395, Corpus Christi AMB, TX, voice call "OMAHA 295"


DHS CBP w/T07, T58, VY1, VY2 12-8-04, 2-28-06

DIL USCGC DILIGENCE (WMEC 616) w/ADD, CG1, J33, MCC, T72, 501, 502, VY1, VY2, FM1, FP4FEM001, FP4PFEM001 8-31-05, 11-29-06

DL1 Unknown w/TSC in voice comms mentioned Unit 35 and Unit 37 w/STR, TSC 2-25-05, 9-19-06
DL3 Unknown w/CDA, TSC 11-5-04

E## Unknown
E01 Unknown w/TSC 10-17-06
E11 Unknown w/TSC, TST 10-22-03, 9-5-06
E17 w/CS1 4-24-04
E70 w/CS9 4-29-04
E82 w/LNT 9-1-05


EST CBP AMOC Eastern Regional Communications Node 11-4-04, 12-19-06

F## USCG HU-25 Falcons
F04 USCG HU-25 #2104 CGAS Corpus Christi w/LHV, STR 5-21-05
F09 USCG HU-25 #2109 CGAS Cape Cod
F12 USCG HU-25 #2112 CGAS Miami, voice call "FOXTROT 12"
F20 USCG HU-25 #2120 CGAS Cape Cod
F29 USCG HU-25 #2129 CGAS Miami
F31 USCG HU-25 #2131 CGAS Cape Cod
F33 USCG HU-25 #2133 CGAS Cape Cod, voice call "FOXTROT 33"
F35 USCG HU-25 #2135 CGAS Corpus Christi w/NMC on TISCOM Net
F36 USCG HU-25 #2136 ATC Mobile
F39 USCG HU-25 #2139 CGAS Cape Cod, voice call "FOXTROT 39"
F40 USCG HU-25 #2140 CGAS Cape Cod, voice call "FALCON 40" and "FOXTROT 40" w/V20 2-16-06
F41 USCG HU-25 #2141 CGAS Corpus Christi, voice call "FOXTROT 41"

FAASJU FAA San Juan ARTCC, PR 3-16-05, 5-4-05

FC4 FEMA WGY904 Region 4, Thomasville, GA w/034FEM 12-7-06

FL# CBP Florida remote transmitters
FL1 CBP w/PR1, TSC, A21, 709, J13, I3L 7-6-03, 11-4-06
FL2 CBP w/PR1, CS2, CS5, CS6, CS8, UCG, TST, TSC, MC2, 502, 705, J10, J15, J36, J38, T16, XXX, I63 7-6-03, 11-16-06

FM1 FEMA Station w/DIL during TS Ernesto 8-31-06

FMK USCGC SENECA (WMEC 906) w/UCG, J19, OPB 12-7-06, 12-24-06

FP4FEM001 FEMA Station w/DIL during TS Ernesto 8-31-06
FP4PFEM001 FEMA Station w/DIL during TS Ernesto 8-31-06
FR4FMA FEMA Station, voice "WGY9024 Region 4, Atlanta" w/TSC 11-21-06, 11-28-06

GWH Unknown (Prob USCG) w/F41, LGV 1-19-06, 2-5-06

H## USCG HITRON MH-68A gunships
H09 USCG MH-68A #1109 w/H95, H98, H99, PAC 7-6-05, 2-22-06
H13 USCG MH-68A #1113 w/TSC, LGV, H78, CBE 6-6-05, 7-7-05
H78 USCG MH-68A #1078 w/H13, H99, TSC, RKN 5-12-05, 6-26-06
H81 USCG MH-68A #1081, voice "HOTEL 81" w/TSC, D07 5-3-05, 3-20-06
H91 USCG MH-68A #1091 w/H99 8-26-04
H95 USCG MH-68A #1095 w/CS6, HNC, TSC, H09 12-8-04, 12-7-06
H98 USCG MH-68A #1098 w/H09, H99, LNT, TSC 11-16-04, 5-21-06
H99 USCG MH-68A #1099 w/H09, H78, H91, H98, OPB, TSC, CS9 8-26-04, 3-1-06

