Sunday, July 18, 2010

Uniden HomePatrol Update

Recently some question on the Scan-DC newsgroup came up on the new Uniden HomePatrol scanner. here is a portion of my comments regarding this new scanner.

My initial testing of the unit is pretty cool. The manuals aren't done yet, but if you have every programmed any scanner you don't need one, it is that simple. So folks who do not want to become radio engineers (Uniden calls them Bob and Mabel) will want to purchase this scanner. There will be additional features for advanced users that will be activated in the near future so that power users (Uniden calls them Joe) will have some interesting features they will like in HomePatrol. On the Friday before the Uniden Open House during our formal intro of the product, I had the scanner in my hands about one hour and during that time I master the basica operations and menuing system (actually it took about 20 minutes).

Saturday during the Uniden Open House in Dallas, an 8 year old grandson of one of the hobbyists at my table (I was a table host), programmed the HP scanner for DFW in literally seconds. Yes, Bob and Mabel, it is really that easy.

You can read some of my additional thoughts on my personal blog at

You can get my exclusive HP spec sheet (based on the testing of the unit we
have in hand) on the Grove Ent website at

More to come including a full review in Monitoring Times magazine soon.