Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What is brewing in Israel?

AlphaE10 on the Enigma 2000 numbers newsgroup posted an interest observation regarding an increase in Enigma E10 numbers traffic yesterday 9/25/2007. These numbers stations are beleived to be transmitted by the Israeli Mossad.

Some specific intercepts noted below:

ULX 1000z 7760 kHz. In the repeat slot at 1630z ULX1 was sent!!
But 1630z/2030z: EZI 9130/6840 kHz

The EZI pair 0330z/1800z 6840 kHz with the heavy 13/11/11/11/13g messages after idling some days with a 49 group message.

NEW: PCD 1930z! Since 14092007 a 19g msg was sent, now a new 14g one is being transmitted.

The YHF pair at 2000z and 0200z 5820 kHz back to a regular message. YHF 1900z 3840 kHz yesterday with 3 messages at 119 groups.

Given the reported recent Israeli military activity over Syria, one has to wonder what the Mossad is up to now with this new round of interesting message traffic on the Enigma E10 stations.