HNC USCGC HARRIET LANE (WMEC 903) w/RUF, H95 2-26-05, 3-1-05

I## CBP Interceptor Aircraft
I00 CBP CESSNA 550 #N1200N, Tucson Air Branch w/CS3, CS4, CS5, CS1, CS6, I14, CNT, WST, STR, TSC 9-15-03, 11-19-06
I01 CBP CESSNA 550 #N37201, voice call "OMAHA 201", San Diego AMB w/TSC, CNT, WST, CS4, CS6 1-17-04, 11-29-06
I08 CBP CESSNA 550 #N5408G, "OMAHA 08G", Bellingham AMB w/CS6, CS3, C04, CNT, WST 7-11-03, 6-12-06
I14 CBP CESSNA 550 #N4614N, Tucson Air Branch, "OMAHA 14N" w/CS4, CS3, CS5, CS6, I00, OPB, TSC, CNT, WST 1-29-03, 11-29-06
I1L CBP CESSNA 550 #N6001L, Houston AMB, voice call "OMAHA 01L" w/CNT 6-26-03, 10-24-06
I201 CBP see I01 9-29-04
I21 CBP CESSNA 550 #N26621, voice "OMAHA 621", Houston AMB w/TSC, CNT, CS1, I96 1-1-04, 12-5-06
I31 CBP CESSNA 550 #N2531K 1-30-03, 12-4-06
I34 CBP CESSNA 550 #N2734K, Houston AMB, TX w/TSC, CS1, CS3, CS4 7-6-03, 12-14-06
I37 CBP CESSNA 550 #N6637G, San Diego AMB, CA w/CS3, CS4, CS6, OPB, CNT, WST 7-1-03, 12-3-06
I3L CBP CESSNA 550 #N6763L, Albuquerque Air Unit w/CS1, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, OPB, TSC, CNT, WST, FL1 7-8-03, 12-9-06
I43 CBP BEECH 65-A90 #N43SA, Miami AMB, voice "OMAHA 3SA" w/OPB, CS1, CS5, CS6, CS9, D47 7-11-03, 12-15-06
I49 CBP CESSNA 550 #N12549, STB, Oklahoma City, OK w/CS3, CS9 10-5-03, 11-28-06
I4J CBP CESSNA 550 #N5314J, San Angelo AMB, TX. At Bellingham 6-5-06 w/CS3, CNT, EST, WST 8-13-03, 11-29-06
I52 CBP CESSNA 550 #N752CC, San Angelo AMB, TX, voice call "OMAHA 2CC" w/CS3, CNT 7-8-03, 11-2-06
I53 CBP CESSNA 550 #N753CC, STB Oklahoma City, OK w/CNT, WST 11-19-03, 7-12-06
I54 CBP CESSNA 550 #N1254X, Miami AMB, "OMAHA 54X" w/CS5, CS1, CS3, CS4, TSC, C51, OPB, J03, EST 7-6-03, 12-24-06
I55 CBP CESSNA 550 #N1255K, Miami AMB, "OMAHA 55K" w/CS1, SD, C02, EST 8-31-03, 11-21-06
I57 CBP CESSNA 550 #1257B, Miami AMB, "OMAHA 57B" w/CS1, CS5, CS6, CS9, SD, EST, OPB 7-8-03, 12-14-06
I62 CBP CESSNA 550 #N3262M, Tucson AMB, "OMAHA 62M" w/OPB, CNT, WST 1-29-03, 11-14-06
I63 CBP CESSNA 550 #N2663Y, Houston or San Angelo AMB, TX w/CS1, CS3, TSC, CNT, CS6, FL2 7-11-03, 7-12-06
I75 CBP CESSNA 550 #N6775C, Albuquerque Air Branch, "OMAHA 75C", w/OPB, WST, CNT 1-29-03, 11-28-06
I76 CBP CESSNA 550 #N6776T, voice "OMAHA 76", San Diego AMB, CA w/CS4, CNT, WST 1-25-04, 10-5-06
I86 CBP CESSNA 550 #N586RE, San Angelo or Albuquerque Air Branch w/CS3, CS6 9-16-03, 8-31-06
I94 CBP CESSNA 550 #N26494, San Angelo, Houston, or New Orleans based 1-21-04, 10-4-06
I96 CBP CESSNA 550 #N26496, New Orleans AMB, LA w/I21 12-25-03, 10-30-06
I97 CBP CESSNA 550 #N797CW, Houston AMB or Albuquerque Air Branch w/CS3, CS5 1-3-04, 11-11-06

IWB Possibly Information Warfare Battlelab an Air Force experimental technology demonstrator program
IWB Unknown w/X53 10-22-03, 1-4-04
IWBF50 Unknown w/X53 10-22-03
IWBF7D Unknown w/X53, X60 1-4-04, 3-23-04

