Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New M/A-COM Provoice Radio System Putting FHP In Danger

Anyone who has followed my writings in Monitoring Times the last few years know that I am an ardent opponent of ANY radio system that is non-APCO-25 compliant regardless of manufacture. I hear the constant bitching about interop by Congress and public safety yet they continue to go out and buy non-P25 compliant equipment such as the M/A-COM Provoice and Open Sky systems.

Now that it is hurricane season what state is under the gun bigtime? Florida. And what trunk radio system do they use statewide? M/A-COM Provoice.

I can't imagine for the life of me how that state with its fine EMA organization in Tallahassee could be so incredibly stupid and backward to have installed one of these retrograde system throughout the entire state.

New Orleans learned the hard way and they have scrapped their system in favor of P25 so now they can talk to the outside world.

Is it going to take getting people killed in the state of Florida due to this system before someone will wake up? We have already had one article in a Central Florida newspaper about this incompatiable situation. Now read the latest installment of how bad things really are at the WFTV.com website.