Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FCC ULS Ready to Accept Selected 8.33 kHz Spaced Licenses

Public Notice:

Third Report and Order referenced in Public Notice:


By this Public Notice, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (Bureau) announces that the Universal Licensing System (ULS) is now ready to accept applications for
new or modified aeronautical enroute and flight test stations for authorization to operate with 8.33 kilohertz channel spacing, and applications to assign or transfer aircraft station licenses. These changes were made to implement rules adopted by the Commission in the Third Report and Order in WT Docket No. 01-289.

8.33 Kilohertz Channel Spacing. In the Third Report and Order, the Commission amended its Part 87 rules to permit aeronautical enroute and flight test stations to
use 8.33 kilohertz channel spacing, in order to migrate voluntarily from 25 kilohertz channel spacing.

It concluded that the permissive introduction of 8.33 kilohertz channel spacing in the aeronautical enroute service would provide the aviation industry with the ability to greatly enhance spectrum efficiency and alleviate congestion, while avoiding the imposition of the significant compliance burdens that could result from a mandatory narrowbanding transition. It also concluded that narrowbanding would benefit flight test stations, which likewise face increasing frequency congestion in U.S. airspace. The Commission directed the Bureau to issue a public notice to alert applicants when the Bureau was ready to begin accepting applications for 8.33 kilohertz channel spacing.

The necessary modifications to ULS have been implemented. Aeronautical enroute stations (station class code FA) and flight test stations (station class code FAT) may now apply for VHF channels with 8.33 kilohertz spacing. Specifically, applications may be filed for the following aeronautical enroute frequencies in the 128.825-132.000 MHz and 136.500-137.000 MHz bands: the end frequencies, frequencies within those bands separated from the end frequencies by a multiple of 25 kilohertz
("channels with 25 kilohertz spacing"), and interstitial frequencies separated by 8.33 kilohertz from channels with 25 kilohertz spacing ("channels with 8.33 kilohertz
spacing"). Flight test stations may apply for the VHF frequencies listed in Section 87.303 of the Commission's Rules,3 and frequencies in the 123.125-123.575 MHz band separated by 8.33 kilohertz from the VHF frequencies listed in Section 87.303. The authorized bandwidth for channels with 8.33 kilohertz channel spacing is 8.33 kilohertz; for channels with 25 kilohertz channel spacing, applicants may request an
authorized bandwidth of either 8.33 kilohertz or 25 kilohertz.