Monday, April 27, 2009

It is a prank only -- CA County Opposes Ham Radio

There is a big time rumor circulating on the Internet via email and newsgroups that the San Luis Obispo county supervisors had passed an ordinance banning ham radio.

According to the ARRL newsletter:

"The California county of San Luis Obispo was notified by the Federal Communications Commission Wednesday, April 8 of a rumor on an Internet group site stating that the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance on March 31 which would ban Amateur Radio operators -- commonly known as ham radio operators -- from operating their transmitting stations. The rumor is posted as an alleged news story from a non-existent Los Angeles news publisher. The story alleges that the purpose of this false action by the Board was due to supposed interference caused by ham radio transmitters, among other reasons. The article has an online posting date of April 1, 2009."

I will not reprint the article here on this blog so that it can be further distributed on the net and promoting this myth but the whole story is a myth and has been fabricated by a prankster as an April Fool joke. Literally within 10 seconds of reading the email I received I had Googled the truth. Please do not pass this one around. At best it is spam and I consider such messages like a virus that is passed one computer to another.

The truth can be found at or at