J## U.S. Coast Guard HH-60J/MH-60J helicopters
J01 USCG HH-60J #6001 CGAS Cape Cod
J02 USCG HH-60J #6002 CGAS San Diego
J03 USCG HH-60J #6003 CGAS Elizabeth City w/STR, C05
J04 USCG HH-60J #6004 CGAS Cape Cod
J05 USCG HH-60J #6005 CGAS Kodiak
J06 USCG HH-60J #6006 CGAS Kodiak w/JOE
J07 USCG HH-60J #6007 CGAS Sitka
J08 USCG HH-60J #6008 CGAS Astoria
J09 USCG MH-60J #6009 CGAS Elizabeth City w/JOE
J10 USCG HH-60J #6010 CGAS Clearwater
J11 USCG HH-60J #6011 ATC Mobile
J12 USCG HH-60J #6012 CGAS Kodiak
J13 USCG HH-60J #6013 CGAS Clearwater
J14 USCG MH-60J #6014 CGAS Elizabeth City w/JOE, STR
J15 USCG HH-60J #6015 CGAS Clearwater w/JOE
J16 USCG HH-60J #6016 CGAS Clearwater w/STR
J17 USCG HH-60J #6017 CGAS Clearwater
J18 USCG HH-60J #6018 CGAS Clearwater w/NQ8
J19 USCG HH-60J #6019 CGAS Clearwater
J21 USCG HH-60J #6021 CGAS Kodiak
J22 USCG HH-60J #6022 CGAS Astoria
J23 USCG HH-60J #6023 ATC Mobile
J24 USCG HH-60J #6024 CGAS Kodiak
J25 USCG HH-60J #6025 CGAS San Diego w/STR
J26 USCG HH-60J #6026
J28 USCG HH-60J #6028 CGAS Cape Cod
J29 USCG HH-60J #6029 CGAS Kodiak
J30 USCG HH-60J #6030 CGAS Astoria
J31 USCG HH-60J #6031 ATC Mobile w/JOE
J32 USCG HH-60J #6032 CGAS Cape Cod
J33 USCG HH-60J #6033 CGAS Clearwater
J34 USCG HH-60J #6034 CGAS Cape Cod
J35 USCG MH-60J #6035 CGAS Kodiak
J36 USCG MH-60J #6036 CGAS Elizabeth City w/D02, JOE, STR
J37 USCG MH-60J #6037 CGAS San Diego
J38 USCG HH-60J #6038 CGAS Clearwater w/LOS
J39 USCG HH-60J #6039 CGAS Clearwater
J40 USCG HH-60J #6040 CGAS San Diego
J41 USCG MH-60J #6041 CGAS Elizabeth City
J42 USCG MH-60J #6042 CGAS Elizabeth City


JOE CBP poss Cedar Rapids, IA remote w/504, 705, 712, 716, 718, MVR, TST, TSC,J06, J09, J14, J15, J31, J36, T85, MV3, VY1 7-6-03, 11-14-06

KCM Poss. CBP Kansas City, MO 12-22-04, 1-8-05

KNR43 Unknown Federal station w/USDAHQ1 8-4-04, 11-8-04

LAB Unknown 1-23-03, 9-26-05

LGH Unknown (Prob USCG) w/F41 1-19-06

LGV USCGC LEGARE (WMEC 912) (TISCOM & Cothen id) w/CBE, GWH, LIL, NOR, F39, H13, TSC 6-12-05, 2-5-06

LHV USCG Unknown w/F04 2-2-06

LIL USCGC BAINBRIDGE ISLAND (WPB 1343) (TISCOM & Cothen id) w/LGV 1-26-06, 2-4-06

LNT USCG CAMSLANT Chesapeake, VA 6-16-04, 12-28-06

LOS Unknown w/J38 2-16-06

LRD1 USACE LRD1 Mobile Data Receiver w/C26 9-30-05

M## CBP C-12M Maritime Surveillance Aircraft
M46 CBP BEECH A200 #N1546, Caribbean AMB w/CS5, CS6, TSC, CRB, M70 7-11-03, 12-5-06
M49 CBP BEECH A200 #N1549, Miami AMB, FL w/CS6, CS3, CS1, CS5, CNT, D01, OPB, EST, TTC 1-21-03, 8-24-06
M51 CBP BEECH A200 #N1551, Miami AMB, FL w/PR1, TSC, CS9, CS1, CS3, CS6, CS5, EST 1-22-03, 12-15-06
M53 CBP BEECH A200 #N1553, Miami AMB, FL "OMAHA 553" w/T58, CS1, CS9, CS3, CS6, TSC, EST 1-6-03, 12-15-06
M69 CBP BEECH C-12C #N7069A, Caribbean AMB w/D41, CRB, EST, PR1, TSC, M70 7-6-03, 9-29-06
M70 CBP BEECH C-12C #N72470, Caribbean AMB, "OMAHA 470" w/CS5, PR1, A21, A50, CRB, M69 9-29-03, 12-8-06

MC# Remote COTHEN transmitter
MC2 CBP STB Oklahoma City, OK, voice "LIBERTY BASE" w/504, 703, A60, PR1, D3Q, T42, D41, D44, D69, D48, D31, D49, J35, MC3, MV2, FL2, PR1, TSC, X93 2-7-03, 11-14-06
MC3 CBP Poss. Las Vegas, NV transmitter w/MC2, 564, CS7, CS3, CS5, PR1, TSC, 715 12-16-02, 10-22-06
MC4 CBP w/TSC, CS1, CS2, CS3, TSC, TST, PR1 1-30-03, 9-5-05

MCC USCG Mobile Incident Command Center, "MIKE CHARLIE CHARLIE" and "CG Command Center" w/A23, DIL 8-30-05, 9-2-05

MR# Unknown
MR1 Unknown, voice call "105A" w/CNT, TSC 12-16-02, 7-11-06
MR2 Unknown w/TRC 11-18-03
MR7 Unknown w/CS6 6-27-04

MS# Possible remote or mobile COTHEN transmitters
MS1 CBP Unknown w/TSC 12-13-03, 9-21-05
MS2 CBP Unknown w/TSC, CS1 7-26-03, 3-9-04
MS3 CBP Unknown w/TSC 5-5-05, 5-22-05

