Tuesday, June 02, 2009

NC Emergency Management Comms Manual 2008

Here is a link to the electronic version of the latest North Carolina Emergency Management Communications Manual 2008. Check out http://www.nccrimecontrol.org/div/em/2008EMDirectory.pdf

For instance, the guide has information on the talk groups used by the state EM folks on the statewide VIPER trunk radio system. I have taken that information and married it up with the talk groups monitored on the system and produced the list below.

VIPER NC Emergency Management Talkgroups

11248 NCEM Emergency Management Raleigh NC Staff Day to Day Channel 1
It will be used for non-event, day-to-day administrative conversations not requiring interaction by users outside of the Division.

11280 NCEM EBO Emergency Management Eastern Branch Staff Day to Day Channel 2
It is designated as the primary talk group for all State and County EM personnel in EBO counties to conduct day-to-day, and routine conversations

11312 NCEM CBO Emergency Management Central Staff Day to Day Channel 3
It is designated as the primary talk group for all State and County EM personnel in CBO counties to conduct day-to-day, and routine conversations

11344 NCEM WBO Emergency Management Western Styaff Day to Day Channel 4
It is designated as the primary talk group for all State and County EM personnel in WBO counties to conduct day-to-day, and routine conversations

11376 NCEM EOC Emergency Management EOC Channel 5
This group is designated as the primary talk group for the State EOC and is monitorted 24/7 by the State EOC. Any agency having access to the VIPER System should use this talk group to contact the State EOC

11408 NCEM RRT Emergency Management RRT Administrative Channel 6
It is designated as the primary talk group for all NCEM RRTs Teams to conduct day-to-day, and routine conversations.

11440 NCEM USAR Emergency Management USAR - State USAR Administrative Channel 7
It is designated as the primary talk group for all NCEM USAR Teams to conduct day-to-day, and routine conversations.

11504 NC SMAT NC SMAT (State Medical Assistance Teams)

VIPER Event Talkgroups for Working an Incident or Event
Alpha 1 through Alpha 4, Bravo 1 through Bravo 4, Charley 1 through Charley 4, and Delta 1 Through Delta 4. These event talk groups are available to all system users statewide. These talk groups should be used to work a large scale event or incident.

912 EVENTSBRAVO1 Events Bravo 1
944 EVENTSBRAVO2 Events Bravo 2
976 EVENTSBRAVO3 Events Bravo 3
1008 EVENTSBRAVO4 Events Bravo 4
1040 EVENTSCHR1 Events Charlie 1
1072 EVENTSCHR2 Events Charlie 2
1104 EVENTSCHR3 Events Charlie 3
1136 EVENTSCHR4 Events Charlie 4
1168 EVENTSDELTA1 Events Delta 1
1200 EVENTSDELTA2 Events Delta 2
1232 EVENTSDELTA3 Events Delta 3
1264 EVENTSDELTA4 Events Delta 4

NC Emergency Management Callsigns

1950 Emergency Management Director
1951 Education/Emergency Infomation Coordinator
1952 Logistics Section Chief
1953 Operations Section Chief
1954 Reserved
1955 Reserved
1956 Reserved
1957 Reserved
1958 Reserved
1959 Reserved
1960 Eastern Branch Manager
1961 Area 1 Coordinator
1962 Area 2 Coordinator
1963 Area 4 Coordinator
1964 Area 3 Coordinator
1965 Area 5 Coordinator
1966 Reserved
1967 Reserved
1968 Reserved
1969 Reserved
1970 Central Branch Manager
1971 Area 6 Coordinator
1972 Area 7 Coordinator
1973 Area 8 Coordinator
1974 Area 9 Coordinator
1975 Area 10 Coordinator
1976 Reserved
1977 Reserved
1978 Reserved
1979 Reserved
1980 Western Branch Manager
1981 Area 11 Coordinator
1982 Area 12 Coordinator
1983 Area 13 Coordinator
1984 Area 14 Coordinator
1985 Area 15 Coordinator
1986 IFLOWS Technician
1987 NFIP Engineer
1988 Reserved
1989 Earthquake Planner
1990 Reserved
1991 Reserved
1992 Logistics Suppt. Manager
1993 Communications Coordinator
1994 Reserved
1995 Reserved
1996 Reserved
1997 Reserved
1998 Reserved
1999 Reserved

All division staff vehicles have been assigned vehicle-specific call signs i.e., DEM 2150, DEM 2151, etc. Staff members who do not have personal assigned call signs should use the vehicle’s call sign whenever they need to use the emergency management radios in those vehicles. The vehicle call signs, however, are NOT PERMITTED on the Highway Patrol frequencies other than in the case of a dire emergency.

The NC Division of Emergency Management Radio Communications System

The “StateNet” system is an aging VHF low band radio system used to communicate from NCEM Branch Offices to mobile field staff units and some counties that still have low band base stations. The State EOC no longer monitors this system and it has been replaced by the VIPER system which is a Motorola 800 MHz smartzone trunked radio system which is being deployed statewide and overseen by the Department of CCPS, State Highway Patrol radio communications personnel. NCEM field staff have been issued 800 MHz portable radios, and will use the VIPER system using the talkgroups outlined above, as a primary means of communicating with the state EOC and other field staff. As the VIPER infrastructure is expanded, so will the coverage of these portable radios.

Frequency CTCSS
47.4600 MHz 173.8 Channel 1
47.5000 MHz 173.8 Channel 2
47.5400 MHz 173.8 Channel 3
47.5800 MHz 173.8 Channel 4
47.6200 MHz 173.8 Channel 5