Sunday, January 15, 2017

CubeSats to Deploy from ISS 16 Jan 2017

ITF-2 CubeSat and Four Other Hamsats Set to Deploy from ISS

Toshihiro Kameda, JJ3GRX/W3GRX, of the University of Tsukuba's "Yui" satellite project in Japan, reports that the ITF-2 ("Imagine The Future") CubeSat is set for release from the International Space
Station (ISS) on Monday, January 16, at 0910 UTC.

The 1U ITF-2 was designed and built at the university. The Amateur Radio downlink is 437.525 MHz. Updated information will be announced on the AMSAT Bulletin Board at, .

ITF-2 is the successor to the unsuccessful ITF-1, which launched in 2014 but was never heard.

Six CubeSats delivered to ISS by HTV-6 will deploy from ISS with new JEM Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (J-SSOD) at 16h Jan. New J-SSOD has four satellite install cases. One satellite install case has 3U space, so new J-SSOD can deploy twelve CubeSat at one time. Six CubeSats are installed as follows,

install     CubeSats

   #1        three 1U CubeSats  ITF-2, WASEDA-SAT3, FREEDOM
   #2        one 3U CubeSat     EGG
   #3        one 2U CubeSat     AOBA-VELOX3
   #4        one 3U CubeSat     TuPOD (including Tancredo1 and OSNSAT)

ITF-2, WASEDA-SAT3, AOBA-VELOX3, TuPOD and Tancredo1 operate on the amateur radio bands.

#1 and #2 will be deployed at 0900-0930z 16th Jan, #3 and #4 will be 1030-1100z.

AOBA-Velox III (2U Cubesat)   437.375 1200bps AFSK CW

ITF-2 (Imagine The Future) (1U Cubesat)   437.525 1200bps FM CW

TuPOD (Tancredo 1 and OSNSAT)             437.425 1200bps GMSK CW
Tancredo-1 (3U Cubesat)                              437.200 1200bps AFSK

WASEDA-SAT3 (1U Cubesat)                    437.290  1200bps PCM-FSK CW

Live broadcast will start at 0850z on YouTube JAXA channel.

[ARRL and JAXA and N5FPW for the above information]