MUG CBP Unknown w/MGM, CS6, CS9, EST, TSC, D41, voice call "JACKKNIFE" I've wondered if this could be a Guantanamo Bay transmitter (their ICAO id is MUGM). Noted used for voice in the Caribbean between P-3s and JACKKNIFE. 6-26-03, 1-28-06

MV# CBP Unknown. Possibly marine vessels.
MV2 CBP Unknown w/TSC, CS1, TRC, PNR400, 5HY, TSC, CRB, MC2 7-16-03, 11-14-06
MV3 CBP Unknown w/JOE 11-14-06
MV5 CBP Unknown w/COE, TRC, TSC, Mention of cellular network in one voice transmission with TSC 1-23-03, 10-5-06
MV7 CBP Unknown 3-5-03
MV9 CBP Unknown w/TSC, TRC 9-30-03, 1-19-06

MVT CBP Unknown, voice call "205" w/BOB 8-16-03, 1-13-05

NAS USCG Poss USCGC Escanaba (WMEC 907) w/RKN 4-9-06


NMC USCG CAMSPAC, Point Reyes, CA (TISCOM and COTHEN id) w/CSK, UCG, F35 11-30-03, 11-5-06

NMH USCG TISCOM, Alexandria, VA (TSCOM and COTHEN id) w/TSC, M9Y 2-28-05, 5-2-05

NMN USCG CAMSLANT Chesapeake, VA w/CBE, PAC 6-15-05, 5-7-06

NNR USCG Unknown (TISCOM id) w/STP 3-1-05

NOJ USCG COMMSTA Kodiak, AK (TISCOM id) w/ATU, SKA, STP, PAC 7-13-04, 11-21-06

NOR USCG USCGC NORTHLAND (WMEC 904) w/LGV 6-12-05, 6-14-05

NRT Unknown w/VY1, TSC 2-1-06, 11-2-06

NW8 Unknown w/PAC 11-16-06

OKO Unknown 12-21-04, 1-8-05

OPB OPBAT Service Center, Nassau, Bahamas, voice call "PANTHER". Also used as a remote by HAMMER.

OPS1 CBP Unknown w/CS5, TSC 2-5-06

PAC USCG CAMSPAC Point Reyes, CA w/NW8 6-15-04, 12-19-06

PAN OPBAT Ops Center, Nassau, Bahamas w/X53 5-9-04, 6-16-04
PANTHR OPBAT Ops Center, Nassau, Bahamas w/X61, X52, X53 4-1-04, 6-16-05
PNR OPBAT Ops Center, Nassau, Bahamas w/C50, X53 3-5-04, 11-2-05
PNR400 OPBAT base, Georgetown, Bahamas w/X51, X52, X53, X60, X61, X93, S52, MV2, CSK 1-21-04, 12-28-06

PR1 COTHEN Remote, Arecibo, PR. Used by callsigns "PREDATOR 1", and "RAZORBACK"

PLT Unknown w/TSC 11-15-06

PTH USCG Poss. Port Huron, MI (TISCOM id) 2-8-05, 4-7-05

R## Unid Air Asset voice call "RAIDER".
R10 Unknown w/CS5, CS9, TSC 7-29-03, 11-10-04
R11 Unknown w/CS9, TSC 3-21-04, 5-11-04
R12 Unknown w/CS5 7-15-03, 4-14-04
R13 Unknown voice call "RAIDER 13" w/TSC 1-17-03, 5-11-04
R14 Unknown
R16 Unknown voice call "RAIDER 16" w/R25, TSC, CS5 1-21-03, 11-7-03
R17 Unknown 8-6-04
R20 Unknown 9-20-05
R25 Unknown w/R16 1-21-03
R64 Unknown

RAY Unknown w/CMR, STR 11-5-04, 5-19-05

RKN USCGC BEAR (WMEC 901) w/H78, NAS, TSC 4-9-06, 5-6-06

RPM USCGC Legare (WMEC 912) w/TSJ 9-10-05


S## CBP Aircraft
S03 CBP UH-60 tail # 87-24641 voice call "641" w/CRB 9-29-04, 4-22-05
S21 CBP Aircraft (definitely aircraft), based in Jacksonville, may be UH-60 A21 w/CS5 8-24-04, 8-25-04

SAMMF1 US Army Corps of Engineers Mobile, AL District Office. Possible Mobile Facility #1 w/C20 7-8-05

SC4FMA FEMA Region 4, South Carolina EOC w/TSC 12-7-06

SD Unknown w/I55, I57. Maybe San Diego AMB??? 9-9-03, 6-16-04

SKA USCG Sitka, AK (TISCOM id) w/NOJ 7-17-05, 10-5-05

SOS USCG Unid w/717, J42 9-16-05, 3-9-06

STP USCG Loran Station, Saint Paul Island, AK (TISCOM id) w/NNR, NOJ 11-27-04, 6-21-05

