Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sad News on the ARISSat-1 Deployment - It is a No-Go until July

According to post from Kevin Fetter on SEESAT-L minutes ago, the release the ARISSat-1 sat during today's spacewalk, is no go. It now won't be released until July, according to info at

According to the arissat-1 website:

"AMSAT learned on Friday morning, 11 FEB 11 that the deployment of the ARISSat-1 satellite had been removed from the RSA EVA 28 timeline by RSC-Energia management. NASA was informed that the ARISSat-1 deployment would be deferred to a later RS EVA, due to changes in the tasks associated with the configuration of RS pay- loads to be performed during RS EVA 28. Subsequently, RSC-Energia informed NASA that deployment of ARISSat-1 will be added to RSC EVA 29 currently scheduled for July 2011."