Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Night was a very successful JT65 night on 80 mtrs

For whatever reason, last night the 706 seemed to beckon me to have an evening at the rig and what an evening that turned out to be.

It started around 1947 with a brief opening on 10 mtrs to the west coast. At 2030 I moved down to 20 mtrs for a couple of quick contacts to OR and Spain.

At 2108, I dropped in on 40 mtrs for 5 quick contacts, including a new country for me on 40 mtrs Greece, thanks to George, SV2KF.

Feeling pretty good about cx I dropped down to 80 meters for the rest of the evening. It was fun working 3576 in the center slot and it was quite productive as well. When the night started I needed only four more states to finish out my 5BWAS quest and they were all on 80 mtrs.

At 0103, the first of three of those states showed up with Ken KJ2U in Alpine UT with a great -10 signal.

Then at 0154, KI0QS Clyde in Bismark ND popped up with a -14 signal.

To add some spice to the night at 0322 worked Manfred HB3YAT from Elsau, Switzerland, at the high end of the band scope +974 with another -14 signal.

My very next contact at 0345 was my third state I needed for my 5BWAS, NE4RD (an ex-NC op) William in Billings MT with a nice -11 signal into Btown.

All in all I worked 36 new JT65 stations last night (what a great mode), added a new country on 40 mtr and 80 mtrs, and knocked off 3 of the last 4 states I need to finish out my 5BWAS.

So what is left?

New Mexico on 80 mtrs is it. And I hope that one falls real quick as well so that beautiful plaque will grace the N5FPW shack wall real soon.

Are you listening New Mexico?