Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ice Team Freqs Used in Greenland

Thanks to Trond Jacobsen and the UDXF group, I have posted the following freqs used in Greenland found in this pdf doc link. Thanks Trond for the link to an interesting frequency list.

NEEM Field Season 2008 Communication Plan

The major part of the communication is performed using BGAN and Iridium satellite communication. However, most flight related communication is performed on the radio.

Site Names: CPS Sonde, Summit radio, NEEM camp, GOC Sonde.

Primary 8093 kHz Ice freq. For camp to FOM communication
Secondary 4753 kHz Ice freq, Best for distances up to 400 km.

3815 kHz Optional frequency for local traverse, 3350 may also be used depending on distance and antenna
4050 khz Main east Greenland party line frequency.
5942 khz Ice freq, backup, intermediate distances
7995 khz Ice freq, digital comms.
11217 kHz Ground Air back up frequency
All frequencies All frequencies use SSB, USB

VHF radio.
Camp communication with aircraft is performed on air band 122.800 MHz FM.


GOC Sonde will monitor 8093 on a routine basis. Main Sonde‐Camp contact time is at 18:45 SFJ hours, but depends on CPS Polarfield Services use of the frequency and the camp activities.

If aircrafts are expected, weather reporting starts 2 hours prior to estimated take off time on a 30 min basis unless otherwise arranged. Reporting primarily on radio with Iridium or BGAN as backup unless agreed otherwise.

Summary of frequencies used in Greenland

1638 Most likely outdated
2182 Call

GGU: 2784
3350 Main
4050 Main East Greenland frequency

2950 SFJ FIC
4724 Thule Airways
5526 SFJ FIC
6739 Main Aircraft frequency
8945 SFJ FIC
8968 Thule Airways
10042 SFJ FIC

Thule DLO 6756 Danish Liason Officer

8891 Iceland Radio
8924 Iceland Radio, Phone patch
10030 Iceland Radio, Phone patch
11270 Iceland Radio

VHF radio.
118.1 CNP AFIS
118.3 SFJ Approach
121.3 SFJ FIC
121.5 Call, Emergency
122.8 Air to ground
126.2 SFJ Tower