Friday, August 07, 2009

New HiFer Beacon

From HF beacon Newsgroup via UDXF Newsgroup

Hi All:

I wanted to announce that I have placed on the air a new HiFer beacon on 13.563 MHz. I do have some issues with RF properly coupling to the antenna as I am not seeing the results I would expect so I will be working to improve what little RF is coming out reaches the antenna.

Since a HiFer beacon is a part 15 transmitter and call signs are not intended for this operation the beacon is identifiing itself as "SZX" and will operate 24/7 unless it is down for work.

Mark Garrett, KA9SZX
9885 E 950 th ST
Macomb, IL 61455

Latitude: 40.425008 (40° 25' 30'' N)
Longitude: -90.723732 (90° 43' 25'' W)
Grid Square: EN40pk