Saturday, June 16, 2007

Far WNC VIPER Update

As reported by the NC Viper Waveguide ( I can confirm that the system ID for VIPER in far western NC has changed since my last report on this blog. Thanks Pboy.

This morning I managed to find a spot on Dog Branch that I could catch both Joanna Bald and Wine Springs VIPER sites. Here is what I am seeing here (Uniden 396 with Austin Condor and walking mobile).

System ID being reported by both sites is now C92Dh.

Joanna Bald is showing site 0008
866.8250 867.0750 867.8250 868.1750 868.3250cc

Wine Springs is showing 0010
866.1375 866.3875 867.3375 868.1125 868.8750cc

According to the VW site above we are now in the new operational Zone 4 of the VIPER system. Now if I could only see some TG activity. ;-))