Sunday, February 28, 2010

20m ROS frequencies are moved

Courtesy of the Southgate ARC website at

José Alberto Nieto Ros, the originator of the new amateur radio data mode ROS, has agreed to move the suggested 20m frequencies for ROS to 14.0972MHz and 14.102MHz.

This takes them further away from the 14.100MHz international beacon chain frequency as the originals had been 14.098MHz and 14.1011MHz.

“This is good news,” said Steve Nichols, secretary of the RSGB's Propagation Studies Committee. “I am grateful to José for acting so quickly.

“It is important that we keep 14.100MHz clear as the beacon network (the only one on 20m) is used worldwide.
Some reports of interference by ROS may have actually been Olivia, which sounds very similar. And today we have heard packet signals on 14.100MHz too.

“It looks like we still need to educate some data users about keeping away from the beacon frequency,” he said.