Monday, October 14, 2013

The Spectrum Monitor Website Has Gone Live!

We just received this press release from the managing editor of The Spectrum Monitor magazine.
The Spectrum Monitor is a monthly electronic magazine that delivers full-spectrum coverage of amateur radio, longwave and shortwave listening, public service scanning, AM/FM/TV broadcasting, satellites, WiFi radio, vintage radio and more. The Spectrum Monitor is a follow-on publication to Monitoring Times and is not associated with Grove Enterprises or Bob Grove. TSM’s columnists and feature writers come directly from the pages of Monitoring Times, bringing readers an in-depth look at every segment of the radio frequency spectrum.
     Each month TSM readers will get reviews of the latest receivers, antennas, software and accessories needed to explore the spectrum, with tips for beginners and advanced hobbyists alike.
     The Spectrum Monitor is available in PDF format that can be read worldwide on any desktop, laptop, iPad®, Kindle® Fire, or other device capable of opening a PDF file. The January 2014 issue will be available for download from on December 15, 2013. Charter subscribers can sign up now and save!

     Special charter subscriber rate: $20 for twelve issues. After December 15, 2013, annual rate: $24 for twelve issues. Individual monthly issues will be available for $3 each. You can sign up on the magazine's secure website to become a charter subscriber. Mastercard™, VISA™ and Discover™ cards are accepted. Outside the U.S.? Contact for subscription instructions.
The website is now gone live and can be viewed at the URL above.