Thursday, February 01, 2007

New HF Road Construction Net Uncovered - Update

The gang on UDXF have uncovered another fascinating HF ALE network. On Jan 29 Jim (MPJ) identified the HF ALE network associated with the ALE addresses that Sam had reported on 5378.0 kHz ALE/USB. Jim identified this net as a HF net associated with the Colas S.A. Road Contrustion Company working out of Algeria. On Jan 31 Kristian via UDXF reported a new frequency for this net of 8061.0 kHz.

Frequencies (USB/ALE): 5378.0 and 8061.0 kHz
Some of the ALE addresses reported for this net include:

BISKRACOLAS4 / Biskra, Algeria
COLASCOLAS4 / Unknown location
ELOUEDCOLAS4 / El Oued, Algeria
ILLIZICOLAS4 /Illizi, Algeria
MOBRRTCOLAS4 / Unknown location
XOB / Unknown location

COLAS d'Algérie is a road-building company with contracts to replace that country's deteriorating road system. Thanks for the hard work guys. Nice get.