Sunday, May 28, 2006

Monitoring the Capitol Friday 5-26-2006

Thanks to the good folks at, I was able to monitor several interesting federal frequencies in the Washington, DC area during the Capitol Hill shots fired scare yesterday (5-26). Here are the frequencies that I monitored.

Capitol Architect/Emergency Alerting System: 416.150 MHz. This page system frequency feeds the enunciator system in the various Capitol Hill offices and was very useful in getting the official word that was being passed to the Rayburn building staff.

US Capitol Police: 162.250, 162.6125, 165.5375, 169.225 and 170.175 MHz

US National Park Service: 166.725, 166.850, 166.925 and 167.075 MHz.

You can get a free membership at and try out remote monitoring. Go to their website and give one of their free receivers a spin.

73 and good hunting all,