STR Unid w/706, A10, DL1, TSC, F04, J03, J14, J16, J25, J36, J41, I00, RAY, COE, X61 10-30-04, 9-19-06

T## CBP Tracking Aircraft
T03 CBP CESSNA T210N #N9403Y,w/CNT, WST, TSC 8-12-03, 6-23-06
T07 CBP BEECH A200 #N6507B, Albuquerque or San Angelo Air Unit w/CS3, CS4, WST, DHS 7-13-03, 11-15-06
T11 CBP BEECH A200 #N311MP, San Angelo AMB, TX, voice "OMAHA 1MP" w/CS6 10-17-03, 12-23-04
T16 CBP PIPER PA-42-720R #N9116Q, "OMAHA 16Q", Jacksonville, FL AMB 2-07-03, 12-16-06
T41 CBP PILATUS PC-12/45 #N541PB, Plattsburg AMB, NY w/TSC, EST 1-22-05, 9-6-05
T42 CBP PIPER PA-42-720R #N9142B, voice "OMAHA 42B", Jacksonville, FL AMB 6-24-03, 12-15-06
T47 CBP BEECH A200 #N1547, Pensacola Air Unit w/CS5, PR1, CRB, EST 7-31-03, 10-31-06
T54 CBP BEECH A200 #N1554, STB Oklahoma City, OK 9-16-04
T58 CBP BEECH A200 #N1558, Miami AMB, FL w/CS1, CS5, CS6, CS9, TSC, DHS, EST, CRB 2-07-03, 10-29-06
T59 CBP BEECH A200 #N1559, San Diego AMB 3-3-04, 2-1-06
T60 CBP BEECH A200 #N1560, San Diego or Riverside Air Unit, voice "OMAHA 560", w/CS8, CS3, CS4 11-23-03, 11-29-06
T6P CBP BEECH A200 #N7166P, Albuquerque or Tucson AU, "OMAHA 66P" w/CS3, CS4, T9A, TSC, WST 11-6-03, 5-23-06
T72 CBP BEECH C-12C #N72472, voice "OMAHA 472" w/CS1, CS6, CS9, TSC, EST, COE, DIL 6-20-03, 12-14-06
T74 CBP BEECH A200 #N7074G, New Orleans or San Angelo Air Unit, TX w/CNT 9-5-04, 10-20-06
T76 CBP BEECH C-12C #N72476, New Orleans AMB w/EST 11-20-03, 11-29-06
T7Y CBP BEECH C-12C #N7247Y, New Orleans AMB w/CS1, CS3, CS6 1-14-04, 4-27-04
T83 CBP BEECH C-12 #N783MC, STB Oklahoma City, OK w/CS6, X53 10-29-03, 10-13-04
T85 CBP PIPER PA-42-720R #N9085U, Jacksonville, FL AMB, w/CS6, CS1, JOE, TSC, EST 11-19-03, 11-30-06
T91 CBP PIPER PA-42-720R #N9091J, Jacksonville, FL AMB, voice call "OMAHA 91J" w/CS1, CS5, CS6, EST, OPB, PR1 2-11-03, 11-15-06
T97 CBP PILATUS PC-12/45 #N497PC, Bellingham AMB, WA w/CS3, TSC, WST 10-7-04, 11-28-05
T9A CBP PIPER PA-42-720R #N9279A, Jacksonville, FL AMB w/TSC, CS1, T6P, EST, OPB 7-15-03, 11-30-06
T9F CBP BEECH A200 #N6509F, Albuquerque Air Unit w/CS3, CS4, CNT, WST 8-31-03, 12-5-06

TISCOM USCG Telecommunications and Information Systems Command, Alexandria, VA 4-15-04

TPS Unknown w/A20 11-25-05

TR# Possible remote COTHEN transmitter
TR1 Unknown w/TSC 3-26-04
TR3 Unknown w/708, D42, D44, D49, TSC 3-27-04, 2-11-06

TRC CBP Ground Station w/MV2, MV5, MVX, MR2, MV9, D41, 717 11-16-03, 7-19-06

TSC CBP Orlando, FL Customs National Law Enforcement Communications Center -- Technical Service Center

TST Probably a controller testing id 7-16-03, 12-7-06

TTC CBP Unknown w/M49 12-21-05


USDAEOC2 USDA USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection EOC w/TSC 1-8-04, 11-9-04
USDAHQ1 USDA KFD915, Salt Lake City, UT w/KNR43 8-4-04, 9-5-05

V## Unknown
V01 Unknown w/TSC, D45 12-14-03, 7-22-04
V02 Unknown w/CS6, TSC 9-13-05
V04 Unknown w/TSC 2-18-05, 9-21-05
V05 Unknown w/TSC 9-16-05, 9-17-05
V07 Unknown (TISCOM & Cothen) w/TSC 9-2-05, 10-15-05
V08 Unknown w/TSC 3-10-04
V09 Unknown w/TSC, 716 9-9-05, 12-11-06
V10 Unknown w/PAC, WST 11-5-06, 12-11-06
V20 Unknown w/F40 2-16-06
V41 Unknown w/V42 11-16-04
V42 Unknown w/V41 3-10-04, 11-16-04
V44 Unknown w/TSC 9-1-05
V45 Unknown 12-20-05
V49 Unknown 12-31-05, 2-13-06
V61 Unknown w/C50 6-25-04
V69 Unknown w/CRB 2-19-05

