Saturday, January 17, 2009

Btown Blog Logs - 1/17/2009

Here are the latest active civilian aero freqs intercepted this morning here in Btown.

**Need some help from my readers. Does anyone have any additional information on ATL ARTCC freq 125.825 (RCAG, Sector, etc)?

124.325 ATL ARTCC Hampton GA Ultra High Altitude FL330 and above Sector 23 Clark Hill Sector

124.875 ATL ARTCC Chattanooga TN High Altitude Sector 36 Alatoona Sector

125.025 ATL ARTCC Jonesville SC High Altitude FL330 and above Sector 26 High Rock Sector

125.575 ATL ARTCC Columbus GA High Altitude Sector 10 LaGrange Sector

125.625 ATL ARTCC Owning (Greenville) SC High Altitude Sector 32 Spartanburg Sector

**125.825 ATL ARTCC Unknown RCAG Atlanta ARTCC Discrete: Ultra High Altitude

125.925 ATL ARTCC Crossville (Hinch Mountain) TN High Altitude Sector 39 Burne Sector

128.000 ATL Approach Control - Erlin 5 STAR Arrival/Herko 2 STAR Arrival

128.725 ATL ARTCC Birmingham AL High Altitude Sector 03 Gadsden Sector

132.050 ATL ARTCC Chattanooga TN Low Altitude Discrete: Approach/Departure services for various small airports via this RCAG Sector 05 Dallas Sector

132.975 ATL ARTCC Hickory NC Ultra High Altitude FL330 and above Sector 43 Pulaski Sector

134.075 ATL ARTCC Newport TN Ultra High Altitude FL330 and above Sector 40 Blue Ridge Sector