Monday, July 19, 2010

HomePatrol-1 - What can it monitor?

I have had several questions regarding what HomePatrol will and will not monitor from the Radioref database. Paul Opitz from Uniden recently wrote the following:

HomePatrol-1 includes all systems and channels in Radio Reference database with the following exceptions:

-- Channels function tagged as Data
-- Channels that are not function tagged
-- Channels function tagged as Deprecated
-- Channels with a mode of "E" (encrypted)
-- Digital channels on system types that cannot be monitored (i.e. ProVoice)
-- Channels in deprecated systems
-- Unmonitorable Systems (i.e. OpenSky / Nextel / etc)

HomePatrol-1 can automatically select for scanning any channel that is properly geotagged. Channels not geotagged can be manually selected (easiest by using the included Sentinel PC software). The geographic selection process is unique to Uniden (and patented, to boot).

At some point, Joes (scanner geeks), will have the ability through the Uniden software to program the HomePatrol-1 with their own frequency list, but this won't happen with the initial release of the unit.