VM1 Unknown w/EST, TSC 3-16-06, 3-17-06
VM2 Unknown w/TSC, WST 2-12-06, 2-17-06

VX1 Unknown, voice "VICTOR XRAY 1" w/CS1 9-5-05, 8-29-06
VX2 Unknown 7-20-06, 8-29-06
VX3 Unknown w/TSC 1-10-06, 2-15-06
VX5 Unknown 2-10-06
VX6 Unknown w/TSC 2-13-06, 8-29-06
VX7 Unknown 8-29-06

VY1 Unknown w/CNT, CRB, DIL, EST, JOE, NRT, TSC, WST 1-29-06, 4-28-06
VY2 Unknown w/CNT, CRB, DHS, DIL, TSC 1-24-06, 3-27-06

W08 Unknown 8-29-05
W20 Unknown w/LNT 8-30-05

WLB USCG Unknown w/LNT 1-22-04, 9-29-05

WST CBP AMOC Western Regional Communications Node 11-5-04, 12-11-06

X## US Army UH-60L helicopters deployed to OPBAT. Also use A## on occasion. There is some evidence that OPBAT helos may no longer be part of 2-3rd AVN, but may now have another unit designation.
X51 USA UH-60L tail # 94-26551 2-3rd AVN voice "XRAY 51" and "51A" 8-23-03, 11-30-06
X52 USA UH-60L tail # 94-26552 2-3rd AVN voice call "ARMY 26552" and "52A" 8-22-04, 12-21-06
X53 USA UH-60L tail # 94-26553 2-3rd AVN voice call "53A" w/T85 9-19-03, 12-28-06
X60 USA UH-60L tail # 94-26560 2-3rd AVN voice "60A" and "ARMY 26560" 10-27-03, 6-11-06
X61 USA UH-60L prob tail #94-26561 2-3rd AVN w/STR 1-14-04, 9-19-06
X63 USA UH-60L tail # 94-26563 2-3rd AVN also uses A63 address 8-23-03, 12-24-06
X93 USA UH-60L tail # 94-26593 2-3rd AVN, voice call "93A" also used "ARMY 26593" on 8983 kHz 9-6-03, 7-23-06

XXX Unknown w/CS1, CS3, CS4, FL2, UCG, TSC 9-2-03, 2-5-06

ZZZ Unknown 2-2-03

This is a list of ALE ids that have been decoded on COTHEN, but have only been logged once. Some appear to be single use trigraphs and others appear to be bogus. If an id repeats itself over time and appears to be a real id then it will be transferred to the actual COTHEN id list.

256 w/TSC 11-13-04
444 w/M70 11-22-04
564 w/MC3 9-18-04
599 w/CS6 3-21-04
630 w/CS3 4-10-04
646 3-8-04
71E 3-15-04
723 10-22-06
778 w/PR1 2-05-03
801 w/CS5 2-4-03
821 w/CS6 3-2-04
907 11-8-04
A39 w/TSC 11-28-06
A54 w/F04 4-25-06
A98 w/CS9 3-7-04
B36 8-31-05
C51 w/I54, O58 3-7-04
C55 6-29-04
C97 w/A97 3-21-04
CAD49 w/CNT 10-13-05
CBB w/TSC 8-11-05
CQ4 w/J09 3-7-06
CXZ w/OPB 10-4-05
D54 4-21-05
D67 12-16-04
D71 2-25-04
D77 2-25-04
F15 w/J15 7-9-03
FS6 4-6-04, 4-14-04, 4-15-04
G43 8-31-05
G40 w/OPB 11-7-04
G51 w/M69 5-9-04
GAV 1-24-06
I04 6-12-06
I23 9-2-05
I72 w/CRB 2-22-05 possible I01
HNJ 2-27-05
HNT w/J42 9-25-05
IKE w/BOB 1-14-05
K0Q w/OPB 10-5-05
KCY w/LAB 2-28-04
KSN w/LNT 3-6-06
LFU w/J33 1-10-06
M07 w/CS9 6-14-04
M76 w/716 11-23-04
M80 4-14-04
M87 7-11-03
M90 w/CS4 3-14-04
M99 w/CRB 8-21-05
MGM w/MUG 7-7-04
MS9 w/CS6 5-9-04
MUX w/D44 2-07-03
MVR w/JOE 11-13-03
MVX w/TRC 10-19-03
NQ8 w/J18 9-4-05
O0F w/LNT 7-3-05
O13 9-2-05
O20 2-26-04
O58 w/C51 3-7-04
OOE 9-2-05
P86 w/J41 1-15-05
S26 w/TSC 1-31-06
S29 12-11-04
S52 w/PNR400 10-7-04
SA5 Unknown (TISCOM id) 2-24-05
SEC w/WST 5-6-06
T17 w/T07 9-21-05
T6F 6-9-04
T6W w/CS6 9-22-04
TCA 8-31-05
TNE w/J36 1-24-06
TSJ w/RPM 9-10-05
V10 w/X10 9-14-06
V4M w/LAB 2-28-04
VIG 3-5-06
W70 w/CS3 4-30-04
WCV 4-24-05
WDD w/LNT 3-7-06
WLX w/LNT 9-29-05
WTT w/T9F 10-3-05
X10 w/V10 9-14-06
X76 w/OPB 1-26-06

