Friday, September 25, 2009

Turku Radio QRT


Coastal radio HF tranceivers up for scrapping in Finland

FMA (Finnish Maritime Administration in c/o with the Finnish Communication Authorithy) is closing down the coastal radio station OFK (Turku Radio) HF/MF services at 010110 00:00 UTC. (VHF service still as usual, new transmitters located at Järsö, Hammarland and Geta, ASL +150m).

In OH0 country Mariehamn and Geta HF/MF remote controlled stations will be closed at this time.

This means that all of the (3x)5 kW transmitters located at the former Mariehamn Radio QTH is up for scrapping whith a swift timetable.

This includes all the towers and antennas. The transmitters are old school, modified Standard
Radio Company 1220 or 1610 with a capacity of more than 10 kW. Also a lot of 50 ohm 2'' forced air cable with compressors is up for scrapping..

The former coastal radio network infrastructure provider Erillisverkot Oy has terminated the contract with FMA as from 010110 00:00 UTC

Due to this, the whole commercial ship-shore and safety network on VHF & MF/HF has been completely rebuilt whith a new service provider.. (Navielektro)

All HF/MF stations along the Finnish coast will be terminated and scrapped!!!

This is a shame. Good working equipment scrapped...

Good huntings....