Thursday, December 31, 2009

Monitoring Times Square on New Years Eve

One of the more interesting activities that you can do is listen to a major event on a scanner. The big event tonight is the ball drop in Times Square in NYC. Obviously we can't listen to that activity unless we live in NYC, or can we?

My good friend Phil on the will be streaming some stuff for us to listen to on our computers or on our iPod Touch/iPhones. From Phil:

No, I will not be streaming PD.. I will be streaming some other interesting activity from Times Square..And it is as follows::

Due to last year's feedback, and that requests are already coming in for this year, I'm pleased to announce that a new tradition has been born. "Listen to the Ball Drop - From Behind the scenes" returns for another year, and will continue to do so each and every year!

That's right - Listen to Dick Clark's Rock'in New Years from the Director's Chair.

True, you won't be hearing it "as it happens" due to streaming delays - but the sync should be close enough with Satellite delays for you to enjoy hearing the action while watching the live event! The feed will start mid-day, and run well past midnight.

There was plenty of action on the feed after the sun went down. Camera crews and the director were hunting for "filler shots" to record and use during the live broadcast of the night's events.

This is not a "Public Safety" type of feed. Feedback is always welcome. Catch the feed on my "/special" stream.

73 and Happy New Years
Phil - w2lie
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