------------------------------------------------------------------------- FBI ALE Net --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Freqs: 2808.5, 4991, 5058.5, 5388.5, 7778.5, 7903.5, 9183.5, 10913.5, 11073.5, 11491, 14458.5, 14493.5, 14532.5, 15953.5, 18171, 18666, 19344.5

Voice: 10913.5 (2/05), 14493.5 (2/05)

The following are also listed in many freq lists, but after monitoring them for two months I did not log any traffic on them:
5912, 6767.5, 9331.5, 10498.5, 11452, 11524.5, 12138.5, 12215.5, 16090, 18218, 20535, 20348.5, 20402.5, 23402.5

AL1 FBI, Albany, NY
AN1 FBI, Anchorage, AK
AQ1 FBI, Albuquerque, NM
AT1 FBI, Atlanta, GA
AU1 FBI, Austin, TX
BA1 FBI, Baltimore, MD
BF1 FBI, Buffalo, NY
BI1 FBI, Birmingham, AL
BS1 FBI, Boston, MA
BT1 FBI, Butte, MT
CE1 FBI, Charlotte, NC
CG1 FBI, Chicago, IL
CI1 FBI, Cincinnati, OH
CL1 FBI, Cleveland, OH
CO1 FBI, Columbia, SC
CV1, FBI Cleveland, OH
DE1, FBI Detroit, MI
DL1 FBI, Dallas, TX
DN1 FBI, Denver, CO
EP1 FBI, El Paso, TX
HN1 FBI, Houston, TX
HO1 FBI, Honolulu, HI
HQ1 FBI, Washington, DC
IP1 FBI, Indianapolis, IN
JK1 FBI, Jacksonville, FL
JN1 FBI, Jackson, MS
KC1 FBI, Kansas City, MO
KW1 FBI, Key West, FL
LA1 FBI, Los Angeles, CA, voice call KMI66
LR1 FBI, Little Rock, AR
LR2 FBI, Little Rock, AR
LS1 FBI, Louisville, KY
LV1 FBI, Las Vegas, NV
ME1 FBI, Memphis, TN
MIACMU, FBI Crisis Management Unit, Miami, FL
MM1 FBI, Miami, FL
MM2 FBI, Miami, FL
MO1 FBI, Mobile, AL
MP1 FBI, Minneapolis, MN
MW1 FBI, Milwaukee, WI
NF1 FBI, Norfolk, VA
NH1 FBI, New Haven, CT
NK1, FBI Newark, NJ
NO1 FBI, New Orleans, LA
NY1 FBI, New York, NY
OC1 FBI, Oklahoma City, OK
OM1 FBI, Omaha, NE
OM2 FBI, Omaha, NE
PD1 FBI, Portland, OR
PG1 FBI, Pittsburgh, PA
PH1 FBI, Philadelphia, PA
PO1 FBI, Portland, OR
PX1 FBI, Phoenix, AZ
QT1 FBI, Quantico, VA
QT2 FBI, Quantico, VA, voice call KGE22A
QT5 FBI, Quantico, VA
QT8 FBI, Quantico, VA
QT10 FBI, Quantico, VA
RH1 FBI, w/NF1
SA1 FBI, San Antonio, TX
SC1 FBI, Sacramento, CA
SD1 FBI, San Diego, CA
SE1 FBI Seattle, WA
SF1 FBI, San Francisco, CA
SI1 FBI, Springfield, IL
SJ1 FBI, San Juan, PR
SL1 FBI, St. Louis, MO
SU1 FBI, Salt Lake City, UT
SV1 FBI, Savannah, GA
TP1 FBI, Tampa, FL
WF1 FBI, Washington, DC


US Army South Flight Following Service SKYWATCH Net, Soto Cano AB, Honduras

Joint Task Force-Bravo is located at Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras. JTF-Bravo is comprised of approximately 550 US military personnel and more than 650 US and Honduran civilians. They work in six different areas including the Joint Staff, Air Force Forces (612th Air Base Squadron), Army Forces, Joint Security Forces and the Medical Element. 1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regiment, a US Army South asset, is a tenant unit also based at Soto Cano. The J-Staff provides command and control for JTF-B.

The Air Force Forces has among its functions; weather forecasting, fire protection, and maintaining a 24-hour C-5-capable runway. The Army Forces operate finance, food service and transportation. Joint Security Forces is comprised of Air Force, Army and Marine force protection personnel who patrol the base and downtown areas frequented by US servicemembers.

Since 1999, the 1-228th "Winged Warriors" have assumed the complete role of a Theater Aviation Battalion. The total force structure consists of a Headquarters & Headquarters Company (Phantoms); Alpha Company (Talons) with 10x UH-60A aircraft; Bravo Company (Sugarbears) with 4x CH-47D aircraft; and the U.S. Army Air Ambulance Detachment (Witchdoctors) with 4x UH-60A aircraft. The Battalion's Command & Control Detachment (Nomads) supports U.S. Army South with 2x UH-60A (C2) aircraft.

