Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HomePatrol-1 Extreme Prepurchase Now Ready

HomePatrol-1 Extreme Prepurchase Now Ready

For those wanting to take advantage of the prepurchase opportunity for the HomePatrol-1, the system is now ready for you.

Go to myUniden - Customer Product Registration and Support Area and log in (or create a log in). Then, register your HomePatrol-1. You
will get a link on your "All My Scanners" page to purchase the upgrade.

If you have previously registered on that site and have a HomePatrol-1
in your list of scanners, you'll see a link to add ESN information to
your registration. Once you enter that, you'll then see a link to
purchase the upgrade.

For those who got an error message earlier after purchasing a key, go to
the site and add your ESN information. You will then have a link to
retrieve your purchased key.