Friday, December 01, 2006

DRM Intercepts via DXTuners Sweden

Here are some DRM mode intercepts via the DXTuners Sweden (ELAD FDM-77 receiver).

1296.0 BBC World Service w/English language broadcast, ID at bottom of the hour, good signal levels in Sweden via DRM at 1426.

1440.0 RTL Radio Marnach w/German programming and music with good signal in DRM at 1431.

5905.0 Voice of Russia Taldom, w/Russian language talk programming at 1452 in DRM. Good signal levels.

5990.0 RTL France Junglinster w/french language programming, music (including English rock songs), talk and taking telephone request in DRM from at 1420.

6085.0 BR-B5akt Ismaning, Germany, very poor and spotty reception in DRM, ID on screen but very little audio at 1425.

6095.0 RTL Radio Junglinster w/german rock music programming in DRM. Nice to catch an old friend again at 1400.

6130.0 Deutsche Welle Wertachtal, w/German language programming at 1458 in DRM. Good signal quality.

7320.0 BBC World Service, Rampisham in English with a YL talking about wanting to commit suicide. DRM mode, spotty reception at 1440.

9880.0 Radio Kuwait (MOI Kuwait - screen ID) Sulaibiyah w/arabic music, beautiful DRM signal at 1446.

13590.0 Deutsche Welle Sines, w/germen language talk programming at 1457 in DRM. Nice signals levels.

More logs soon.