The 1-228th Aviation Regiment Conducts Aviation Operations Throughout USSOUTHCOM's Area of Responsibility with UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook helicopters. The purpose of the battalion is to promote and execute aviation operations to facilitate the CINC SOUTH's strategy of engagement and security in the theater. The battalion is capable of deploying and sustaining operations throughout the theater. Typical missions conducted by the battalion include: counter drug operations, disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, air movement of people equipment and supplies, Aero-medical evacuation, and limited search and rescue. The command structure of the battalion is capable of exercising command and control for Commander, USARSO of army aviation assets deployed to the theater. In addition to these operational missions, the battalion participates in selected special events and VIP support missions.

Skywatch, the Army’s Airspace Infomation Center, monitors flights and provides timely communication to aircrews.

Their mission is to provide U.S Army South and U.S. Southern Command with direct flight support on all DoD and other government aircraft positioning 24 hours a day.
Skywatch maintains data for all aircraft operating within the visual flight rules of the USSOUTHCOM area of responsibility. They also assist in the coordination and tracking of all medical evacuations in Central America. These monitoring procedures are done
through aircraft flight checks every 15 minutes while flights are in operation over the AOR and are maintained until aircraft reach their final destinations. Skywatch is manned with eight military members and eight civilians.

*Update: Two 1-228th UH-60As departed Soto Cano on 28 Jan. 05 to be turned over to the National Guard.

*Update: Three UH-60s were picked up at Soto Cano on 22 March 05 by a Russian An-124 Condor.

Photo Source:

Voice: 5310, 8120 Tertiary, 11410 Primary, 15025, 15790 Secondary

ALE: 2630, 4060, 5787.5, 6502.5, 6761, 6780, 7350, 7720, 8065, 8527.5, 8972, 9121.5, 10692.5, 12022, 14761.5, 15492, 16144.5, 19103.5, 19208

171OPS USA 1-171st AVN Ops, Dobbins JARB, GA (UH-60Ls, CH-47Ds) w/SKYWAT, R26601, R26606 2-9-06, 4-19-06
228FWD USA Deployed element, 1/228th Avn Bn 3-13-04, 3-16-04
228RER USA Deployed element, 1/228th Avn Bn
HONDO1 Unknown (Probable USA) w/SKYWAT 1-24-05, 2-11-05
HONDO2 Unknown (Probable USA) 2-8-05
HONDO3 Unknown (Probable USA) w/SKYWAT 3-1-05
NARCO Unknown w/RUH955, RUH960, SKYWAT, WAROPS 4-5-05, 10-26-06
OPS171 USA 1-171st AVN Ops, Dobbins JARB, GA (UH-60Ls, CH-47Ds) w/SKYWAT 2-7-06
R22988 USA UH-60A # 78-22988 w/SKYWAT 3-16-06
R26606 USA UH-60L # 95-26606 w/SKYWAT, 171OPS 3-10-06
R26881 USA UH-60L # 01-26681 w/SKYWAT 3-15-06, 3-22-06
RCH132 USA CH-47D 1-228th Avn Bn w/WAROPS 11-7-06
RCH134 USA CH-47D 1-228th Avn Bn
RCH136 USA CH-47D 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT 3-13-04, 2-3-05
RCH638 USA CH-47D 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT 10-7-05, 3-16-06
RUH006 USA UH-60 1-228th Avn Bn w/RUH962, WAROPS 3-9-05, 9-6-05
RUH955 USA UH-60L # 02-26955 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT, NARCO, WAROPS 1-19-05, 8-2-06
RUH956 USA UH-60 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT 3-28-05, 3-16-06
RUH957 USA UH-60 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT 1-12-05, 9-22-05
RUH958 USA UH-60 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT 3-13-04, 4-12-06
RUH959 USA UH-60 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT 3-13-04, 3-22-06
RUH960 USA UH-60L # 02-26960 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT, WAR, NARCO 1-26-05, 11-29-05
RUH962 USA UH-60 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT, RUH006 3-13-04, 11-9-05
RUH963 USA UH-60L # 02-26963 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT, WAROPS 1-12-05, 10-12-05
RUH976 USA UH-60 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT 2-8-05, 8-9-05
RUH978 USA UH-60 1-228th Avn Bn 8-18-05
RUH980 USA UH-60 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT, RUH984 1-13-05, 4-13-05
RUH981 USA UH-60 1-228th Avn Bn w/NARCO, SKYWAT 3-15-04, 9-6-06
RUH984 USA UH-60 1-228th Avn Bn w/WAROPS, SKYWAT, RUH980 11-16-04, 4-12-06
RUH985 USA UH-60L # 03-26985 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT 1-4-05, 9-5-06
RUH993 USA UH-60 1-228th Avn Bn w/SKYWAT 1-12-05
SKYWAT USA US Army South Flight Following Facility, Soto Cano AB, Honduras w/WAROPS, NARCO, 171OPS, OPS171
WAROPS USA Winged Warriors Operations, 1-228th Avn Bn, Soto Cano AB, Honduras w/NARCO, RCH132 3-13-04, 11-7-06