Saturday, December 29, 2007

US Penitentiary Atwater CA Trunk Radio System Status

As some of you readers may already know the Federal UHF LMR band 406.1-420 MHz will use a new bandplan effective 1 Jan 2008. One of the facilities that will be directly impacted by this change will be the US Penitentiary in Atwater, California.

Their trunk radio system (TRS) does NOT fit the new bandplan and given the short period between this post and the deadline, I figure they must have changed to a new set of frequencies by now. But I have seen nothing posted anywhere.

So attention in and around Merced County. If you are within radio range of the Atwater Pen facility I need your help. Could you please program your scanner with the information below and see if the system is still active with the parameters I have outlined. If not do you see or know where that system has moved to.

Any help is sincerely appreciated and we can even make you anonymous if you are so inclined.

System: Motorola Type II Smartnet (APCO-25 P25)
Motorola System ID: 6a37
Base Frequency: 408.350 MHz, Spacing: 12.5-kHz, Offset: 380
Base Frequency: 412.475 MHz, Spacing: 12.5-kHz, Offset: 612

Frequencies: 408.3750 411.1750c 412.4750c 413.6750c 414.3000c