Thursday, August 20, 2009

New! MTXtra - All Languages All The Time

FREE to MTXPRESS Subscribers - Complete Shortwave Broadcast Schedules

Starting with the September issue of MTXpress, your full-color, faster-than-print electronic edition of Monitoring Times magazine will contain, in addition to its comprehensive listings of English language broadcasts, an expanded 24 hour listing of foreign and English language broadcasts in one convenient electronic file.

This exclusive MTXtra Shortwave Broadcast Guide is available only to MTXpress subscribers - it’s not in the print edition. The new grid is a fully searchable, Adobe Acrobat portable document file (pdf), allowing instant access to shortwave stations’ times, languages, frequencies and target areas!

Broken down by hour then station and frequency, this is the only listing of shortwave radio stations in this format available anywhere. Foreign language students and teachers, expatriates, and radio hobbyist outside of the United States and Canada will especially appreciate our new expanded foreign language format. If you are interested in shortwave programming, then our exclusive MTXtra Shortwave Broadcast Guide is your ticket to the world of shortwave broadcast listening.

Our downloadable, printable, and searchable pdf is FREE each month with your paid subscription to MTXpress. The September edition of the MTXtra Shortwave Broadcast Guide has 114 pages of 24-hour listings for hundreds of broadcasters in all languages.

And what will you get with an electronic subscription to MTXpress? You get more with our digital magazine than is possible with print. The entire magazine is full color. All of the web links are clickable, so if you see a link to a website that you want to visit, just click on it! Want to email an author? Just click on their email address at the top of their column, and MTXpress opens your email program, drops in their address, and is ready for your input! Print out any pages you need for handy access. MTXpress is the perfect delivery and cost effective magazine format for subscribers outside the United States.

All of this, and it’s even CHEAPER than the regular print version! Plus, you’ll get it faster than you would your print copy, no matter where you are in the world. Now is the time to make the switch to digital. Sure, it’s saving a tree and saving some gas, but it’s also getting you what you need, when you want it.

So if you want the latest shortwave schedule information updated monthly, and a great radio hobby magazine delivered to you at light speed, click here to subscribe to MTXpress and get the new MTXtra Shortwave Broadcast Guide for free. Make that switch today to the world's finest radio hobby magazine in a electronic format - MTXpress. Use offer code "BLOG" when you order your subscription to MTXpress/MTXtra. This offer begins with September 2009 issue of MTExpress.

Sample page of the new MTXtra Shortwave Broadcast Guide.