Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shuttle to launch Bevo-1 into orbit on July 30

On flight day 16 (7/30) the space shuttle Endeavor crew will be launching several payloads into low earth orbit. See my story on the ANDE-2 payloads at


Another payload will be the Dragonsat-1 Paradigm aka BEVO-1 developed by the University of Texas. The primary objective of PARADIGM is to collect GPS data from a NASA-designed receiver and downlink it to a ground station at UT-Austin. The data will then be delivered to NASA JSC for post-processing. AFSK and FSK Telemetry on UHF will be transmitted until end of life. A five inch cubesat of less than 3.5kg. For more information see

Here are the downlink particulars:

Beacon Mode
Downlink Freq: 437.325 MHz
Modulation: FM, 200mW
Morse Code, ~20 WPM

Data Mode
Downlink Freq: 437.325 MHz
Modulation: FM, 1W
GMSK, 9600 baud, AX.25 (High-speed, default)
Bell 202, AX.25 (Low-speed)

And let me give a shout out to the UT gang who got this satellite built and into orbit "Hook'em Horns!"

The other payload associated with this mission is Aggiesat 2 (devloped by students at Texas A&M). I am still waiting confirmation on the downlink info from the project and will pass it along as soon as I get it.