Monday, August 06, 2007

GRE PSR-200 Desktop Scanner

This scanner is a analog only, no trunking VHF/UHF scanner. No 700/800 MHz coverage.

● Frequency Coverage:
29.000-54.000 MHz (5-kHz steps FM)
108.0000-135.9875 MHz (12.5-kHz steps AM)
137.0000-143.9875 MHz (12.5-kHz steps FM)
144.0000-148.0000 MHz (5-kHz steps FM)
148.0125-150.7875 MHz (12.5-kHz steps FM)
150.8000-161.9950 MHz (5 kHz-steps FM)
162.0000-174.0000 MHz (12.5-kHz steps FM)
380.0000-512.0000 MHz (12.5-kHz steps FM)
*Only two tuning steps available.

● Double conversion receiver.
● Five pre-programmed bands: Marine, Fire Department/Police Department, Air (Civilian), Amateur Radio, Weather. Uses five "one-touch" keys.
● 200 memory channels in 10 banks.
● 200 channels lock-out in scan mode.
● 200 channels automatic scanning for VHF to UHF band.
● QUICK PROGRAM when receiving signals up to 200 channels.
● 45 channels per second scanning rate and 80 steps per second searching rate.
● "Zeromatic" tuning system.
● 10 digit channel and frequency display with all function indicators (seven segment).
● One built-in priority channel.
● Weather alert and SAME programming with 10 FIPS area code memories.
● Skywarn function.
● Lock/Out Review key to confirm lock out frequencies sequentially.
● Change the direction of searching (up/down).
● Two second scan and search delay.
● Manual selection for channel.
● Scan mode [Leared channels (000.000 freq) do not scan].
● Tune from the channel frequency function.
● Program mode.
● Key press tones.
● LCD back-lighting.
● Low battery indicator by LCD.
● Duplicate frequency check system.
● PC programmable and unit-to-unit cloning.
● BNC antenna connector.
● Earphone jack (3.5mm stereo).
● 9 VDC power jack.
● PC Interface and clone jack (3.5mm mono).
● Operating voltage: 120 VAC (60-Hz)
● Dimensions: Approximately: 210(w) x 175(d) x 60(h) mm.
● Weight: Approximately 700 grams without antenna.
● Accesories: Telescoping antenna, UL listed AC-DC adapter, and owners manual.
● Memory Backup: No battery backup required. EEPROM used.

This scanner has not yet been FCC type accepted so no pricing information is currently available.