Sunday, February 11, 2007

German Radio Callsign List

Jim (MPJ) posted this morning (February 22, 2007) on the UDXF a nice list of German HF callsigns including military units. Thanks Jim.

German Callsigns
DCF39 Deutsche-Telekom, Electrical Supply Control, Burg bei Magdeburg
DCF42 DGPS, Mainflingen/Potsdam
DCF49 Deutsche-Telekom, Electrical Supply Control, Mainflingen
DCF60 IfaG (Hydrographic Institute [?]), Mainflingen/Potsdam
DCF77 D-Telekom Mainflingen (Time/Freq Standard)
DDAxx Weather Service (Meteo)
DDHxx Weather Service (Meteo)
DDKxx Weather Service (Meteo)
DEKxx Red Cross Net
DEK23 Red Cross Berlin
DEK25 Red Cross Stuttgart
DEK26 Red Cross Düsseldorf
DEK30 Red Cross Quickborn
DEK88 Red Cross Bonn
DHJxx Grengel Meteo
DHJ47 Airforce Mönchengladbach
DHJ48 Airforce Ramstein
DHJ51 Defence Geophysical Office Bonn/Berlin
DHJ53 Navy Wärnemünde
DHJ57 Navy Schönhagen
DHJ58 Navy Glücksburg
DHJ59 Navy Wilhelmshaven
DHJ61 Navy Flensburg
DHJ62 Navy Neustadt
DHJ63 Navy Todendorf
DHJ66 Navy Eckenförde
DHJ70 Navy Wilhelmshaven
DHJ78 Navy Nordholz
DHJ82 Navy Parow
DHJ84 Navy Wangerooge
DHJ97 Navy Sammelanruf
DHL61 River Police Wilhelmshaven
DHL62 River Police Emden
DHM21 Navy Staberhuk
DHM22 Navy Warfare School, Bremerhaven
DHM33 Navy Munitions Depot Kiel
DHM35 Navy Munitions Depot Wilhelmshaven
DHM36 Navy Officers' College Wilhelmshaven
DHM41 Naval Weapons School Kappeln
DHM42 Glücksburg Rescue
DHM44 Grengel Meteo
DHM45 Naval Communications Staff Flensburg
DHM64 Navy Darsser Ort
DHM72 Grengel Meteo
DHM82 Kiel Research Establishment
DHM85 Navy Marlow
DHM91 Airforce Münster
DHN33 Navy Command North, Kiel
DHN37 Grengel Meteo
DHN49 Navy Command West, Wilhelmshaven
DHN53 Navy Wilhelmshaven-Hafen
DHN66 NATO Geilenkirchen
DHO23 Airforce Landsberg
DHO26 Navy Communications Centre, Rostock
DHO32 Airforce Wunstorf
DHO35 Naval Air CommCen, Eggebek
DHO38 Navy Satterland-Ramsloh
DHO46 Navy Olpenitz
DHO54 Army Communications Intelligence Centre, Trier
DHO60 Naval Air CommCen, Rensburg-Hohn
DHO66 Naval Operations Centre, Glücksburg
DHO69 Navy Eckernförde
DHO71 Navy Kap Arkona
DHO73 Navy Marienleuchte
DHO79 Navy Helgoland
DHO80 Navy Olpenitz-Hafen
DHO94 Navy Kiel-Hafen
DHO95 Navy Cuxhaven
DMK German Diplomatic Service
DQZ28 Coastguard Neustadt/Holstein
DRPG2 Naval Special Warfare Group, Eckernförde

And from the MT Milcom callsign database - In the spirit of sharing with my fellow ute/mil buffs, below are some German military unit callsigns from my mil callsign database.

