Saturday, October 03, 2009

Chicago Area Federal Freqs from CARMA list

Here are some Chicago IL area federal freqs courtesy of the CARMA list. If you have some freqs to share, please pass them along to the email address in the masthead and I will post them up here or if they are military to my Milcom blog. You can remain anonymous if you so desire, just let me know your wishes.

162.7875 P25 U.S. MARSHALS (encryped most times but some clear)
162.9000 P25 Unknown
163.4750 P25 ICE OHARE
163.6250 P25 ICE OHARE
163.7500 P25 ICE OHARE
165.2875 P25 ATF NET 1
165.8500 P25 ICE OHARE
169.1625 P25 TSA OHARE
172.9000 P25 TSA OHARE
403.3375 P25 US POSTAL INSP
403.8375 P25 JB VA POLICE
406.7000 P25 DHS/FPS POLICE
409.5250 P25 U.S.STATE DEPT
411.3500 P25 HINES VA POLICE