Friday, March 16, 2007

IARU Region 1 Intruder Newsletter Released

A new IARU Region 1 Intruder Watch newsletter, dated March 12, 2007, is now available in PDF format at

Thomas M. Rösner <> on the UDXF newsgroup made this interesting observation about the mysterious LEN ALE net based on the contents of this newsletter:

"The latest IARU-Intruderwatch newsletter called the BR2/LEN/PMR/etc.-Net (that we call "Georgian Military") as US Military/Mid East. Who's right?But refering to the voice traffic monitored after the ALE callings (2 times) my guess goes more to a national / local armed forces system, noUS as only local languages heard. Also a new ident (BT2) with BR2.The "new" KBT/KG4 on 5430 kHz might belongs to the same "service", seealso 5780 kHz (and 5425 before) with BR2, 2BR, 8GS, 1GS. 5GS was reportedon the "original" LEN/BR2-Net as regular player before."