Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egyptian Diplo Traffic Monitored

Ary Boender received this log from AnEur and posted it to the UDXF newsgroup. Thanks to AnEur and Ary for sharing this.

09078.7 : MFA Cairo msg to Washington. ARQ, 1840 UTC, 29-01-2011 (AnEur)

FROM : 71
TIME @ @ DATE53: 16:53, SATURDAY, JANUARY 6 29, 2011

002AA 07703 00441 41 41 482CD 9CC85 85 CCADAADA B7712 297D0$0 080C8 0ED4E
8B010 100D1 385B6 E0482 CE3EA 7DFAB 251EB FA%-1EQED 6FA5-5-51 C631A
8EBF6 047D1 1 5CFA6 91D1C 64B90 3749B D1636 CA093 6BBAF 2A172
D6F4C D99D32 16357 CF0APA9 6BDEF D5ETE44F 1AQAA13 C0305 21C3F F4415
6AD40 5FA06 FB781 6656E 1CQCA8-88 B1?1D0D 50EA8 2481A 4CE33 BA4BA
FE57579 O A8-8450 BF0EB 2244F F F01AQAE 827B3 42A15 1E6C7 8F5C9 98EBE
9191485 16A93 93 F8A23 FFD%$90 D8D58 DF4F3 98A65 94116 A5A7-7A 6F49A
EA33E 3034CRC 9F4DA 78CBC B5341 Q A3-3A4B A -2195 A750F 5C0BF 7FD2C
45B8C F608D 167D9 0D226 98D3E 71549 3458DID 4B5F6 C448D D1B74
52547 5FC22 EA159 30CD:$2 B8?8531 AC9:9:9AA4 B8?8D1B A08AC 3E622 22 10DD6