DHJ23 / NORTHAG Mönchengladbach, Germany
DHJ36 / NORTHAG Mönchengladbach, Germany
DHJ37 / CENTAG Heidelberg, Germany
DHJ38 / Fm/EloAufklRgt 220 Donauwörth, Germany
DHJ39 / Heeresamt Köln, Germany
DHJ40 / HFlgBrig 3 Mendig, Germany
DHJ41 / LTG 61 FÜGrp 1 Landsberg, Germany
DHJ42 / LTG 61 FÜGrp 2 Landsberg, Germany
DHJ43 / JaBoG 32 Lechfeld, Germany
DHJ44 / III. Korps Koblenz, Germany
DHJ46 / I. CATAC et FAFA Lahr, Germany
DHJ49 / BMVg Bonn/Berlin, Germany
DHJ50 / I. Korps Munster, Germany
DHJ54 / MarA Landtestanlage Bremen-Vegesack, Germany
DHJ55 / HQ 7th (US) Army Heidelberg, Germany
DHJ56 / FüUstBrig 900 Rheinbach, Germany
DHJ60 / KdoTrpVersM Abt. FüMi Eckernförde, Germany
DHJ64 / DTA MND (C) Mönchengladbach, Germany
DHJ65 / UKdo 8 Zweibrücken, Germany
DHJ67 / HöhKdoBeh LW GefSt Köln, Germany
DHJ68 / HQ CINCUSAFE Wiesbaden
DHJ69 / JaBoG 31 Nörvenich, Germany
DHJ72 / 4. ATAF Kindsbach, Germany
DHJ73 / II. GE/US Korps Ulm, Germany
DHJ74 / Kdo 2. LwDiv Birkenfeld, Germany
DHJ75 / WBK III / 7. PzDiv Düsseldorf, Germany
DHJ76 / MFG 5 Airbase Kiel, Germany
DHJ77 / HfFlgRgt 35 Mendig, Germany
DHJ80 / WBK IV / 5. PzDiv Mainz, Germany
DHJ81 / PzLehrBrig 9 Munster, Germany
DHJ83 / HöhKdoBeh LW GefSt Köln, Germany
DHJ85 / PiBrig 20 Minden, Germany
DHJ86 / Deutscher Wetterdienst - MilZentr. Offenbach, Germany
DHJ87 / TerKdo Nord Mönchengladbach, Germany
DHJ88 / AfWG Limsdorf, Germany
DHJ89 / PzBrig 23 Augustdorf, Germany
DHJ90 / LwUstGrpKdo Nord Munster, Germany
DHJ91 / British Army Of The Rhine (BAOR) Mönchengladbach, Germany
DHJ92 / CCFFA Baden - Oos, Germany
DHJ93 / CENTAG Pirmasens, Germany
DHJ94 / 4. RCAF Fighter Wing Söllingen, Germany
DHJ95 / WBK VI / 1. GebDiv München, Germany
DHJ96 / 3. RCAF Fighter Wing Zweibrücken, Germany
DHJ98 / JaBoG 33 Büchel, Germany
DHJ99 / KdoTrpVersM - Testsendungen Germany
DHM24 / FüUstBrig 4 Berlin, Germany
DHM25 / LTrspKdo - FüUstGrp Munster, Germany
DHM26 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM27 / PzGrenBrig 41 Eggesin, Germany
DHM28 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM29 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM30 / SOC Brokzetel, Germany
DHM31 / Naval Radio List/Sylt, Germany
DHM32 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM34 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM37 / SOC Uedem - Kalkar, Germany
DHM38 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM39 / PzGrenBrig 38 Weißenfels, Germany
DHM40 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM43 / IV. Korps Germany
DHM46 / WBK V / 10. PzDiv Sigmaringen, Germany
DHM47 / 2. ATAF Air Base Weeze - Laarbruch
DHM48 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM49 / LogBrig 4 Unna, Germany
DHM50 / LogBrig 2 Germersheim, Germany
DHM51 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM52 / SanBrig 4 Fritzlar, Germany
DHM53 / HFlgRgt 36 Fritzlar, Germany
DHM54 / LwKdo Süd Meßstetten, Germany
DHM55 / WBK II / 1. PzDiv Hannover, Germany
DHM56 / WBK VII / 13. PzGrenDiv Germany
DHM57 / HFlgRgt 15 Rheine, Germany
DHM58 / 1. CanAirDiv Lahr, Germany
DHM59 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM60 / KLK / 4. Div Regensburg, Germany
DHM61 / PzGrenBrig 1 / VBK 22 Hildesheim, Germany
DHM62 / CINCENT Erbeskopf, Germany
DHM63 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM65 / MFuSSt Dollerup, Germany
DHM66 / MFuSSt Friedrichsort, Germany
DHM67 / MFuSSt Hürup, Germany
DHM68 / Frankenberg, Germany
DHM69 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM70 / MFuSSt Schortens, Germany
DHM71 / PzBrig 18 Oldenburg, Germany
DHM73 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM74 / LLBrig 31 Oldenburg, Germany
DHM75 / MFuESt Lütjenholm, Germany
DHM76 / MFuESt Wittmund-Harlesiel
DHM77 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM78 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM79 / Sammelanruf I. D/NL Korps Germany
DHM80 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM81 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM83 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM84 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM86 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM87 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM88 / FmABw bzw. AFmISBw Rheinbach, Germany
DHM89 / 2. ATAF Air Base Brüggen - Bracht, Germany
DHM90 / Comms Group Lahr, Germany
DHM92 / Sammelanruf II. Korps Germany
DHM93 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM94 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM95 / 1. Wing RCAF Lahr, Germany
DHM96 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM97 / NL Army Dillingen, Germany
DHM98 / Unassigned Reserved
DHM99 / Unassigned Reserved

And I will post more German military callsigns later in another post to this blogsite. As always any additions, corrections or updates you may have are always welcomed here. You can send them to larryvanhorn @