Sunday, November 28, 2010

Btown Blog Logs 11-11.5 MHz Bandscan 28 Nov 2010 1400-1720

Here are some of the stations I caught here on the radio ranch Sunday. I always get a chuckle when I hear old timers say that HF is dead and no one is using it anymore. The logs below is what I heard just tuning around from 11-11.5 MHz on a Sunday morning/early afternoon (1400-1720 utc on long holiday weekend here in the states). Not bad considering that HF is suppose to be dead.

11015.0 MKG G Royal Air Force Unknown G UK-DHFCS Stanag 4285/1200L/3300 crypto at 1447 utc.

11028.0 VMC AUS Meteo Charlesville Weather charts Fax 120/576 at 1442 utc.

11039.0 DDH9 GER Hamburg Meteo Wetterdienst GER RTTY 425/50 RY marker - Broadcast A (RTTY weather) AT 1431 utc. At 1614 utc caught their RY/CQ marker. Marker passed following freqs/calls: 147.3 kHz (DDH47), 11093 kHz (DDH9) and 14467.3 kHz (DDH8). At 1615 utc went into warning traffic for the west/southern Baltics. Strong signals and good copy.

11072.0 SS OMs chatting away at 1541 utc in USB. Mentioned Korea several times, not sure who these folks are.

11086.5 GYA G Royal Navy Northwood (Whitehall) G FAX 120/576 Meteo Charts - North Atlantic Area at 1515 utc. Fleet Weather and Oceanographic Center.

11090.0 KVM 70 US NOAA/NWS Honolulu HI RadioFax Broadcast 120/576 FAX w/Pacific clud chart at 1725 utc.

11096.0 MKD G DHFCS Akrotiri (Episkopi) CYP Stanag 4285 600L/3000 crypto at 1543 utc.

11145.0 LFI Marine Coast Rogaland NOR Global Wireless Radio Network, QSX 10415.0 kHz GW-OFDM at 1425 utc.

11152.3 A couple of SS OMs chatting away at 1613 utc in USB. One of them sounded pretty darn excited about hearing his buddy and started whistling then had several rapid fire exchange of comms.

11175.0 ADW HF-GCS Andrews w/EAM 28c OQT7VG, probable current training message traffic at 1530. Much weaker unid station hrd repeating at 1535. McClellan?

11181.0 AMC Global Red HF Command Network: SIPRNet Secure Internet Protocol Router Net active with ADWSPR (Andrews) sounding at 1632 utc.

11184.0 US DoD Very strong ANDVT/USB comms on this one. Probably LANT P-3 aircraft traffic at 1616 utc. This is a USN LANTFLT Flight Following frequency. Can hear this frequency right now (1708 utc) on both sides of the Atlantic (also via a rcvr in Rome at Global Tuners).

11213.0 MKL G Royal Air Force Northwood/Inskip (Xmitter) G NATO-75 (RTTY) 70/75 KG-84C Encryption - RAF MARTELO/AMCC Secure broadcast Stanag 4481 at 1424 utc.

11220.0 US DoD Very strong ANDVT comms on this one, second station much weaker at 1512 utc. Probable airborne command post on this global discrete frequency.

11232.0 CanForce MACS Trenton Military wkg CanForce 2357 with selcal check and passed backup as 13257.0 kHz at 1637 utc. At 1643 utc Trenton passing weather for Winnipeg and Thunder Bay to CanForce 2357.

11246.0 Israeli Air Force network, strong ALE/USB comms noted here, Israeli AF at 1613 and at 1943 noted AAA sounding.

11253.0 GQF G Royal Air Force Swanwick (Inskip) G RAF Volmet USB at 1421 utc.

11282.0 San Francisco Radio with CEP-2 MWARA traffic in USB at 1735. Hrd a weak selcal check at 1736. At 1647 utc Lifeguard ?PJ wkg San Francisco with ATC message.

11290.0 SS OMs chatting away at 1648 utc in USB. Probably not aero related as comms seemed very casual. Heard Puerto Rico mentioned.

11300.0 Amazing, my old favorite the AFI-3 MWARA on this one is in at 1757 utc here at the ranch. This will be fun to monitor.

11330.0 KEA5 CAR MWARA Riverhead (New York) NY CAR-B MWARA traffic in USB at 1521 utc.

11387.0 WLK7 HFDL Riverhead (New York) NY HFDL ARINC-04/Slot 1 at 1450 utc.

11387.0 AXQ429 VOLMET Ningi (QLD) AUS SEA VOLMET H+00/30 (hvy QRM from Riverhead HFDL) USB at 1500 Female computer voice known as Tina.

11391.1 Unid OMs real weak here, language was either PP/SS but to weak to positively ID at 1630 utc.

11402.0 USAF Civil Air Patrol National Command ALE Network, 0004WICAP (Wisconsin Wing Comm Officer), 0004SWRCAP (Southwest Region CAP Comm Officer), 060PCRCAP (Pacific Coast Region station) 202SERCAP (Southeast Region station)using ALE/USB at various times utc.

11456.0 JWT NOR Navy Stavanger NOR Stanag 4285 600L/3000 (NATO System 0949)at 1510 utc, strong on east coast at this hour.

For the beginners in this game of chasing ute comms I have one rule of thumb: Patience, patience and, oh yes, patience. Tune around and you will be rewarded with some good stuff from time to time.